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Nuclear Radiation Workshop: Demystifying the Science & Uncovering the Lies

In remembrance of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the dozens of nuclear tests in the Pacific and in light of the recent Fukushima nuclear disaster and discovery of depleted uranium on O’ahu and Hawai’i island, learn to protect yourself from the effects of nuclear radiation and the lies perpetuated by the nuclear...
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Updated: Blogger Says Hawaii County Police Officers Beat Him For Filming Them From Across the Street

Big Island reporter and blogger Damon Tucker was severely beaten by police and arrested for “hindering a government operation” Friday night while taking pictures from a public sidewalk outside a concert he was covering in Pahoa. According to a post on his popular Damon Tucker’s Blog, “the police have now confiscated my camera and cell phone as well as...
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Italy, Precious Metals, and a Black Hole of Debt

Italy, Precious Metals, and a Black Hole of Debt

S&P just downgraded the US Soverigen debt from AAA to AA+. It is remotely possible that some funds which are chartered to hold only AAA debt will sell off US paper on Monday, but it’s more likely they will change their charter. There is probably going to be a sell-off on Monday anyway, but I doubt...
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