Hawaii State Senators: Feds Violating Christie’s Constitutional Rights

A group of Hawaii State Senators introduced a resolution Monday asking President Obama to investigate the conduct of federal law enforcement authorities prosecuting Hilo Minister, Rev. Roger Christie.

Christie has been held at the Honolulu Federal Detention Center on marijuana charges for nearly 3 years without trial.  Federal authorities maintain Christie — an avowed pacifist — represents a “danger to the community.”

Hawaii Senate Resolution No. 12 says that, “we believe the treatment of Reverend Roger Christie by the Federal authorities to be illegal and unconstitutional;”

S.R. No. 12 also comes close to accusing federal authorities of retaliation for Christie’s role in ending “Operation Green Harvest“, a federal marijuana eradication program, and for his efforts to pass the Lowest Law Enforcement Priority Ordinance on the Big Island in 2008.

“Reverend Christie’s political activities have caused annoyance and embarrassment to the Federal Government leading some Hawaii residents to suggest that his denial of bail is based on his prior political acts rather than any ‘danger” he poses;”

The measure was sponsored by Sam Slom (R., Dist. 9), Russel Ruderman (D., Dist. 2),  Rosalyn Baker (D., Dist. 6), Ronald Kouchi (D., Dist. 8), Laura Thielen, (D., Dist. 25), and Glenn Wakai, (D., Dist. 15).

Christie, leader of The Hawaii Cannabis Ministry, was arrested on 8 July 2010, along with 13 members of his church, charged with conspiracy to manufacture, distribute and possess marijuana.

While the other 13 defendants were promptly released on bail pending trial, Christie himself has been denied bail 7 times, and remains incarcerated at the Federal Detention Center in Honolulu.

Christie’s latest trial date has been scheduled for 23 July 2013.


S.R. NO. 12



WHEREAS, Roger Christie is a longtime resident of the State of Hawaii and County of Hawaii; and

WHEREAS, Roger Christie is the Reverend Minister of a church in that county that claims the right to use marijuana as a sacrament; and

WHEREAS, Reverend Christie, along with several members of his church, were arrested in July of 2010 on charges relating to the growing and distribution of marijuana; and

WHEREAS, Reverend Christie has no prior criminal record and has not been accused of any acts of violence; and

WHEREAS, Reverend Christie has been denied bail on the grounds that he is a “danger to the community”; and

WHEREAS, Reverend Christie has been held in Federal detention since July of 2010 without the benefit of trial; and

WHEREAS, Reverend Christie has actively taken the leadership role concerning the efforts to stop Hawaii County from participating in the Federal marijuana eradication effort known as “Operation Green Harvest”; and

WHEREAS, Reverend Christie has also actively taken the lead role in convincing Hawaii County voters to pass a 2008 resolution directing their county police to give marijuana law enforcement the lowest possible priority; and

WHEREAS, Reverend Christie’s political activities have caused annoyance and embarrassment to the Federal Government leading some Hawaii residents to suggest that his denial of bail is based on his prior political acts rather than any “danger” he poses; and

WHEREAS, the sixth amendment to the Constitution of the United States, says that “in all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial”; and

WHEREAS, the eighth amendment to the Constitution of the United States, says that “excessive bail shall not be required”; and

WHEREAS, all Federal Government employees, specifically those who have acted to imprison Reverend Christie, to deny him bail, and to deny him a speedy and public trial, have taken an oath to “preserve, protect, and defend” the Constitution of the United States; now, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the Twenty-seventh Legislature of the State of Hawaii, Regular Session of 2013, we believe the treatment of Reverend Roger Christie by the Federal authorities to be illegal and unconstitutional; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we call upon the President of the United States to uphold the law of the land, in accordance with his oath of office to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution, by instructing the US Bureau of prisons, and any other Federal entity charged with the incarceration of the Reverend Roger Christie, that Mr. Christie is to be immediately released; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we call upon the President of the United States to initiate a formal investigation into the conduct of Federal law enforcement personnel in regard to the violation of the Reverend Christie’s constitutional rights, with a goal to determine if any individuals may be held civilly and/or criminally liable for his illegal detention; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that certified copies of this Concurrent Resolution be transmitted to the Hawaii County Mayor, all Hawaii County Council members, Hawaii’s Congressional delegation, and the President of the United States.

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  • Betcha the, “Justice Dept.”, won’t look into this!

    January 16, 2008

    by Daniel Hopsicker
    American-registered drug planes busted in Mexico carrying four and 5.5
    tons of cocaine are just the “tip of
    the iceberg” in a blockbuster
    aviation deal which sold 50 American-registered aircraft to the
    Sinaloa Cartel, the
    MadCowMorningNews has learned.

