Rule of Law on Trial in Case of THC Ministry


Roger Christie has been convicted of no crime. He has been held without bail since July of 2010 on marijuana charges. Clearly he is a political prisoner, considering the APEC security agent who got drunk and murdered a resident of Oahu was released on bail after only a few days.

Mr Christie is a pacifist. No weapons were recovered during the raids on the THC ministry or his residence by the 13 law enforcement agencies that wasted 2 years and millions of dollars to bust him for less than 2 pounds of marijuana.

He was operating openly for nearly ten years from his prominent bay front offices with banners hanging for all to see. He was very vocal and even advertised. The authorities could have walked in there and arrested him for pennies on the dollars they wasted manufacturing this “federal” case.

Guilty or not — like him or not — when the government can put people in prison without a trial or conviction of any crime we should all be concerned.

Roger ChristieAll but the most dangerous people are entitled to bail and the best defense possible under our constitution. Roger Christie’s rights have been violated. He has no prior criminal convictions, is a honorably discharged military veteran, has never threatened or hurt anyone — yet is being held and cannot even have visitors.

Dec 7th will mark 1 1/2 years in prison without ever having been convicted of any crime –even while accused murders and rapists and all manner of violent and dangerous defendants are released every day.

Roger Christie’s right to a fair trial under the US Constitution has been compromised beyond repair. Being that he is imprisoned before trial, he has been disallowed from the basic right to meet with witnesses and experts, or to raise money for the best possible defense per his rights. The government has jeopardized this case by intentionally and willfully violating Mr. Christie’s constitutional rights to bail, the best defense possible, and his ability to receive a fair trial.

The government is its own worse enemy in this case. They have overstepped the bounds of reason in holding Mr. Christie — in effect binding and gagging him — and in so doing denying any reasonable chance for a fair trial.

What a waste of time, money and resources when we have so many other real problems. They could have walked in and arrested him years ago — but they did not. They manufactured this whole case — shredding the Constitution, destroying lives and spending our dwindling public treasure — over less than 2 pounds of marijuana after a two year investigation using 13 agencies while the drug cartel flooded the streets with hundreds of tons of marijuana.

No wonder we lost the drug war.

But clearly it was never about winning. It has always been about keeping it going so everyone in the drug war business can keep making money. That’s the truth. There is more marijuana on the street today and it’s much cheaper than when Christie was arrested, so what was accomplished? What did we get for those millions besides shredding the Constitution and turning a blind eye to the tons of marijuana pouring into this country every day?

Roger Christie’s arrest and incarceration has not reduced marijuana use or availability on this island or anywhere else.

We need a new plan.

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  • Mike

    you guys are making it sound like he’s been put into prison without a trial.

    Hello? The guy was arrested 18 months ago. Are you kidding? As a matter of fact, yes, Roger Christie HAS been put into prison without a trial — and without a conviction.

    That indeed is the point of the article.

    Your mountains of verbiage do absolutely nothing to advance the thesis of this article.

    It could not be more obvious that you are here to condemn the accused, and dance on his misfortune.

    That makes you a provocateur.

    You have made your point very well:
    1. your hatred of the accused is all-consuming, and
    2. you don’t give a damn about civil rights.

    Your message has been received loud and clear.

    If you have nothing further to add, I ask that you stop posting to this thread.

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  • Mike

    Damon said,

    you guys are some how trying to convince the general public that dispensing large amounts of pot under the guise of a religion is no more damnable than anyother crime

    No. I am trying to convince the general public that Voodoo Drug Laws corrupt the process.

    The fact that you continue to defy the thesis of the article is evidence enough that you are here as a provocateur.

    If you were here to demand the repeal of the Eighth Amendment I would consider you less of a hypocrite.

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  • Mike

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    • Mike

      Damon –

      The accused person in this case has been denied bail before trial. Like a Kafka novel, it does not matter when the trial will occur. It could have been a month after the arrest. Or 5 years after the arrest. The accused has been given a defacto conviction. The trial is a technicality.

      Habeus Corpus has been thwarted. The Federal Government has jailed a US citizen before any trial. That’s illegal, and that’s the point of the article.

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      • Mike

        Damon said,

        i dont have a vendetta against roger, i have no reason to, but i do have a problem with people trying to use constitutional rights as a means to openly break laws,

        Of course you have a “vendetta against roger”. The sheer amount of verbiage you are using to excoriate the guy is a smoking gun, dude.

        But the point of the article is that, regardless of how unsympathetic they may be, people accused of crimes in this country are routinely granted bail before their trials. All except the pacifist pot minister — who has been deprived of his legal right to bail.

