Idiot politicians everywhere

I sometimes forget that we’re not the only ones with them…

This stunning public policy communique from the home office as a result of a fact-finding international trip…

Home Office minister James Brokenshire has warned of the severe consequnces of smuggling drugs when he visited Sarita Colonia jail in Peru.

During his visit, part of a week-long trip to South America, including Columbia and Venezuela, the minister spoke with UK citizens convicted for drugs offences about their experiences and harsh conditions in the prison. They included Nick Jones who is serving six years and eight months for trafficking cocaine.

James Brokenshire said the inmates’ experiences should send a message to would-be smugglers: ‘Think twice, because the consequences are quite significant’.

‘The chance of being caught is very high’, he added.

Now there’s a government with a plan.

Of course, then there’s our own drug czar

Preventing drug use before it starts and having programs in place to assist substance abusers before they become addicted simply makes sense.

Actually, it makes no sense at all. Are you suggesting we should steal prescriptions from people so they don’t use drugs? Is all use abuse?

When they don’t have an agenda that actually, you know, works, politicians end up with nothing to say but the silly and banal.

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