Who’s Afraid of Ron Paul?

Ron Paul is neither a big man nor a loud one and his polite demeanor effectively disguises a vicious fighting spirit. No other politician in recent history has been the been lone dissenter on so many congressional votes.  From Mother Teresa to Gaza, only one man dissented: Ron Paul. He transcends party lines, confusing the mass media who are not sure whether he is a radical left wing peacenik or a John Birch Manchurian candidate.

Ron Paul

Congressman Ron Paul

Right or Left?

“We can achieve much more in peace than we can ever achieve in these needless, unconstitutional, undeclared wars.” Ron Paul

As shocking as it may seem to The New York Times, Fox, The Wall Street Journal and CNN, The Constitution and The Declaration of Independence actually call for a peaceful, free Republic unencumbered by Government.

What other member of Congress is for ending the war on drugs, phasing out Medicare and Medicaid, making Social Security optional, legalizing prostitution, ending The Fed, halting all aid to Israel, lowering taxes, and closing all American military bases abroad? How do you define Ron Paul within the current political spectrum? You can’t. He simply doesn’t fit into any of the convenient labels available for the two party charade. The Ivy Leagued Wall Street/Washington nexus doesn’t know what to make of man who is against two of the most dreaded things in life: war and taxes.

Is Ron Paul a Radical?

“I am just absolutely convinced that the best formula for giving us peace and preserving the American way of life is freedom, limited government, and minding our own business overseas.” Ron Paul

This is probably the most vexing question regarding Ron Paul. He is so sensible that he is considered radical. Take for example his foreign policy. He believes Europe, Israel and South Korea are all wealthy and capable enough to defend themselves and considering the enormous US budget deficits, he thinks we should close our foreign bases and bring our soldiers home. This is called radical.

On the other hand, jumping into the fray with Libya while we are engaged in Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen is considered mainstream. How many politicians could even articulate, for example, why we fought the war in Iraq?

What is fascinating about the Ron Paul phenomena is that even in mainstream newspapers there is not one columnist as “radical” as Ron Paul. From The Wall Street Journal, to The New York Times and The Washington Post, there is no one who consistently calls for an end to all foreign wars and a peaceful, mind your own business foreign policy.

The Great One

The war in Iraq had to be the biggest lie ever told to the American people, until Barack Obama was elected President. Tax cuts for the rich and more wars for the weary. Never again should the American people allow themselves to be sold a “brand” instead of an agenda.

Paul Newman was a fine actor, but he couldn’t hold a candle to The Great One. Jackie Gleason had something unmistakably, unabashedly real about him.  We should have listened to him in 2008; we didn’t.  Will we listen to him in 2012?

The Challenge

Ron Paul is 75 years old and this is certainly his last shot at being president.  Before the 2008 financial crisis he was a voice in the wilderness, but that voice has come of age.  Many members of the Republican party became Ron Paul followers after the eight long years of war and bailouts under George W.  Now, many liberal Democrats completely disillusioned with both Party and Obama are becoming supporters of Dr. Paul.

The essence of his philosophy is peace, prosperity and a strictly Constitutional Government that minds its own business at home and abroad. Is it so shocking that this message resonates with both Republicans and Democrats? People are “waking” up at an accelerated rate and flocking to Dr. Paul. His sound money policies could be the catalyst that sends him to the White Houses if we experience another financial shock event between now and November 2012.

Ron Paul believes in people’s liberty, in their innate intelligence, ingenuity, and capacity to fend for themselves. Both the condescension of the Ivy Leagued and the corporate fascism of those who want us to all speak and eat the same garbage has become repellent.  They have lied, plundered and war mongered long enough.

Ron Paul as Rocky

Can he win? The author could give two hoots.  All we ask of Dr. Paul is that he stay on his feet and land a few good punches.  The rest will take care of itself.

Robert Bonomo is a blogger, novelist and internet marketer. Visit his blog at thecactusland.com.