        The government in this case has itself broken the law — and for political reasons.

        That makes Roger Christie a political prisoner.

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  • Thomas

    Then why are there repeat offenders with ten, twenty even more prior felony convictions allowed bail every day?

    Why are repeat violent offenders and repeat rapist allowed bail every day. You hate the guy we get it, do you even know him?

    The law does not permit the government to put people in prison with out trials because we hate them. The government is jeopardizing this case.

    Your not getting your $30,000.00 in lettuce money wink, wink, and hating on Roger isn’t gonna change that.

    Your lucky your not in prison it sounds like a conspiracy case could be made against you, maybe that is why you said you plan to testify in the trial if there ever is one to save your own ass. Maybe the government will pay you the $30,000.00 in “lettuce” money.

    Here is a tip don’t work for 6 months with out getting regular pay checks on the next lettuce farm……

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  • Thomas

    Did damon ever even meet Roger Christie, I mean how well did you know him? So the latest story by damon is there were three bust at the “lettuce farm” wink wink where he worked. Funny The THC ministry was only raided twice and the first time they didn’t arrest anyone leading everyone to believe it was all legal, if not why didn’t they shut it down?

    According to this guy that stays up till four in the morning in order to attack a guy in jail with no bail for marijuana, the the big bust happened before you came to Hawaii. He knew about it but came anyway, he knew they were still growing marijuana but somehow he and the husband were not involved it was all the wife. Really? That is what he said.

    So he gets there and gets raided the second federal raid and is held and questioned but no one is arrested. He knows they are still growing marijuana but he is not involved just working with out pay for 6 months waiting for a $30,000. pay off?

    He was talking about all the money drug dealers have but all that was found after all those raids of Roger the big ring leader was $21,000.00 in a safe and a deposit box at a bank. So Damon is expecting a lot more money for growing lettuce than the pot ring even had?

    I could go on this guy has a personal beef because he didn’t get his $30,000.00 and no one works for 6 months without getting paid growing lettuce sorry it’s just not believable.

    No set of circumstances could stop Roger from selling pot really? That is laughable, there are all kind of programs or half way houses and electronic monitoring that could easily prevent damon’s and the government’s ridiculous reason for deny Roger his constitutionally protected right to bail, the best defense possible, and a fair trial.

    What you are saying is petty, spiteful, self serving and so weak you actually prove Roger is a political prisoner and we are not a nation governed by the rule of law.

    Couldn’t stop him from selling pot really? We can track people in any part of the planet, we could certainly keep track of a pacifist pot minister with the millions spent trying to silence him.

    Roger is dangerous all right but he is dangerous to the government’s lies about marijuana, prohibition, and now the integrity of the injustice system and rule of law in this country. That is why he is held while accused child Rapist Sandusky, long time Penn State football coach is released along with all the other pedophiles, murders, rapist, arsonist, ect.

    It’s amazing these people are actually seriously trying to argue Roger is a bigger threat. This is some kind of personal problem they have and under our laws we do not put people in prison because we do not like them.

    A lot of blood has been spilled in the name of out freedoms and rights, throwing all that out the window in a marijuana case and using fear mongering and slander to deny any of us our hard earned rights dishonors all the men and women that sacrificed their lives fighting for them. Roger did his service to this country honorably did any of these people so quick to want him bound and gagged before he even gets a trial do that.

    Did you serve in the military damon? Roger did and this country owes him better than he is getting for that alone. He earned his rights, he wore the uniform and paid his dues. Can those attacking him say the same? So quick to deny someone the rights they clearly do not appreciate…..

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  • Bill Hardin

    I just want to thank Damon for sharing his experiences. I have learned more about the inside dealings of Roger Christie and his associates than from all the news accounts put together.

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  • damon polta

    yes, $30k would sound like alot of money for growing lettuce, but i made a conservative and understated request for my time spent there. take 5, 15 our work days a week, multiply that by $9 an hour, which is less then people make working at McDonalds on the big island, subtract rent for my space being used, subtract money for utilities, and base all of those figure over the course of 6 months without forgetting to add in over time.. $30K doesnt sound like such a big number any more. and really, that number should be alot higher, seeing as i was managing 6 people, but like i said, i like to keep things modest. =)

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    • damon polta

      oh, and that’s not counting the percentage that they say i own in thier company. check out the website. under archived newsletters #12, you’ll see i own a percentage of their company… havent seen a dime… but then again you cant really expect much in the realm of honoring an agreement from drug manufacturers, which they failed to tell anyone working there about until after the DEA came by one brisk march morning.

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      • Thomas

        Sounds like a lot more than they found in the THC Ministry raids. Your just bitter you didn’t get your cut. Who works for 6 months without getting paid except pot growers?

