“We Are Doomed” – An On The Ground Report From Greece

Greece protestsAs things have been heating up in Greece over the last several months, one of our readers has been keeping us abreast as to the goings on and the general sentiment of the Greek people. While European leaders like to downplay the seriousness of what’s happening on the ground, it’s clear that Greece is falling apart right before our eyes. This may very well be a prelude to what will be experienced in other nations who are on the brink of sovereign debt crises, insolvency and bankruptcy. That includes Spain, Portugal, Italy, Eastern European nations, and eventually the United States.

SHTFplan reader and long-time contributor Manos writes us from Greece. His tone over the last few weeks has shifted from concern to what can only be described as hopelessness as he watches his country being dismantled. Heed the warnings from Greece and prepare accordingly for the chaos that is sure to follow as one country after another falls victim to global financiers and the power elite.

May 1, 2011:

Good monring,

1. Today was the Nationwide strike. Most riots occurred in Athens, where the fascist governement threw its trained dogs of war against the citizens. One person was beaten up by some police officer, and now is being treated in the hospital. Condition critical and his potential is zero. Brain damage, said the doctors.

2. On Tuesday morning around 5.00, one husband took his pregnant wife to give birth. As they stepped out of their house, in the centre of Athens, three illegals (possibly Pakistanis or Afghans), attacked the man and tried to take his camera. He resisted and they stabbed him three times in the neck and back. He died like a beast in the middle of the street. His wife was shocked and was transffered from the neighboors to the hospital. Hours later she gave birth to their child. The outcome? Four orphans and a widow for some $150 worth of a used camera.


The country is boiling. If the wounded person dies, i’m not sure of what is going to happen.

The most important, as my mother says, is to keep our mental strength first. I believe that people like us, are already awake and very soon many more follow.

May 25, 2011:

Today 18.00 Greek time, we will gather in the central square of each major or smaller Greek city. People from all political parties, different mentalities, and different social classes . We will make a silent protest against the third package of austerity measures in a year. We cannot take it anymore. From what i hear cameras will be not accepted, but if i manage i will take some shots with my cell-phone.

Don’t forget us, and don’t forget that you also belong to a proud nation. Don’t let things guide you, where we and others are right now..I hope that the police snitches will not make their appearance. Socialist governments have a well constructed force for mass manipulation. Greece, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Portugal, Ireland.

Be safe and i will let you know.

May 28, 2011:

From today all Europe is rising in squares and streets. Committees are being organized for the groups to stay on focus.Demand for supplies and necessary items is being witten in cardboards: http://anti-ntp.blogspot.com/2011/05/blog-post_153.html

I’m going for the 4th day to the square. More and more people follow. I’ll try to send you videos but i must zip them because each is over 10mb in volume.

My deepest condolences for the fellow human beings in Joplin. It is very sad for humanity to suffer such loses. Technology has advanced so much, that it’s unacceptable not to prevent the death of so many people.

Be careful Mac. As you said the other day, we are entering dangerous paths.

June 11, 2011

Good morning,

The attached photo is from last sunday’s demonstration in Athens.

The Nazi flag has annoyed most German polititians and citizens.

They consider that they are saving Greece, Ireland, and Portugal and we should be obliged to them.

The gesture which you can see from my fellow Greeks, their hands with all five fingers open, is very very insulting. It’s like showing the middle finger in U.S., or throwing a shoe in Iraq or Pakistan.

If you cannot open the file, here is the link: http://anti-ntp.blogspot.com/2011/06/blog-post_6280.html

Be safe Mac. Be prepared.

Have a nice weekend.

*In response to this email, I emailed Manos the following:

So the Greeks seem to know what is coming… the situation for us here in the West is somewhat confusing, as we don’t know whether your people want the EU out completely, or whether they are rejecting the Greek politicians for their austerity measures… One thing is for sure, they (and the rest of us) are not happy with the current state of affairs… The rest of the world will go the way of Greece over the next two years.. a total disaster everywhere.

Manos Responded as follows:

Generally speaking, the plain people want both.

We are rejecting the measures and we want to get out of the EU.

Today is more clear that the EU project was meant to protect the interests of French and German companies and banks.