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  • Pete Rathman

    What about medicare and medicaide? what’s going to happen to deprived children or the elderly when they incur these outrageous health costs that no S.S., IRA or savings can realistically cover, given the rising costs associated with the medical/health industry… they’re just left to suffer or die?

    • Thomas

      Why is health care many times more expensive here for the same treatment than other countries? What did people do before medicare and medicaid? We spend 30 million an hour on the wars, hundreds of billions more for homeland security, TSA, and the patriot act. Hundreds of billion more on the drug war, and foreign aide to countries all over the planet. Lets bring that money home take the corporations out of health care and we will all be in a better position to take care of ourselves.

      One in six Americans is receiving help from the government.

      The raw data shows us that a stunning 12 percent of our entire population is receiving some form of food stamp assistance.

      This is the highest percentage (35 million right now)of Americans receiving food stamps since records started being kept back in 1969. The average person receiving assistance now receives $133 per month but even a number this low with such a high number of participants is costing tax payers $56 billion on an annualized basis.

      Texas has 24 million people while California has 37 million yet Texas has more people receiving food stamps. Florida and Illinois have nearly the same amount of participants although Florida has 18 million people while Illinois has 13 million people. This is the fault of both parties Bush, Clinton, Bush 2, and now Obama. How much worse are we suppose to let this get before we really get rid of the corporate masters that own these politicians. Why do you think they hate Ron Paul and try to act like he doesn’t exist?

      The headline unemployment rate is 9.7 percent. If we look at the government U-6 rate a broader and better indicator of the true employment situation we find that 16.8 percent of people are either unemployed or underemployed. A more broader measure already shows the unemployment rate at 20 percent. Some people have a hard time seeing this in action. Take a look at Detroit that has an unemployment rate of 28.9 percent. That is right, 28.9 percent of a city that once had 1.8 million people and was the hub of the automotive industry.

      We better do something different and soon or there will be nobody left to pay for any of those programs.

      Enrollment in Medicaid and food stamp programs are at record highs, while unemployment insurance rolls remain at elevated levels. Many people depend on more than one program. How did we get here and can we really afford more of the same?

      Medicaid enrollment for the first time ever topped 50 million in June 2010, the most recent figures available. That’s up from 42.3 million in June 2007. We need real reform and Oboma care is not the answer. It does nothing to fix the underlying problem of excessive cost in a for profit corporate health care system that rapes us but contributes huge amounts of money to political campaigns. You will not find any of that money going to Ron Paul.

      I can go on but the bottom line is we have got to change the current system or we will continue to have the problems we see now and they will get worse. Ron Paul is the only candidate that can win in 2012 that understands that and has the record that proves he will stop it. He has voted against every bailout, every war, and the patriot act and has no big corporate sponsor that he is beholding to.

      I am voting for Ron Paul for the good of all our people.

  • cgit44

    Great article!! Ron Paul has not agenda and is true to our constitution. If any of you don’t belong to Ron Paul Hawaii please join the local group, so we may educate others about Ron Paul!! http://www.checkoutronpaul.com

  • Anthony

    The article was good until: “The war in Iraq had to be the biggest lie ever told to the American people, until Barack Obama was elected President. Tax cuts for the rich and more wars for the weary.”
    I’m not rich and I got a tax cut and how did Obama change this? He sent MORE troops overseas and created more debt with a 9% higher budget… this makes it sound like Obama’s presidency ended all the nonsense, when it simply continued. Both parties reek with the occasional “breath of fresh air candidates” like Ron Paul. What is even more sad is he doesn’t stand a chance because most Americans don’t want freedom they want security and have been sold the lie that they can’t have both.

    • Ted

      I took the article to mean that we saw even bigger lies than the Iraq war when Obama was elected. They started when he took the pledge to uphold the Constitution.

  • Thomas

    Paul tops Romney in New Hamshire


    Lets see how the mainstream media spins or buries this….

    Its up to us to make sure people see this……..