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  • damon polta

    have you all not noticed that i used my full name? do you think if i was guilty of something i wouldnt have just remained anonymous? i took no part in their illegal manufacturing of the pot plants. and like i stated before, the 284 plants that they are being charged with were confiscated on the first raid which happened 6 months before i arrived in hawaii.

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    • Thomas

      NoNoNo That was not what you said before here let me refresh your memory.

      Quote damon polta on December 10, 2011 at 8:10 pm

      “i know this because i was held in hand cuffs for over 20 total hours between the two raids that i was on the friendly aquaponics farm for”

      Quote damon polta on December 10, 2011 at 8:10 pm

      “i thank you, and now i’ll take a bow”.

      Now you have completly changed your story.

      You know who built the grow but, you didn’t get there until after the first bust. So how do you know anything about all this if you weren’t even here? Your contradicting your self. Your latest story is you knew about the first raid but came anyway and were going to get paid $30,000.00 for growing lettuce. Come on you expect anyone to believe that? What is that $15,000.00 month? $500.00 a day 7 days a week. That must have been some good lettuce. So how did you get handcuffed twice?

      Most of the green 14 had under a hundred plants. Some had zero plants. Your friends and a few others had more than a hundred but how do we tell which ones were going to Roger and what they were selling to other people. How much did you smoke?

      This whole case was manufactured because Roger was effective. He had helped get LLEFCO passed and was operating openly. They could have arrested him years ago. You refuse to see that, they (police)knew marijuana was being sold and they allowed it to continue for years when they could have stopped it.

      You say it was traded for ice, I do not believe that but for the sake of this discussion lets say your right. Roger didn’t know that, he would have never agreed to that, but you claim the police did is that your story? And the police let that go on for years.

      You see what I mean you make no sense. Even after the first raid the government facilitated the whole thing by not arresting anyone. They manufactured the case. (made it much bigger than it ever was)

      Hundreds of tons of marijuana poor into this country every day. Trying to somehow say Roger with his two pounds is a big deal is laughable. Sorry but that is the truth this is no kingpin case even if the inflated claims you make were true.

      Here are some real king pin bust but they didn’t catch the big guys

      Largest pot bust in US history Video – ABC News

      Feds Seize 32 Tons of Marijuana From Underground U.S.-Mexico Border Tunnel

      This was politics nothing more. There is more marijuana on the streets here now than when Roger was arrested and its half the price. The whole thing is a complete waste.

      Are you growing again back on the mainland? I bet there is marijuana everywhere over there also eh. So what’s the difference. If its sold from a dispensary it’s safe but if Roger supplied cancer patients or others it’s dangerous. How does that work?

      Here is what real drug king pins look like

      BATF supplies guns to drug cartels, DEA launders their money

      The US government seems to be a prime enabler to the big drug gangs. The CIA’s involvement in the narcotics underworld during the Vietnam war continues to be rumored, and we know that the BATF send thousands of firearms to Mexican drug cartels, with deadly effective. Though some US officers were killed, none were punished.

      But Roger is held without bail…..He is a political prisoner and nothing posted here can change the “facts”

      Wall Street Is Laundering Drug Money and Getting Away with It

      The latest sickening example comes from Wachovia Bank: Accused of laundering $380 billion in Mexican drug cartel money, the financial behemoth is expected to emerge with nothing more than a slap on the wrist thanks to an official government policy which protects megabanks from criminal charges.

      But Roger is in jail without bail……..King pin my ass, he was not even a shrimp.

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      • Mike

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        • Mike

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  • damon polta

    and buddah, i know how to debate, and i can plainly see what you’re trying to do, and it’s not working… because even a 3 year old can see that you’re trying to skew the levels infraction… by trying to make it sound likes it’s a debate between selling a bag of pot vs, murder, and not the real issue, which is pounds upon pounds of pot being grown and distributed to the general public. dont sit here and try to down play the severity of one circumstance to make your argument sound credible. should someone go to jail indefinitely for selling a dime bag? no? but do i expect a major drug dealer to sit behind bars until his trial? absolutely. especially when he advocating the twisting of moral law.

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    • Thomas

      You should be right there next to him then. You were held not once but twice handcuffed for working at a marijuana grow, according to your own words. You can’t say you didn’t know so you were involved. But somehow your out hmmmm how’s that work. Do we smell a rat?

      Under the constitution we have the right to bail and a fair trial. Look at the title of the article. Its you that want to change the issue to character assassination against someone who can not respond.

