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What is Happening to Rev Roger Christie?

It might be easier to comprehend what is happening to Roger Christie if we were to ask who actually benefits from the treatment he has received by the court. Ostensibly it would be his community, though it’s difficult to imagine that his community was ever in favor of imprisoning its leading advocate for an activity...
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Hawaii County Council and the Emperor’s New Building Codes (Bill 270)

Bill 270 revisited the "International Energy Conservation Code" and made changes without the proper ramseyer format. As a consequence, the general public has no idea what changes were made.
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Hilo Jury Finds Marijuana Minister Guilty

A Hilo jury has found Rev. Nancy Harris guilty of commercial promotion of marijuana, promotion of a detrimental drug and possession of drug paraphernalia. The jury deliberated for less than 2 hours before reaching their decision. Hawaii County Deputy Prosecutor Rick Damerville said the state would be seeking probation at her sentencing, scheduled for November 3. Also...
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Roger Christie Reaches Out from Detention

Aloha to you Mike, and to your readers. Thanks for all your kindness and support. It matters ~ and we feel it. I’m doing pretty well considering the situation. I’m really UP spiritually, emotionally, mentally; physically OK. There’s purpose, meaning and love in my life, that’s why. In many ways...
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Sen. Wyden Decries “Secret Law” on PATRIOT Act

An amendment offered on May 24 by Sen. Ron Wyden would have challenged the Administration’s reliance on what he called “secret law” and required the Attorney General to explain the legal basis for its intelligence collection activities under the USA PATRIOT Act.  But that and other proposed amendments to the PATRIOT Act have been...
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