Hilo Hosts Rainwater Harvesting Class Nov 14


Non-profit Green Collar Technologies is hosting its 2012 Rainwater Harvesting class to change the way we think about water on Hawaii Island.

Taught by Brent Norris, the class is designed for homeowners, farmers, gardeners on or off the grid, or anyone looking for a green job career enhancement, or anyone simply concerned with Hawaii’s water supply.

Norris will look at local legal considerations, techniques of collection and storage, system sizing, design, filtration, treatment, and uses. When the class is over, participants will not only have the basic know-how to install their own rainwater harvesting system, but the best approach for their climate and budget.

All concepts, real-world implementations, total cost of ownership, and “gotchas” will be explained in an easy to understand presentation. A question and answer session with instructor will follow.

The class will be held Wednesday, November 14 at 6pm in the Hawai’I Innovation Center at Hilo 117 Keawe St. (across from the Kress). To register visit greencollartech. com and for more information contact Brent at 808-896-7656.

Click to download rainwater harvesting flier

Jen Doe is Big Island resident, activist and rabble-rouser.

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