    According to an indictment released over the
    holidays by Mexico’s Atty. General,
    Pedro Alfonso Alatorre, already indicted as the cartel’s chief
    financier, purchased the DC9 (N900SA) airliner, the Gulfstream II business jet
    (N987SA), and 48 other planes not yet identified for Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel
    with laundered drug money,
    using a company he controls which owns
    currency exchanges at major airports in Mexico.

    Now we know who bought the
    airplanes. The trickier question is: who sold them? The
    answer, normally, would be, “Their local counterparts in international organized

    But these aren’t normal circumstances. Why?
    Because the U.S. doesn’t even have any Drug Lords. Ask anybody at
    the DEA. Apparently, we don’t even bother to field a team.

    Elusive seldom-photographed American Drug Lords

    News of a 50-plane fleet of drug
    smuggling aircraft being sold to a Mexican Cartel by mysteriously unnamed
    American owners confirms rumors of a mushrooming scandal, one which may
    eventually implicate top officials in the U.S., Mexico, and Colombia.

    The reason was left unspoken in the Mexican
    Atty. General’s statement, because it lies on the American
    side of the equation, in the identity of the sellers of the planes…

    DC9 and the Gulfstream II, the two American jets now known to
    part of a 50-plane sale, share

    interlocking ownership.
    The stock of two corporations which owned the planes was used in the massive
    recent Adnan
    Khashoggi-led stock fraud.

    Khashoggi, currently a fugitive from justice
    in the case, engineered the biggest brokerage bankruptcy in America since the
    Great Depression, costing investors
    and taxpayers over $300 million.

    With gas prices over $3 a gallon, you
    wouldn’t think the Saudi billionaire needed the money. So, what did ‘they’ do
    with the money?

    Upcoming Presidential elections, perhaps?

    The operation was manned by “retired” CIA and
    military intelligence personnel, had close ties to major Bush backers and the
    national Republican Party, (Sen. Mel Martinez, until recently the
    Chairman of the GOP, flew free on Skyway’s Cocaine One DC9 during the crucial
    final two weeks of his campaign in Florida for the Senate.)

    And with seeming impunity the
    operation engaged in
    multi-ton load drug trafficking, as well as
    massive financial fraud.

    What began as a minor scandal without fanfare
    in April of 2006 with the bust of an American-registered DC-9 airliner carrying
    5.5 tons of cocaine on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula gathered momentum when a
    Gulfstream business jet flying out of the same airport was
    busted in the Yucatan 18 months later carrying 4 tons of cocaine.

    level of citizen outrage increased with the crash-landing of the second American
    plane. With the news that the number of American planes sold to Mexican drug
    traffickers was not just one or two planes—but 50—the scandal is
    now threatening to mushroom into something much larger.

    Kingpin Airlines welcomes you aboard

    brazen fleet-sized sale of American planes to Mexican drug traffickers has huge

    “The extraordinary similarity,” to use the
    phrase used by Mexican newspaper Por Esto, between the DC9 airliner and the
    Gulfstream II…

    The American owners of the drug planes have
    suffered no adverse consequences whatsoever to date.

    If you own
    an airliner or business jet discovered hauling
    pure cocaine
    into the U.S., literally by the ton,
    authorities are sympathetic. They know the hazards unauthorized charter flights
    pose to innocent business owners, and the confusion that can result when you’ve
    inadvertently purchased an airplane from someone known to be involved with
    international organized

    “Our Story Thus Far”

    this amazing information begins to sink in—that
    owning a drug plane may have little downside and be a terrific hedge against
    coming hard times—a
    brief recap of “Our Story Thus Far” may be in order.

    Two American-registered airplanes with clear
    ties to the U.S. Government—a DC9 airliner (N900SA) painted to resemble an
    airplane from the U.S. Dept of Homeland Security, and a Gulfstream business jet
    (N987SA) formerly used by the CIA for renditions—were busted
    in Mexico 18 months apart carrying
    multi-ton loads of cocaine .

    Both planes flew from St.
    Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport to
    Mexico, then on to Colombia, where they loaded the cocaine, before being
    caught on their return journey to (supposedly) Fort Lauderdale, stopping
    to refuel on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

    Just before both plane’s ill-fated final
    flights, the “ownership” papers were shuffled around
    like peas being moved underneath shells on a card table in a billion dollar game
    of three-card monte by people known as
    “aircraft brokers.”

    Bush Rangers, cardboard-thin cutouts

    the MadCowMorningNews learned
    from an FAA official that neither of
    the two “aircraft brokers” bought or sold any other planes during the entire year.

    They aren’t really “aircraft brokers.”
    Aircraft brokers buy and sell planes.