It’s like NATO, but the enemy is from within :-)

By lowering the income and the survival level of a whole nation, you don’t beat inflation and debt.

You bring even more chaos, poverty, misery, and inflation.

But the plan Mac is one and only one.

They want to drag the country to the bottom, and then start buying public property such as land, islands, utility companies, and resources. It’s not by coincidence that southern of Crete and close to Corfu, they found natural gas, and petrol.

Having in mind all those conspiracy theories being verified, it’s almost certain that there is some bigger plan than we can think.

To give you a hint, during the weekend when all people were shouting in the streets, our finance minister was participated in the Bilderberg meeting in Swiss.

I hope thinks get better, but i’m very disappointed.

June 15, 2011

Today was the nation-wide strike. 500.000 people marched in Athens, but unfortunatelly police provocateurs destroyed the whole thing.

Now (20.50 p.m.) people are gathering again in the main squares. The government has shit its pants of and tries desperatelly to hold on power.

Take a look at the following video. The hair on your arms will stand up, by the terror deriving from the knowledge. Police members in civilian clothing are bringing sticks and bats, in order to use them in the riots. Other police members in uniforms watch and safe-guard their buddies. This is aprox. 1 hour before the morning riots.

After the demonstration started, “anarchists” took the bats and the sticks and start beating civilians, policemen, shops, cars, or whatever. Those anarchists are actually police recruits who spoil the demonstration.

We are doomed man, we are dead meat Mac. There is no hope.

This is the future they are preparing for us, without us.

“By the people, for the people”…

Have a nice day.

June 16, 2011

Good afternoon,

I found two very interesting videos, for you to see how the Greek fascist police works.

On the first you will see a guy with a red tshirt, just watching the cops. By some unexpected move from some other person, the poor fellow is being taken by the cops.

In the second you will see how tough he was beaten up by the police forces.


Talk to you later


The global media wants us to believe that somehow a new “aid” package (translated loan enslavement package) is going to help Greece get back on its feet, but from the financial side of things, it is clear that Greek debt is a complete disaster, with no hope of recovery or bailout:

Zero Hedge via The Daily Crux:

This morning Greek CDS is trading at a spread of 1,900 bps: a level that seals the fate of Greece, whose bonds are being sold into a bidless market. Two primary factors have totally shocked the market: one is that, as Reuters, reports, Germany now “wants the deadline for for a second Greek rescue package to be pushed back to September, reflecting the problems Europe is having hammering out the details, EU and banking sources said on Thursday.” This means that Greece may well run out of cash in the interim, but it appears that Germany is now fine with that outcome.

Any additional loans will only make it worse for the Greek people. Several weeks ago it was proposed that any loans given to Greece would have to be collateralized with something. As Manos points out, the collateral is going to come in the form of key Greek assets like oil and natural gas fields, land and other resources.

The intention is not to save Greece. It is to crush it, so that it can be bought and owned for pennies on the dollar – or Euro…

The Greeks know this and they are fighting back. The rest of Europe is figuring it out. And soon it will spread to our side of the ocean.

The latest Greek tragedy has played out over a timeline of at least a couple years, so in the instance of this sort of collapse, there is time to prepare. What you are seeing in Greece is a sovereign debt crisis coming to a head. The US is in much worse shape, and we may already be in the initial stages of a similar scenario. It will not be days, but months and years if things happen here like they did in Greece. (But, considering we control the world’s reserve currency, do not underestimate the speed at which our system could fall apart.)

Manos from Greece repeats one thing regularly in his emails: BE PREPARED.

Take his advice, because when the SHTF you’ll be on your own – you, your family, friends and neighbors.

A positive ending to this story, and one that should inspire our readers, is that Manos is a prepper. He’s done his research, spent a lot of time in our community at SHTFplan and others online, and while the majority of his countrymen may have ignored the signs, Manos was stocking up on essentials and making personal defense preparations. If things get bad, he’ll be headed to his bug-out location on a farm outside of the major cities. Others won’t be so lucky.

Thank you Manos for giving us permission to republish your emails so that the rest of our community can better prepare for what may be coming our way.

Mac Slavo is the editor of www.SHTFplan.com

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