      Buddabelly is right on the money. Murders, rapist, thief’s, arsonist and all manner of violent criminals get bail. Your just a bitter little boy that should be in prison for working on a pot farm if we could believe the crap you post.

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      • damon polta

        ahem, their first bust the produced the bulk of their plants was before my time on their farm. a thank you. it’s not character assassination when the proof of the crime is in black and white. also our laws stipulate that if a person is of suitable danger to the community or a flight risk that they can be held without bail. the fact that he could have been put on house arrest and still be able to “preach” and sell drugs from his door step makes him still capable of breaking the very law he found himself in jail for breaking in the first place.

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        • Thomas

          How could you be handcuffed twice in two raids and then now say you weren’t even there the first raid make up your mind. Pretty good trick. Now you admit knowing about it but the bulk of the plants were taken during the first raid and you were only growing the second batch. Got it. I think…..

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          • damon polta

            tim and susannes farm was raided 3 times… thats simple math right there captain know it all. i was the for raids 2 and 3. on both occasions nothing illegal was found in my possession or hidden in my belongings, mainly because they didnt exist.

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      • Thomas

        Right but you stayed after the first raid that put a gun in your face. Who does that?

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    • damon polta

      i do find it a bit cute and humorous that the only two people thumbing down my comments are the only two people backing roger christie… turns out the sensible majority also want to see him and his pot shelling antics behind bars.

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      • Thomas

        You can dish it out but can’t take it. You have no credibility. You are talking about things you know little about or are just making stuff up.

        Here is what real drug dealing looks like

        The Contras, Cocaine,
        and Covert Operations

        Documentation of Official U.S. Knowledge of
        Drug Trafficking and the Contras

        Oliver North was made a hero after putting tons of coke on the street he was responsible for the crack epidemic.

        He never went to jail but Roger is in jail with out bail for two pounds of pot and you want people to believe it’s not political? You really know a lot less about this case than you think. You have drank the government koolaid and probably made a deal to save your own ass.

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  • damon polta

    for starters, he has a fighting chance, he’s on his second lawyer. now to answer your final question buddah belly, if i was being charged with being the ring leader of adults that knowingly broke the law with me in the manufacturing of drugs on a commercial with the intent to distribute said product, and had the capabilities of leaving my current address via stored cash that the police have proof that i made in the drug trade but have yet to recover, i would expect them to consider my a flight risk and hold me without bail. i also wouldnt tell my partners in crime to stall the trial for as long as possible making my pre-trial jail stay a lot shorter than Christie’s… like i said before, his initial trial date was only a few months after the arrest was made. it’s only been at the request of his partners in crime, and at the request of Roger Christie himself that the trial be postponed. this all should have been over by this time last year, but because of the fact that him and his people keep asking to push the trial back, he’s spent so long in jail… that’s what you people arent understanding, it’s his own fault that he’s still in there without a guilty verdict… so all of your “being held without conviction” nonsense is mute. the only problem is that the requests for trial postponement arent publicized, so that allows the media to make it look like the FED. i just holding him for no reason… jesus christ people… like i mentioned another comment, even our laws are bound by laws, and like i said just above, he could have been sentenced months ago, but he’s choosing to sit in jail.

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    • damon polta

      one thing i want to add, you can argue with the concept of government conspiracy, but you cant argue with the facts, and the facts are the requested postponements are why he’s still in jail, and not in prison.

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      • Thomas

        How many plants did you grow out there damon?

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        • damon polta

          i grew 400lbs of organic lettuce mix per week. not to be misinterpreted as pot. actual heads of lettuce. i planted over 3500 seeds each week, and i cooked 19 of the meals eaten on the farm per week. i didnt grow pot, which is why i can feel free to speak out against these people. hope that answers your question.

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  • Thomas

    Political prisoners aren’t incarcerated “because they are ‘criminal,’ but because they’ve been accused of breaking (a law) designed to exert tighter social control and State repression.”

    Roger Christie has not been convicted of any crime. He never threatened or hurt anyone.

    He is a classic political prisoner.

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    • damon polta

      he’s being held until the trial, at which he will be most likely be found guilty, and all of his previous time in jail will be credited to his sentence as time served… they aren’t holding him because he’s dangerous, they’re holding him because he’s a FLIGHT RISK. drug dealers use cash, and hide it well… if they do release him, im going to start a better pool on how long it’ll take him to disappear and never be seen again… my money’s on 3 hours… this trial is a pivotal one in the realm of legalizing drug use for religious purposes, and the government isn’t giving this scum the chance to just hop on a boat or plane and drop off the face of the planet… get your stories right before you come to the internet, you just might be shown up by a youngster… just sayin…

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      • Thomas

        Go back and reread the nonsense you have posted.

