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Taxed Into Oblivion

Taxed Into Oblivion

In the United States today, we are being taxed into oblivion, yet it is being done so stealthily that most Americans don't even realize what is happening.  Most people are fixated on federal income tax rates, but the federal income tax is only one of the dozens of different taxes that each of us...
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Video: Heaviest snow in decades disrupts transport, schools in New Zealand

A polar blast of antarctic air has caused winter-weather conditions across New Zealand. Roads were closed due to heavy snow, and some homes in the cities of Wellington and Christchurch were snowed-in for many hours. More snow is forecast for the higher elevations of Wellington tonight.
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Big Island Police Report New Copper Thefts

Big Island police are investigating several thefts of heavy gauge copper cable from a business in Ka’u last month. The multi-weave copper cables stolen from the old South Point wind farm on South Point Road were about 40-feet long and 4- to 6-inches in diameter and covered with black plastic coating. Estimated value of the...
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