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 Hawaii Monitoring Stations Detect Spike in Fukushima Radiation | Hawai`i News Daily

Hawaii Monitoring Stations Detect Spike in Fukushima Radiation

Kauai radiation counts, June 10, 2011

Early Friday morning (June 10, 2011), at about 3:00 A.M. local time, one of our new Monitoring Stations in Hawaii broadcast a Radiation Alert over the network, reaching a sustained level of over 100 CPM (Counts per Minute) for a period of about 15 minutes, peaking as high as 141 CPM at one point.  The readings then subsided to normal background levels of about 37 CPM for that station, but within less than 2 hours, trended quickly up again to over 100 CPM for another 5 minutes or so.  The graph at right depicts this activity.

For context, this is the Kauai station, and within the Hawaiian archipelago, Kauai is the main island at the far northwest end of the chain, actually 300 miles from the Big Island of Hawaii, placing it closest to Japan about 3,500 miles away.  And to boot, the Kauai station is located on the north shore of the island, in Princeville.   You can see the station on the map – the yellow, numbered circle at top left.

The station is operating a traditional Geiger counter, affixed with an external probe built around the same ultra-sensitive, oversized pancake tube as in the Inspector line of instruments, so it is capable of detecting low levels of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma radiation.  Data output is through the headphone jack of the survey meter.  The Geiger counter is set up for outdoor monitoring, protected from the elements under the eaves of the structure, with the thin mica end window of the Geiger-Mueller tube oriented downward to prevent contamination from possible fallout.

So those are the facts of the case.  The question now is, “Did the Kauai station detect radiation emanating from Fukushima?” To answer that, let’s review these points:

First of all, the detection was not just a momentary spike in radiation which could be explained by an instantaneous background surge, a software glitch, or a connection aberration, all circumstances that have triggered false alerts before.

The level of detection was three times higher than normal background radiation for that station, and sustained for periods as long as 15 minutes, which rules out random spikes in background.

The sustained levels of high readings, not once but twice, and separated by subsistence to normal levels, tend to rule out a malfunctioning instrument.  Having said that, we have a knowledgeable person in Geiger counter design looking into the validity of the data output.

The station reports that “the Geiger counter’s integrity was not compromised in any way that we can tell.  Safe, dry, under the eaves.” and knows of no local explanation for the high readings.

Speculation was of a radiation burst from solar flares, but the recent sunspot activity reported in the news was already over, according to one source.  And in the 7 years that I have been continuously monitoring, I have never seen a sustained, elevated radiation level like this from any solar flare activity.

I asked the Kauai station if the elevated radiation detection correlated with any rainfall at that time? Well, Kauai being the “Garden Isle“, the predictable response was, “Hard to say, it rains all the time here”. And besides, he was sleeping at 3:00 in the morning.  We know that rainfall can contain naturally occurring radioactive contaminants, as even my own tests have confirmed.  But my detection was slight, and the Kauai readings were quite significant.  And if his radiation hit was rainfall related, why was this the first time his station triggered an alert, given frequent rainfall during the last week he has been monitoring?

Unfortunately, our Monitoring Stations on Maui and the Big Island were not operating at the same time, so we lack confirmation of readings. However, the Big Island station is run by a sailor with extensive experience in meteorology, and a few days ago, he essentially predicted these events, i.e. what he believes to be weather patterns steering radiation fallout from Fukushima to Hawaii.

And with that, my tentative conclusion is that the Kauai station did in fact detect radiation from Fukushima – it looks like it, it smells like it, and it feels like it.

Tim Flanegin publishes radiationnetwork.com.

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  • Any questions? Contact me directly at I am running the radiationnetwork.com Kauai station. The unit is a very high end analogue unit. NO AC! I have purchased UPS systems to make sure that there is no impact from our local grid. There are no cancer radiation patients within range. We do not have a plasma TV. We tried out microwave when we started the sytem and there was no impact. Finally… I have been at the screen many times when we have received a sudden downpour of rain, and noted the monitor jump from our (already high) average of 38cpm, to the 60’s. It is so understandable for the naysayers to want to downplay this. It is a real downer! Our own EPA has decided to stop it’s monthly monitoring and will go back to once every three months. Many of the EPA sites were conveniently “offline”during critical times. TEPCO admitted to lying about the seriousness… knowing that all three had achieved meltdown status in the first three days. They admitted they were trying to “manage”information. I am not into fear mongering or drama at all. We are going to have to live with this. I just want the honest information so I can make decisions about my family, my business and my community. Let’s keep it real. In the first few weeks, there were many paid shills downplaying this from a professional and elite status position. They have all been embarrassed and have faded away. One even had the nerve to tell the Japanese that radiation only effects sad people. I am sorry… but we need to collectively open our eyes. Could this have been cause multiple times by our interaction through a small speaker cable to a battery powered Geiger Meuller rig? Maybe.. doubtful, but because I have a love of honest daya, I drove my ass to Costco and purchased $500 bucks of UPS to clear that up. This is one time an “I told you so” would bring NO PLEASURE! Let’s keep in touch with respect and clarity. I hope my neighbor is right. If we work together, we can cross refrence my top 50 spikes to rainbursts and maybe learn something. I hope he is up for it.