        I read the transcripts, the court said “no set of circumstances could guarantee the safety of the community” that was why bail was denied. Your obsessed babbling is not true and never was it’s nonsense you are posting.

        Roger has lived here for a long time. I have known him for 25 years and never saw any thing to support any of your slander.

        As you point out he will get credit for time served even if he was held unconstitutionally.

        FYI Roger wants his day in court that is why he has not taken the deals offered by the feds. I would take your bet, however what you suggest is illegal. So seem to think you can break the law when it suits you. That brings us to the next question.

        You said you were handcuffed twice during two raids. You obviously knew marijuana was being grown there. Yet even after the first raid you continued to work there? That is what you said. So how are you not just as responsible?

        You knew but continued to help them, sounds like you should be in prison under your warped logic. Were you trading the marijuana you grew for meth? Must have been right or is that just other people. How much did you make growing over there?

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        • damon polta

          your right, i stayed after the raid. i didnt touch the pot, that was all susanne… actually tim didnt touch it either, he just built the growing rooms. i worked as a farm hand in their lettuce production… i had a nice conversation with a federal agent when they came the third time on harvest day about the fact that we were going to harvest even if it needed to be at gun point. i then gave the federal agents a farm tour. as for the safety of the community, they’re referring to the fact that he would have opened up shop the day after release as a political move. what i did on their farm had no correlation to the pot being grown. and i do expect a letter in the mail to be summoned to court in hawaii, and since it’s not winter in ohio i’d welcome such letter with open arms. the reason why im back in ohio is because tim and susanne owe me over $30k in back salary from me managing their aquaponic farms lettuce production, so really, the fact that they never paid me one cent for all of my long hours on their farm comes out at a plus at this point. i can understand that you’re trying to stick up for a friend, but you’ll soon find out that it’s a loosing battle… if his only defense is his warped views of the first amendment, i’d make your next visit to him a memorable one, because he’ll be behind bars for a very very long time. again i say, just because the 2nd amendment says i have the right to bare arms, that doesnt mean i should go out and buy a bazooka.

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        • damon polta

          the question is a flawed question when asked under skewed pretenses. if i sat you at a table filled with strawberry icecream and asked you which flavor was better vinilla or chocolate? that wouldn’t make much sense. the same applies here. roger hasnt been sent to prison, he’s being held before trial, which is perfectly legal in the united states. his length of time spent in jail is of his own doing. he’s denied bail, for the reasons i state below. the people that can magically post their million dollar bails are put on house arrest or are under survalence with weekly check ins to their P.O. just like the other 13 have to do. the fact of the matter is the FED knows that if roger is allowed out of jail, the limelight that has been put on this situation will undoubtedly result in either him fleeing, or he’ll continue on with the very dealings that he was put in jail for in the first place. the people allowed out on bond and bail are under heavy restrictions, and the breaking of those restrictions result in a harsher punishment in addition to their original crime. by keeping him behind bars it saves the U.S. government the time and hassle of having to arrest him again.

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          • Thomas

            why im back in ohio is because tim and susanne owe me over $30k in back salary

            Now were getting some where your mad about not getting your cut.

            If you knew you conspired, a felony. You knew your friend Tim built the grow and Suzanne grew it.

            Wow $30,000.00 for growing lettuce that’s more money than they seized from Roger for all the things you say he did. He only had $21,000.00 so maybe your the king pin. That is a lot of money for growing UHMMM lettuce. LOL

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  • damon polta

    the reason that he’s still in jail is because the FED’s are looking to get the whole group of people in a rico case… it’s not just Rogers butt on the line here. yes, he may be the only one still in jail for the crime committed, but he was also the head of 13 other people that were growing as well as his own administration of his “church.” since people keep postponing the trial, he still sits in jail… their first court date for the trial was supposed to be late last year, then it got bumped to april of this year, then it got bumped to july of this year, then it got bumped to october of this year, all on the requests of the defendants… try getting your stories right before you plater them in public media. since roger changed lawyers midway through last year, the courts gave him time to get his stuff straight with his new guy, and since there’s 13 other people facing long long looonnnggg jail sentences, they keep wanting to push back the trial for as long as they can, in hopes of rogers lock up stirring up enough media attention that the case will be dropped… it’s not the governments fault that he’s still in there without a trial. it’s a preconceived plan made by his constituents… the longer that the other 13 people can hold off the trial, the worse off the liberal media can make the government look… he was arrested for being the ring leader of a growing operation on the commercial level… between the 14 members of this group over 5000 plants were confiscated, as well as thousands of dollars in cash. i know this because i was held in hand cuffs for over 20 total hours between the two raids that i was on the friendly aquaponics farm for… i was interning there… they were growing pot, in amounts over their “legal states rights,” they got arrested along with the other 12. these people are purposly holding off this trial in hopes that stories like this one gets printed, leaving out some of the most important details, such as the amount of drugs and money found by the DEA on the 3 raids, the amount of cash found, the sophistication of the growing operations, and the fact that rogers friends and former partners in crime are still stalling off the trial for as long as their rights will allow… so really if you want to blame anyone for how long roger has been sitting in jail, you can blame the other 13 members of the green 14. i thank you, and now i’ll take a bow.

