Why I Like Paul Dolan over Mitch Roth or Lincoln Ashida for Hawaii County Prosecutor

Mitch Roth the JokerMitch Roth, a candidate for Hawaii County Prosecutor, ridiculously postures that he targets white collar criminals –namely marijuana dealers. Hey Mitch, they’re not marijuana “dealers”, they are cannabis farmers. But if you are looking for white collar criminals, how about the government bureaucrats who fraudulently raked in millions of dollars from taxpayers for their drywell scam?

Mitch Roth has a caveman mentality about cannabis prosecutions.

Roth made his career pursuing and accepting “Weed and Seed” funds from the federal government. Funds that were then used to criminalized an entire sector of our local economy.

Here is an excerpt from Mitch Roth’s website:

In 2003, he initiated the first successful civil drug nuisance abatement action to remove drug dealers from a downtown Hilo building. He later used the same law to remove a drug dealer in Pahoa. The success of these efforts led the State Legislature to create a drug nuisance abatement team in the State Department of the Attorney General.

In 2005, Roth helped get Pahoa designated as a federal Weed and Seed site, with the mission of weeding out crime and seeding in positive social change. The Pahoa Weed and Seed project has been highlighted in national community policing training for Weed and Seed projects.

Among the many community initiatives and projects that Roth helped establish while in Honolulu were the Community Coalition for Neighborhood Safety & Honolulu’s First Weed and Seed project. He also received the Honolulu Prosecutor’s Award of Excellence.

Our climate-friendly cannabis industry is our biggest cash crop, yet our federally-backed marijuana payola warriors are egregiously turning these honest farmers into criminals.

Mitch Roth is just another ruthless player. His entire career was made with the aid of the federal government: Weed, Seed, and Feed Greed.

Operation Weed and Seed is a U.S. Department of Justice initiative which began in 1991 when 21 pilot sites across the nation were selected to implement the strategy. Currently there are approximately 250 Weed and Seed sites across the country receiving funding from the Department of Justice through the Weed and Seed program.

Operation Weed and Seed is a multi-agency strategy that “weeds out” violent crime, gang activity, drug use, and drug trafficking in targeted high crime neighborhoods and “seeds” the target area by restoring these neighborhoods through social and economic revitalization.

Mitch Roth’s community relations are style over substance, though Mitch is not secretive like Japanese predecessors Jon Ono and Jay Kimura. Paul De Silva, born 1934 (and 30 yrs. older than Mitch, who was born in 1964), was our most transparent prosecutor, though De Silva’s arch pride and imperial nature were his cardinal sins —  just as Lincoln Ashida’s self-importance is Ashida’s deadly curse. Mitch is equidistant between the siege mentality of Ono and Kimura and transparent De Silva.

Mitch is no litigator, but a pencil pusher like Kimura. De Silva was our best litigator (99% perspiration/1% inspiration), De Silva having brought organized crime to its knees 35 yrs. ago.

Local boy Lincoln Ashida, also running for County Prosecutor,  is a better litigator than Mitch, but Ashida is no De Silva, or even an Ono for that matter (Ono & mob-buster cop Dickie Carter put the finishing touches to terminate organized crime 5 yrs. after De Silva broke the Mob’s knees).

Neither Mitch Roth nor Lincoln Ashida is an able administrator like De Silva was, or like current boss Charlene Iboshi is, or even a stable manager like Ono, Kimura, Yoshito Tanaka, Marty Pence, and Billy Beers of the past.

Bottom line: Mitch Roth is more less of the same.   Lincoln Ashida or Mitch Roth? It’s a choice of dumb or dumber.

On the other hand,  Paul Dolan eliminates Roth’s caveman instincts by proving unmistakably that prosecutors have better things to do than to turn law-abiding citizens into criminals. Here is Paul Dolan’s  position statement on cannabis —

Decriminalization of marijuana will be a top priority of this campaign! Although marijuana is illegal by federal laws, Hawai’i State Law allows the use and cultivation of pakalolo (marijuana) by way of medical marijuana. Patients who obtain and posses this license should never be threatened by State run law enforcement agencies nor should be arrested and charged for use and possession. Persons who do not have medical marijuana but are caught by police with personal possession in small amounts who are not commencing in any drug related or criminal activity should not be arrested and/or prosecuted!

Our island community has already voiced through their votes last election to have the prosecution of marijuana be the lowest priority!! Prosecution of pot smokers is not on my list of things to do as your prosecuting attorney. However, where minors are concerned there will be a policy to monitor them in all activities and strict disciplinary action which includes drug education classes and community service.

We believe that the elimination of these types of cases within our current judicial courts will dramatically decrease full court calendars, provide relief for overworked prosecutors and public defenders as well as court staff, would save tax payer money by not referring conflict of interest cases to private attorneys costing the State millions of dollars and we would see a decline in criminal activity. Monies saved could go into “wise spending” for programs such as more drug prevention programs in our school systems, recovery programs that work to help addicts achieve clean lifestyles and rebuild our island community for a safer paradise home.

