Dedicated to Sempai Kondo born 1950

Elected prosecutor Jay Kimura born 1951/raised on Kaua’i [longest-serving elected official post-1968 Charter 17 yrs.; longest serving ever “County attorney — civil/criminal pre-1968” is Billy Beers 28 yrs. cumulative a century ago] opposes the death penalty because the public opposes public execution, regarding it as a barbaric/savagely primitive display. Jay opposes decriminalization of marijuana, considering it a menace like alcohol/tobacco. Jay says that the prosecutor’s office gets the bulk of its money from the County Council, not DEA/Green Harvest coterie, and his office is not dependent on funds from continued marijuana eradication, so his prosecutors’ office funding budget does not hinge on the right wing’s anti-marijuana crusade. Jay does not know or heard of Robert Petricci. Roger Christie’s prosecution is federal allegedly because of interstate transactions. Jay and I freely talked story yesterday about the matters above over Thanksgiving lunch. Jay absolutely does not give public interviews, especially to journalists. Our male bonding [which I loathe — I desire female intimacy] included our 2 pals, one of whom even didn’t know Jay was our elected prosecutor, despite our friendship/social network.