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    • Norma Stone

      Good post.

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      • Buddah Belly

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        • damon polta

          lets get one thing straight, conviction, and committing, are two different things. being convicted means you were found guilty by a jury of your peers… he’s being held for publicly selling pot. and as for your 1st amendment freedom of religion crap… there are plenty of religions that are in the united states that use hallucinogens… the difference between them and roger is they were tightly regimented. they had a specific time and place that they would use their “sacrament” and after mass it was locked away with only 1 key to the lock. roger used religion as a mask to hide the fact that he sold…. wait… gave away pot with suggested donation amounts. they’ve got wire taps of him making pot related transactions outside of church. they have witnessed some of the green 14 members making drops to his personal residence, not the church. and they have not only witnessed, but made arrests for people going to the put church, procuring an “aloha bag” (free bag of pot) and then trading it for meth. so, by proxy, roger is responsible not only for the pot trade in hilo, but much of the meth trade as well. he is not being held without ecidence of committing a crime… they have hours and hours of phone conversations and video surveillance. i know this because i have a copy of and have read through the governments discovery… you know, that little document that states all of the evidence against them, so unless you’ve read through that like i have, then you’re really in no position to argue with me. is is “accused”, the word everyone is looking for instead of the misused term “convicted”, of openly selling pot to the general public. he is being held until his trial date, which is common in many cases. everyone is trying to make it sound like he is in prison, and he’s not, he’s being held without bail. it’s not the governments fault that the case hasnt begun yet, it’s all of the defendants fault for stalling the trial. it’s their ploy to have him sit there for as long as possible so the story of his captivity will reach the worlds papers… the longer he sits in there, the more warped the stories become, and the more bleeding hearts and arm chair lawyers come out. speaking up in support is a bastardization of the use of public media. reporters of the liberal media are twisting the story around… i’ve even read stories that stated he was being held for only 284 plants, which is a blatant lie. it’s a rico case and all 14 are going down for the sum total of the group efforts, which is around 5000 plants, the cash that was found at rogers apartment, and any property that would have been procured illegally with the use of drug money. i can agree that the government has done some shady things from time to time, but keeping roger in jail is stemming the flow of meth us in hawaii because people can no longer get it for free on the streets of hilo.

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        • damon polta

          and the answer to your question is this. no government is perfect. our own laws have laws.”convicted” murders are held without bail, you must be thinking of manslaughters, which is a death caused by negligence or by accident. as for the bails you speak of for child molesters and rapists, those are normally set in the millions which most people cant post in the first place, and most times depending on the severity of the case they aren’t allowed a bail either. a man accidently rolls over a child in his car, by your definition buddah belly, he should be held without bail for killing an innocent. let’s say two people get drunk, have sex, and in the morning the girl freaks out and calls it rape, by your definition, he would be held without bail. different circumstances call for different measure. roger christie and the green 14 were in the beginning stages of a commercial sized pot growing operation. yes it seems minor now, but Escobar had to start somewhere as well. and no, i do not work for the government. im 25 years old. i was present on the Friendly Aquaponics farm, owned by tim mann and susanne friend, 2 members of the green 14, for 2 of the raids on their property. i was also held in handcuffs for hours on end. i watch as my bosses were carted off to honolulu for processing. i’ve read the evidence against the two people i work for and how it corroborates with christie, for christ sakes one of them made a drug deal with roger while a child was present. do you buddah belly consider that a punishable crime? do you think that seems like a moral and just thing to do? the truth of the matter is this. as long as we have laws, people will be punished for breaking them. since roger was the leader of this group, his punishment is higher than those that accompanied him. here’s a lttle insight for all of you that are reading this, if you dont want to find yourself behind bars for any reason, dont break any laws. in fact, dont even think that you can find some B.S. loopholes in the laws. Roger Christie openly and brashly broke a law, and tried to cover his own butt by calling on the twisted interpretation of the constitution. if roger is guilty of anything he’s guilty of warping the very american fabric to fit his own personal gains. just because it’s the publics right to bare arms that doesn’t mean that everyone should own a bazooka. hows that for an answer?