Paradise under prosecutor Paul Dolan or endless war under Mitch Roth? Puna voters have a choice this year.


Read Curtis Narimatsu's blog here.

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  • rsjm

    from Taxedtodeath  —

    Mitch why didn’t you go after Randy Riley and Stanley Nakasone for overcharging the county $50,000.00 a month for 13 years??  What is that — 7 million dollars we overpaid? Sounds like there  should have been some assets seized there. Not only were no assets seized  — no investigation was done or charges brought. Instead he got the contract again. The only thing that happened was the amount was reduced by $50,000.00 a month after 13 years. That will teach him I guess LOL. Even after that Riley was caught using county facilities for his private business, that is theft, Mitch  — so why you let that go, seriously, too busy prosecuting kids and old people for a joint?   Ha ha ha, Mitch laughs all the way to the Federaleez!

    Why no charges against Shikuma or asset seizure of his property? Stealing from the taxpayers is fine and dandy, alcohol in county buildings and parties are a ok, right?    Especially if it involves your friend and paper foe Ashida, right??   The importance of being earnest, right, Mitch??    Earnestly covering for your friends, even a paper foe like Ashida.

    Why you let Mossman walk? You never even mention that one, a young man died — did you seize his assets? That is a crime although judging by the sentence you would hardly know it. He got a raise instead, right? There are two justice systems in Hawaii county — one for the rich old boyz and well-connected county employees  —  and another for regular people and common folks like us nobodies/powerless chaps, right, Mitch?? . Been that way for a long time, what are you going to do about that?    Go party with paper foe Ashida at our County elections division warehouse??

    What about white collar crime and police corruption? Those are the things I want to hear about, and not just lip service. What are you going to do about things like the election worker Shikuma running his business out of our warehouse and having parties down there? As a taxpayer and one of those that are subject to the law, what about those guys? Why they no have to pay when they break the law?

    If not for Yagong it would still be going on he is the only guy down there willing to take on the systemic corruption, and what does Ashida do? He sides with the criminals. It is illegal to use things that we pay for like our buildings and electricity, isn’t it?? 

    And I know Kenoi, Ashida, and you titillate over your ole’ boys’ opala (rubbish) about Yagong being bull-tempered and aloof   — why??   Because Yagong is our Moses of the Pacific who leads the way for progressive reform??    Don’t lie, Mitch.   You’re under the People’s Oath —    serve us, not your paper foe Ashida and your pal Kenoi and your pal Hong.    You’re everyone’s friend — that is, the rich and powerful  — everyone except us nobodies and marijuana tumbleweeds, right?

    Ashida wants to pay Shikuma and confederates even more money to Ashida’s pal Ted Hon gwhen we should be sending them a bill and sending them to court to answer questions. What are you going to do about that, Mitch?     Party at Maka’ala St.?

    How are you different from Ashida when it comes to crime in local government and agencies including the police and prosecutors department? Really?

    Is knowingly using perjured testimony to grand juries and in court a crime? How is it possible to get 98% of people in this country to take a plea deal when they are entitled to a jury trial? Cops are caught lying every day and prosecutors know it, you see the same guys tell the same lies all the time but hey they’re special, right? And it makes your stats look good, hey the criminals probably guilty anyway or they wouldn’t be there, right, Mitch?   Then why don’t you prosecute Ashida?  The law only applies to those you want it to, isn’t that how it really works? Lots of us have been around long enough to have seen how things work here.

    Talk is cheap, you got time, take down some of the insiders before the election then.   Talk to us about why we should vote for you.

  • BuddahBelly

    Not only Peter Boy, his brother Thomas has been protected in our own Hilo courts as well.  They must be related to someone…  I wrote Paul Dolan a note and asked when he will be coming over to speak in Hilo or Puna, so we can meet and ask him questions.

  • Kaona

    What is the meaning of “Dolan” in the Irish language/culture????

    Because in Hawaiian language/culture…..a family name holds its meaning.

    • rsjm

      dark algae, metaphorically bold and courageous.

  • Taxedtodeath

    Guido go have another drink and pop a few chill pills.

    Curtis doesn’t use marijuana he just gets what Mitch doesn’t. The drug war is worse than the drugs. look around after many decades are there less drugs? Of course not.

    I want to hear about Dolan. What are his positions? Are there going to be debates? Can we ask questions if there are? You want my vote you better come out and make your positions clear.

    I am sick of the law the voters passed being thwarted. Obey the voters or get out.  Quite wasting our money, maybe if Mitch spent half as much time trying to find out about Peter boy as he did stealing people’s property for marijuana crimes they would have found out.

  • Guido

    Mitch Roth is the only candidate for Prosecutor who pledges to reopen the Peter Boy case.  Get your head out of your bong.