    They’re “cut-outs,” a spy trade
    term for the layers of insulation relied on to provide plausible deniability.
    They play a critical role in the cover story, shielding the

    true owners from scrutiny.

    Both busted airplanes give every indication of having
    been involved in a “protected” drug trafficking operation. Imagine the surprise and shock
    back in the Home Office. No wonder the cover story is, in many
    places, exceedingly thin.

    shameless plug:

    Almost two weeks before
    the Mexico’s Atty. General’s announcement in early November that both planes had
    been used in the same drug smuggling operation,
    readers of the MadCowMorningNews
    already knew of connections between the two downed American drug planes, and
    their interlocking

    The “W” Connection

    Stephen Adams, a secretive Midwestern media baron and Republican
    fund-raiser, owned the Gulfstream II at the same time he was personally
    purchasing one million dollars of billboard advertising for George W. Bush
    during the 2000 Presidential Campaign.

    Adams was also in business, in two separate
    companies, with Michael Farkas, the man who founded SkyWay Aircraft, which owned
    the DC9. Both men control companies used in Adnan Khashoggi’s $300 million stock
    fraud rip-off.

    The multi-ton drug busts, as well as the
    numerous murders already surrounding the case, are part of a continuing
    “Mexican stand-off”
    between rival Mexican drug cartels allied with dueling factions contesting
    Mexico’s unsettled political landscape.

    The contest has so far resulted in more than
    2500 murders in Mexico last year.
    internecine drug war is a hotter theater of operations than Iraq.

    Bank robbers
    for Equal Justice Under Law

    a bank robber steals a few thousand dollars before holing up with a hostage,
    does the FBI take more than eighteen months before divulging the name of the

    Certain cases involving politically-connected
    Americans suspected of involvement in drug smuggling, through ownership of drug
    smuggling aircraft, seem to be being treated, not as crimes,
    but as urgent matters of national security.

    But the American owners of the two airplanes
    busted in Mexico do not look like innocent victims of mean and nasty Mexican
    drug traffickers, but their American counterparts…
    the elusive and almost never-photographed American Drug Lords.

    The Gulfstream, for example, picked up its
    multi-load of cocaine at the international airport in Rio Negro, just outside of
    Medellin. Although the city became famous as Pablo Escobar’s
    hometown, today Medellin is known for being current Colombian President Alvaro
    Uribe’s home turf…

    So it wasn’t FARC dope.

    And there
    is no way the shipment can be blamed on the guerrillas, which

    may yet prove inconvenient if—after all the pieces are fitted into the
    puzzle—government-to-government drug connections are visible
    between the U.S. and Colombian governments.

    An official issue get-out-of-jail-free card

    The first plane to go down was a DC9 airliner
    (N900SA) which left Colombia carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine

    The DC9’s owner regularly engaged in illegal,
    and as yet unpunished, activity, as if he had an official issue
    get-out-of-jail-free card.

    One example:
    Forgetting legal niceties–like “don’t sell a
    plane you don’t own, dude”– the DC9
    was passed from “Skyway Aircraft” to a company controlled
    by a company insider, “Royal Sons LLC.”

    But the real owner of the plane at the time
    was the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Tampa. And they weren’t even told of the sale.

    Maybe it helped their legal cause that
    Skyway’s Chairman, Glenn Kovar, had been a
    U.S. Forest Service employee who boasted of long-standing ties to the CIA.

    And several
    of the firm’s top executives, including its President, have backgrounds in U.S.
    military intelligence. That probably didn’t hurt either.

    Paint your car like a police car! Comes with own siren!

    DC9 was painted with the distinctive blue-and-white with gold trim used by
    official U.S. Government planes, and an official-looking U.S. Seal, featuring
    the familiar Federal eagle clutching an olive brand, had been painted alongside
    the door.

    If you look closely, however, the legend
    wrapping around the outer edge of the Seal says “SkyWay Aircraft:
    Protection of America’s Skies.”

    Still, most who saw the DC9 sitting on the
    apron of the St-Petersburg Clearwater International Airport figured the aircraft
    belonged to the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security.

    The DC9 was clearly impersonating an aircraft
    from the Dept of Homeland Security. Yet it sat unmolested by authorities at the
    St Pete-Clearwater Intl’ Airport, parked less than a hundred yards from the US
    Coast Guard’s major Caribbean Basin Air Facility.

    Skyway’s SUV’s, by contrast, were painted with
    a bogus U.S. Government Seal were pulled over by local police, and

    ordered to remove
    the seals.