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          • Buddah Belly

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  • Thomas

    The government is holding an American without bail or conviction for marijuana.

    There are no other charges.

    The views and opinions presented here by Bill and Norma raise a question.

    Should we put all people “they” (Bill and Norma) believe are smart alecks or Muslim, Hare Krishna’s or Scientologist in prison without trials or bail because some people don’t like them, or their religious views? I don’t want to live under that type of oppression.

    Defending holding Roger without bail or conviction of any crime because of personal prejudice is selfish at best and dangerous for all Americans in practice.

    Everyone is entitled to their constitutional rights, and that includes people Bill and Norma or the government don’t agree with or like.

    Whether you like Roger or not, rule of law is where freedom is derived from. Freedom and real justice dictates that everyone gets due process and the same rights.

    This is not about liking Roger or not, that has nothing to do with him being held without bail.

    Roger can not defend himself against these attacks even if they were true, any more than he can defend against the criminal charges. These personal attacks really change nothing about the illegal detention of Roger Christie under our constitutional system of government. They really are just cheap shots against a man that has no way to defend himself on any level right now.

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    • Mike

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    • Norma Stone

      Roger is in the right place.

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  • Bill Hardin

    I knew Roger for a long time. He always seemed to me like a smart-aleck, who thought everyone else was a fool. He obviously thought the government was a bunch of fools, who would let him run his dope-as-religion scam with impunity. I guess he was wrong on this one.

    I’m not against marijuana, but I am against using religion in this way. Roger has no respect for religion and never did.

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      • damon polta

        they followed this guy for a long time. him and everyone involved. the FED made multiple raids and have hours upon hours of phone conversations of “deals” going on outside the the walls of the church. the total about of plant count that the government confiscated was in the thousands. they nabbed one of his growers with around 2000 plants at once, and another one of his growers with around 1200 plants… his punishment is for being in charge on commercial manufacturing and distribution… sounds like a pretty fair deal… considering the whole “pot being brought down to the lowest possible punishment” is only applicable for personal use amounts in the first place.

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  • Norma Stone

    “Religion of Jesus”? Jesus Christ would throw Roger out of the temple, right along with the money-changers.

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    • Iolani

      “For that is not the way that Christ has taught you.” Ephesians 4:20

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  • Thomas

    I saw that Matt serial child rapist who shows no remorse at all is released along with the Oahu murderer, the kid who just killed the guy in Hilo got bail set, Mossman, even Mathison all got bail and the government feigns worry about Roger?

    The government never made an argument that Roger ever threatened or hurt anyone. Yet he not only sits in prison for a year and a half but is denied visitors or any possible chance of mounting a reasonable defense at all.

    These are police state tactics, not how real justice works. The government has so hamstrung Mr. Christie that any chance for a fair trial has passed. The nation is moving to indefinite detentions without trial and this case is certainly a step in that direction. Those supporting this are fools, the government has surrendered any credibility it may have had.

    The courts in supporting this have thrown the constitution under the bus in order to silence Mr. Christie. Why should we believe anything they say now?

    Roger is not dangerous. That the government found “no set of circumstance could protect the community if he were granted bail” while murders and rapist are released shows they are lying. It is so ludicrous when put in the context that truly dangerous, violent people are granted bail every day in this country that it exposes the tyranny of what is being done to this American.

    I am serious when I say the rule of law is what’s at stake here. What the government has done is far more dangerous to everyone of us, and caused far more harm to all of us than Roger Christie ever did.

    If there is any justice, if we are a nation of laws Christie must be released. At this point the government has forfeited its credibility and so damaged the “fair trial” rights of this innocent until proven guilty defendant that the charges should be dropped.

    There is no chance for a fair trial now, that fundamental right, the very foundation of justice in the United States has been destroyed. It can not be repaired after a year and a half of being held under such conditions that mounting a reasonable defense was made impossible. That can not be fixed, what’s done is done.

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    • damon polta

      the biggest problem that they had with Roger was he was giving out “aloha bags” of pot and the people would inturn take those bags and trade them for meth… taken the publics seemingly “harmless plant,” and trading it for the second most destructive drug on the market. him being arrested wasn’t a media stunt or even a war on pot… he was a major part of the meth problem on the big island.

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      • Thomas

        That makes no sense damon. Why would anyone trade ice for marijuana if as you claim they could simply go and get it free from Roger? You appear desperate for some way to find some reason to justify the illegal and unconstitutional detention of Roger Christie.