    • Paul Sorenson

      Lots of love for Ron Paul in many parts of California! He should run as an independent if the media ignores him like they did in 2008. He’d have a packed out rally somewhere and they’d never mention anything. Recently he wins the Republican straw poll hands down and it’s like meaningless. NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, & FOX are all using polls that show him at 5%-7% which is crazy.

  • Ron Paul wasn’t born. He liberated himself from the womb

    While not a proctologist, Dr. Ron Paul will save this country’s ass.

    Ron Paul let the dogs out. They were being held without due process.

    Ron Paul can recite pi to 1776 decimal places.

    When applied directly to the brain, Ron Paul instantly cures socialism.

    Ron Paul doesn’t act like a patriot, a patriot acts like Ron Paul.

    The chief export of Ron Paul is liberty.

    If guts could fight, they would fight their Ron Paul out.

    Ron Paul is so fast he can steal home plate, but his conscious won’t let him do it

    Ron Paul is an anagram for Our Plan.

    Ron Paul uses the Libery Bell as an alarm clock.

    Chuck Norris has a list of 5 people not to mess with. Ron Paul is all of them.

    Ron Paul is not watching you.

    Ron Paul doesn’t write books. The words assemble together because it is in their economic interest to do so.

    Ron Paul is the only political virgin in the U.S. Congress; he’s never screwed America.

    As a child, Ron Paul did not collect baseball cards. He collected Amendments.

    Ron Paul doesn’t listen to music, he listens to the call of freedom.

    Apathy is Ron Paul’s bitch.

    Waldo called. He promises to come out of hiding if Ron Paul is elected president.

    I just saved a bunch of money by switching to Ron Paul.

    Ron Paul has no alarm clock, but instead wakes every morning to the call of freedom.

    Ron Paul doesn’t go the gym. He stays fit by exercising his civil rights.

    Ron Paul delivers babies without his hands. He simply reads them the

    Bill of Rights and they crawl out in anticipation of freedom.

    Ron Paul doesn’t cut taxes. He kills them with his bare hands.


  • Dr. Paul WILL be elected if enough people realize he is the only one telling us the truth, and not a comforting lie. America was one a shining jewel in the crown of the world, now we are just a spike on a dirty and battered war helm. Why can’t we be the example we used to be? It wasn’t our nukes that defeated Russia, it was our supermarkets. It wasn’t our rhetoric that drew people from all over the world, it was our standard of living. We can have them all back again if we just stop bothering people (foreign and domestic) we have no business bothering in the first place.

  • Doodle

    This will be my first time voting for a President and it’s going to be Ron Paul. Let make it happen everyone!!

  • Michael

    Ron Paul definitely has my vote.

  • Thomas

    Lats get him on the ballot……..Vote in the republican primary and vote for Ron Paul………

  • sandy

    Ron Paul is a very special candidate and I will be supporting him for President. I have two teenagers and they really like Paul even though they don’t really understand his policies, they say he’s “telling the truth.” I guess kids do have a knack for sniffing out good people!! LOL.

  • Ryan

    Great article, it is so refreshing to read something that puts all of his positions on the table and doesnt concentrate on one of the less important issues trying to pass him off as a kook. Thats what journalism is all about painting the whole picture and letting people decide for themselves, if all media did that then this country wouldnt be running of of the rails right now. Thank You!

  • kirsten

    and he would like to legalize freedom of choice (in light of personal responsibilities), not just prostitution or drugs… =)

  • Bryan

    When our nation is sick, its time to call the doctor. RON PAUL 2012

  • David

    Great article (you might want to correct the spelling of “vicious” in the first sentence).

    Mahalo – ed.

  • Tyson Lauby

    Good article. But when you say “ending all aid to Israel” it really doesn’t portray his position accurately. He wants to “End aid to everybody overseas”. Not just Israel.

    • Darrel Mulloy

      You stole my reply. Exactly; he wants to end all foreign aid, which would be a plus to Israel, because their enemies get at least three times as much as they do in aid.