WordPress Now Accepting Bitcoin

WordPress is announcing support for Bitcoin: one of the pillars of future society, an electronic, more evolved and flexible world-currency, has just received a huge boost. This is a big deal, don’t be mistaken about it!

Distributed, anonymous, non-repudiable, outside of the control of central banks and monetary authorities, Bitcoin is a revolution brewing.

Just like Napster could be stopped because it was centralized, but Bittorrent can’t be stopped because it is peer-to-peer and resides in the network itself, there is no way to stop Bitcoin contrary to previous e-cash systems which were all stamped out.

WordPress powers more than 57 million websites today according to their stats,  and all the admins behind those sites now will learn about the nature and advantages of this revolutionary scheme.

For the moment there will be little difference for most of the people. The main benefit today will be to those that can’t use credit cards or Paypal for one of many possible reasons. But it is the basis of a major spreading of knowledge about Bitcoin, and distributed digital currencies in general.

The next step will be applications that can only exist with Bitcoin. And those will start putting the banks and nation states in a total state of panic. If you thought that the copyright wars were scary, wait until the digital currency wars!

Together with solar energy, 3D printing, plantlabs, I labeled digital currency as one of the four pillars of the coming Network Society in my recent TEDx Talk (in Italian, with English subtitles):

David Orban is an entrepreneur and high tech visionary. He is the founder and director of the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence Europe, and former Chairman, and a Director of Humanity+. Visit his website at http://davidorban.com

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