        Software Creates ’Fake People’ to Spread Message via Social Networking

        It’s about building a better spin machine for Uncle Sam

        Your post fit the profile, you see you went overboard. Its just not believable or normal.

        You clearly have ulterior motives resorting to lies saying anything to smear someone who can not defend himself. Are you a government troll that is really worried about your case? Here is what I think you really are.

        How the U.S. military is using fake online profiles to spread propaganda

        SMISC is yet another example of how the military is becoming very interested in what’s going on in the social media sphere.

        The Pentagon is looking to build a tool to sniff out social media propaganda campaigns and spit some counter-spin right back at it.

        On Thursday, Defense Department extreme technology arm Darpa unveiled its Social Media in Strategic Communication (SMISC) program. It’s an attempt to get better at both detecting and conducting propaganda campaigns on social media. SMISC has two goals. First, the program needs to help the military better understand what’s going on in social media in real time — particularly in areas where troops are deployed. Second, Darpa wants SMISC to help the military play the social media propaganda game itself.

        I think you guys are fakes. I have been blogging for years and what your posting is pure propaganda. You must really be worried about your case.

        When the patriot Act informed all U.S. citizens that the price of freedom was freedom itself, Orwellian double-speak like you post hear surpassed even Reagan-era standards.

        Drug use and abuse are far worse now than when the war on marijuana began. There was no ice before the war on marijuana. Even Warren Price former Hawaii AG admitted the ice epidemic was a direct result of green harvest (marijuana policy)

        The price of marijuana has dropped in half since Roger Christie was arrested because there is more marijuana and its easier to get now than 17 months ago.

        The ice problem is a direct result of current drug policy that has been in place for 30 years. Long before ice reared it’s ugly head. If you want to reduce drug use you need to treat it like the health issue it is.

        The discovery that the US military is developing false online personalities – known to users of social media as “sock puppets” – could also encourage other governments, private companies and non-government organizations to do the same. Including the DEA?

        This is interesting and is what I think is happening here.

        The contract opportunity (PDF) — posted last summer at — actually calls for the development of an “Online Persona Management Service” for the U.S. Air Force, a software that would help a single user manage a variety of distinct fake profiles online. Since the DEA operates under the DOD it’s likely they have their own program.

        I think DEA has their own sock puppets right here. The comments are just pure propaganda, they are not believable.

        It appears not only are they holding Americans unconstitutionally they are trying to take over the internet to control free speech here as well.

        Recently leaked** email files from the private security firm HBGary reveal internal discussions of how one person could use the software to create an army of fake profiles. In essence, it allows a small group of people to appear to be many.

        According to the contract, the software would enable the government to shield its fake identity by employing a number of false signals to make it appear that the profile belongs to a real person.

        Exactly what we are seeing here.

        “It goes far beyond the mere ability for a government stooge, corporation or PR firm to hire people to post on sites like this one. They are talking about creating the illusion of consensus. And consensus is a powerful persuader.”

        Everyone is doing it.

        In His Own Image: Obama Adminstration Creates “Fake People” on Social Networks to Promote Propaganda’

        One last thing they are monitoring this blog much to carefully for it to be random. Look at the likes and dislikes there are just far to many computers involved for this not to be organized.

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        • damon polta

          you must be a conspiracy theorist…

          my name is damon polta, you can facebook me sometime. in fact, is my personal email address. i’d love to hear your thoughts on ufo’s, bigfoot, and the lockness monster.

          i never stated that they got an equal amount of ice for pot. my guess is they margins were greatly skewed because by what i hear rogers free pot was carp stuff to begin with.

          you can scratch and claw at every little comment that come your way thomas, but the truth of the matter is he broke a law, and you sound like you’re afraid of moon men. really? the government planting people in small news paper comment sections..

          try this, take off your foil helmet, unlock the dead bolt, and get some fresh air… sounds like you’ve gone a bit too long without it.

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          • Thomas

            Facebook is one of the ways its done. That’s why they call them fake profiles. Are you a sock puppet or are you a pot grower. You said you were handcuffed in two different raids. You had to be involved if that is true so why aren’t you in prison? Hmmmm

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  • Matt

    did you see? Sandusky, the former Penn State football coach is now accused of more than 50 counts of molesting children…and was released on bail of $250,000 after spending (only) one night in jail! In addition to being confined to his home, he has to wear a monitoring device.

    How crazy is that?

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  • Geoman

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  • Sam Ha’a

    Christie is not a saint or a martyr or a political hero. He was a businessman. He made many thousands of dollars on his illegal operation. Now he has to do the time. It’s that simple.

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    • Ellen Komp

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  • Fedupvet

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  • too scared to smoke

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  • RayChristlTHC

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