Has Green Harvest Returned to the Big Island?

Choppers over PohoikiOn Tuesday The Honolulu Star Advertiser reported the end of a three-week marijuana eradication program on Kauai, involving the Kauai, Honolulu, and Maui Police Departments, in addition to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, the Department of Land and Natural Resources, the state Narcotics Enforcement Division and the U.S. Coast Guard.

As for Hawaii County, the 2008 voter approved Lowest Law Enforcement Priority of Cannabis Ordinance specifically forbids the Hawaii County Council,  Police Commissioner, Chief of Police, prosecuting attorneys, and assorted law enforcement personnel from spending or authorizing the expenditure of any public funds for the investigation, arrest, or prosecution of any person, inconsistent with the Ordinance.

Even so, according to an email from Sandy Webb of the MUM Clinic, Green Harvest helicopters have been engaged in recent fly overs and drop downs right here on the Big Island:

A story reported to me by a patient in Honoka`a happened this week Tuesday. A red and yellow helicopter hovered over and officers with uniforms that said POLICE on the back repelled onto their property. The officers said the patient had too many mature plants, while the patient said the plants had some red hairs but no formed buds. All plants were taken without a receipt for confiscated property. The pilot reportedly said, “they are trying to get as much as they can to secure funding for next season”. None of the officers identified themselves, but one was called “Frenchie” by the officer who seemed to be in charge.

It is very important for everyone to know that this could happen to you if you are growing. What they are doing is ILLEGAL! Be ready to take pictures and names and ask for a receipt for your property/medicine that is being taken. Call 911 and report a burglary in progress and leave the phone on to record what is being said to you by these “officers”. Get a witness to your home to verify everything. It has been reported that they have left other places when people stand up for themselves.

This whole thing is scary but you do have rights! Don’t get pushed around, be ready! It is happening everyday, multiple times a day, all over the Big Island. Anyone from Maui have this happen yet? Or seen the helicopters low flying over there? Let me know…

Mahalo, Sandy

Thickening the plot, the Hawaii Police Department has apparently removed their policy pages on Marijuana Eradication and Medical Marijuana. Links to previously posted files files are no longer working:

Hawaii News Daily will continue to track this story and provide updates to this page as we learn more.

Meanwhile, here is a useful guide for identifying helicopters.

Download: ACLU on Helicopter Fly Overs in Hawaii

UPDATE 7/29/11 — The following photos were submitted by a reader in Poihiki, who reported snapping these photos on Friday July 22, 2011. Click “show as slideshow” then scroll down.

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  • Anonomous

    What does that say to hawaii if police are breaking the law?

  • Thomas

    The spy plane was in Puna this morning flying low and slow……..

    No helicopters out here yet……

  • Matt

    yes, I heard from someone else that there were major raids going on…

    the source also said patients who had more than their legal limit of plants were having the excess plants taken, but the rest were left untouched…

  • Plant Down Babylon

    Total violation of our civil liberties! What happened to peaceful sky’s?! If people don’t wise up and make smart decisions regarding who we vote into office, you’re going to see an escalation of this Police State!

    Don’t roll over for these ‘kops’. Just a bunch of criminals and thieves. RECORD EVERYTHING. The war on ‘some’ drugs is such a scam it makes me sick.

    I laugh at all the suckers that voted for Obummer. He sure pulled the wool over your eyes.
    RON PAUL 2012

  • Kathie

    I realize this is an old post but hope followup WILL be done. Green Harvest was alive and VERY active on 12/19/11 in Ocean View. With 3 helicopters and several police ground units (marked and unmarked) it felt a bit like the Nazi occupation here today.

  • Buddah Bely

    Those helli’s dropped their guy down across the street from us. Of course he only took the ripe buds, and left all the other plants for another day. This has got to stop, by my estimates of 6 helli’s x 5hrs a day @$600 hr x 4 days = $72,000 and there were probably 12 guys in those copters x $300 day x 4 days is another $72,000. So, we have a total of $144,000 up in smoke instead of using that money for education, school lunches, old people, food banks, homeless shelter stuff. ETC…


  • Matt

    here is a link that shows the various types of helicopters used….


  • Matt

    today’s Big Island newspapers highlighted a raid that netted 300 plants. And, it mentioned how many plants were pulled during several days. County police helping DNLR and other state agencies in the raids.

  • Sean OPhelan

    Oh, and green harvest can screw off, maybe you should be looking for Ice labs and do something good with all the publics dollas

  • Sean OPhelan

    I am writing to tell a imiliar story, I had cops come with a search warrant to my house, they said they got 3000 some odd grams, the fact is that I only had 5 plants they only found 3, they had been harvested 3-5 days earlier, so there is no way they could have gotten an actual weight on useable marijuana, at the time I had an MUM cert that was valid, and I was a listed caregiver for my friend who also requires pot, we were both effected DRASTICALLY……They took my camera they took my scale, they swept moldy trimmings off the floor mixed with random dust from the basement floor, they also took my scissors and all of my pipes, they threatened me with 3 felonies, and ignored the MUM certs, now a year later I am being charged with a misdeamenor possesion charge and all of my things are still in evidence, well I am obviously not guilty of a misdeamenor possesion if I was legally allowed to have 6 dry useable onces according to the laws in hawaii county, I bet my stuff molded in evidense when It was not given the proper care of drying, and I am sure there is a cop out there somewhere taking pictures of his kids with my $200 camera and I bet they are weighing bags out on my high class digi. I am pissed, and have to go to court tomorrow, way to fuck up the freedoms of your own people, feds!! and as far as the cops go, get a real job you idiots. ALOHA, smoked out and pissed off, Sean Ryan OPhelan

    • Thomas

      Sorry to hear about that Sean, if you want court support (people to show up at your court dates)and would like to talk about your case with others that have been through this in Hawaii county. You can contact me by addressing your information to Thomas, Sara, and or Matt. Mark it as court support for Medical marijuana patients, send it to saralegal@live.com. We are working to help change harassment of patients like yourself. We are documenting cases and working with groups in Hawaii to accomplish that.

      Anyone else that has a medical marijuana case in Hawaii county or other marijuana cases in Hawaii can also send that information to us. We are not lawyers and can not give legal advice but we will show up at court and document your case and we will share that information with people that are working to change the policy of harassment of medical patients in Hawaii county.

  • Joseppi

    “This whole thing is scary but you do have rights!”

    The gray Fed helicopter was circling low over Hawi area on Tuesday at 2:30. There was an agent in the side door ready to repel down.
    In a fascist state controlled by corporations I’m afraid to say the citizens have very little rights and power.

  • jonah

    I live on Oahu and there has been many fly overs recently here. I see the helicopter with a guy strapped under a rope. I see them going up in the mountains I just know its for marijuana.

  • Fairuse
  • Fairuse
  • Fairuse

    Cameras people!
    Cell phone, digital hand held.
    Nearly everyone has some type of digital camera. If you are growing keep it handy. You ARE PERMITTED to video ANYTHING on your property or in a public area.

    I keep my cell video ready at all times as well as a digital audio recorder in arms reach in my vehicle. In the state of hawaii you DO NOT need consent to record in a public place, your vehicle on your property. They MAY NOT confiscate your device in these situations. BE CALM and RESPECTFUL. Do Not get in their way or try to impede them. Just hang back and document.