    Pretty lucky?
    Or pretty well-connected?

    intriguing fact is that several years ago Skyway’s listed address in plane ads
    was a hanger at Huffman Aviation at the Venice Fl. Airport. Huffman trained
    both pilots who took down the World Trade Center, Mohamed Atta and Marwan
    Al-Shehhi, to fly.

    The Gulfstream II (N987SA)

    The biggest clue to date to the true identity
    of the individuals or organization operating behind the scenes is in the name of
    the dummy front company which was the last registered owner of the Gulfstream
    business jet that crash-landed with 4 tons of cocaine may lie in the firm’s

    “Donna Blue Aircraft” is
    “DBA,” for “doing business as,” the kind
    of clever nomenclature “the boys” are
    fond of.

    When we visited
    the company’s listed address, it was in an
    empty office suite with a blank sign out front.

    What This is Really All About

    Mankind’s knowledge about who owns large
    commercial and business jets which get
    busted carrying narcotics appears severely limited for several reasons.

    It is completely governed, like the movement of subatomic quarks, by
    Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, with one teensy change.

    Ownership Uncertainty
    fluctuates with the level of influence the plane’s owner is able to exert.

    Prospects are especially poor of ever identifying the owners of planes associated with
    national Republican figures.

    The whole business, suggested a story from the
    Associated Press, rather quickly moves
    beyond the realm of human ken.

    “How the U.S.-registered Gulfstream ended up
    in the hands of suspected drug traffickers remains a mystery,” the AP reported.

    And not by accident, either. “

  • Bravo!

  • Taxedtodeath

    The government conspired to make what should have been at most a small time local marijuana investigation into literally a federal case.

    There is no justice or rule of law. Roger Christie is a political prisoner. The case further exposes the well documented corrupt hypocrisy of the system from the investigation, to the prosecution, to the judges that denied bail in this case because of politics.

    The case shows we have a systemic problem we best address.

    Where was the government when:

    Oliver North was involved in smuggling, hundreds of tons of cocaine onto American streets? Those drugs were directly responsible for the crack explosion in this country. The profits were used to fund illegal gun running operations in direct violation of congressional order…… He was caught, but no jail….Oliver North was the government and was involved up to his eyeballs.

    Lets compare these cases:

    Roger – two pounds of pot, no bail going on three years in prison, with out ever being convicted of a crime. Called a drug king pin by corrupt federal prosecutor for manini amounts of marijuana and $18,000.00 in cash.

    Oliver North – oversaw a fleet of jets that smuggled hundreds of tons of cocaine into this country. He made millions of dollars selling cocaine to “freeway” Ricky Ross. Freeway Ricky is acknowledge as almost single handily starting the crack cocaine epidemic, selling the CIA drugs to Crips and Bloods in Compton L.A. and across the country. This also allowed the gangs to make millions, arm them selves, and caused widespread violence and harm across the country.

    What did the feds do to Oliver North? They gave him a medal and a TV show. They made a real drug king pin and gun runner a hero, to big to jail? We see you!!!!

    Manuel Noriega – CIA asset, drug king pin. While he was overthrown and jailed. It was because he quite cooperating with the CIA, and none of the US government people involved in the trafficking of tons of cocaine through Panama was ever brought to trial. Who’s the drug king pin?

    Wells Fargo, Wachovia, and Bank of America laundered hundreds of billions in cartel/CIA drug money. (Google it) No jail time.


    The government was involved, how could they not have known. These were real drug king pins. Again no criminal charges were ever brought. To big or well connected to jail? You get the justice you can afford in this country were everything is for sale including the truth.

    Fast and Furious – feds supplying cartels with huge amounts of weapons. No one goes to jail. So tell these federal prosecutors to get off their high horses. Their case is laughable in the context they present it, when we look at drug king pins.

    Thousands of tons of drugs including marijuana poor into this country every year. Why in the world would anyone believe a government that used thirteen law enforcement agencies in a two year investigation that cost millions of dollars and produced two pounds of pot. That then calls that a major drug case and Roger a drug king pin. What a bunch of bull puckey.

    The government is lying, and everyone knows it. There are countless cases of the government running drugs.

    The China White heroin from the golden triangle during Vietnam and the record opium and heroin we see coming out of Afghanistan today, are a couple of obvious ones.

    The government is criminal in what they are doing to our friend. Roger Christie, is no danger to society but clearly the government certainly is.

    The danger Roger presents is to the government. It’s afraid if Roger is free he will bring this marijuana fraud to an end.

    Everyone seems to be making money, and the drug problem just seems to keep getting worse. More drugs, that are stronger than ever. How is it possible, with the resources the government has? Is jailing political activist that work to change these fraudulent policies without bail, trial, or conviction, the best they can do? Are there less drugs on the streets now?

    Of course not.

    Your not fooling anyone but yourself Florence.