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    • Thomas

      Thanks…..Great job………

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    • nelson

      My family and I are thinking about moving back to kauai after living in brazil some year and half. I’ve been following the Tepco disaster and subsequent storm of deception, propaganda and ineptitude driving this crisis into a global epidemic which may shift many lives. Kauai being so close to Fukishima, is there any thing you are doing which you might share to try and protect your family from the radiation
      we’d love to come back home but with two babies and the potential fall out from the three reactors in full china syndrome, we aren’t sure returning is the responsible thing to do.

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      • Tom Burnett

        Nelson – come on home. It’s safer here than anywhere else. If issues arise, I have simple solutions everyone can implement.

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    • oahu

      I live on Oahu. Yes, we have to live with it. I am not going to move out. I just want to be informed.
      I would like to get my own counter. Can you please help me to identify the model and where can I buy it?
      I was trying to get one in March, but all online stores had counters sold.

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  • Pete Craig

    Go out today and ask 10 people what fukushima is and I guarantee that only one or two will know. This is the most disgusting display of an international media blackout I could have ever imagined. This is not just a local crisis in my opinion. They have only put a band aid on the reactors with the pumpingin of seawater. Meltdown is now measured @100% on three reactors. Now we have typhoon season to look forward to. Can you imagine a cat 3 or 4 making landfall? Make sure you personally research daily so you can prepare your family from this impending global catastrophe. In the end I fear, this will make the earthquake and tsunami look like a footnote. Finally, say a prayer for the courageous workers who are giving the ultimate sacrifice, and then for the rest of humanity.

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  • Hawaii Ed

    We live on the Big island. Most of us who live rural have catchment water systems. I have been taking my inflow tube off the tank every time I see on the Pacific radar that rain is coming from the North East.
    If you leave it on, and it gets in your tank, you are then showering in toxic mess of caesium 137, iodine 131, and plutonium, just to name a few. Then lets not forget we wash or dishes in it, and our vegetables also.This is a slow kill, it will take years before the problems show up. Protect yourself people.

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  • Joseppi

    Real time jet stream map of Fukushima to you


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    • Joe Abramo

      Longtime resident of Princeville.
      I can say that there was a power failure early Friday morning on the 10th of June. Just after 3am the power went out in all of Princeville. I know this and can look back at the data, because I have a weather Station on my house in PV. It recrds and uploads data to the Weather Underground (no affiliation to the 60’s group) and runs on AC power. When the power goes out there is no data recorded. I find it very co-incedental that the time of the spike is also the time of the power failure. My only question is: How is the Geiger Counter supplied power?
      Batteries? AC? The 2 spikes on the graph could have been the initial Power Failure and the return of the power sometime after.
      Any replies would be welcome.
      J. A.

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      • To Joe Abramo.
        NO. Our very high end geiger-meuller is NOT AC. It is 100% battery powered. I purchased a very high end UPS (two of them) to run both the DSL/phone power, and a seperate high end unit to run the monitor and computer. Again… the Inspector does not use AC at all. There is a small speaker cable that cooridnates the CPM pulses with the computer. The problem I am seeing in this explanation ( and believe me I am open to your theory) is that I have noted many high spikes exactly coinciding with rainsurges. We had a sustained 38 average for hours and then a I was telling my children about the “possibility”of rain having minute amounts of particles, a massive dump happened and we spike over 60cpm within less then 10 seconds. Let’s hope you are right. Given the fact that my system is analogue… that it is 100% battery operated… and has been running for a month and not experienced this with any regularity… and finally… given the fact that their are hundreds of GM’s across the country that ARE 100% AC all the time… I think if this were a reality… we would be seeing this phenomena more frequently. Because we are neighboors, we should maybe psynch up. If you have data, perhaps I could give you a list of my most prominent spikes and you could see if there was a rain shower at that time.

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  • Nancy Terrell

    Why has the Pacific Radiation Flow page been shut down? I tried it several times. It is more important now than ever so this is ridiculous. Please investigate this. Thanks and thumbs up on your reporting.

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    • Catherine

      The data is there…only, not being shared with the public, nor the rest of the scientific community… time to start picketing? I feel like all of our elected officials should be fired, both parties are supreme failures, and have decided to protect an industry and another nation’s citizens before our own. Certainly, we understand the media blackout..given the very few owners of all our sources of “news” for example… GE, the maker of the reactors media arm owns the following:
      NBCUniversal (49% ownership)
      NBC – National Broadcasting Company
      NBC Network Television stations
      WNBC 4 – New York
      KNBC 4 – Los Angeles
      WMAQ 5 – Chicago
      WCAU 10 – Philadelphia
      KNTV 11 – San Jose/San Francisco
      KXAS 5 – Dallas/Fort Worth²
      WRC 4 – Washington
      WTVJ 6 – Miami
      KNSD 39 (cable 7) – San Diego²
      WVIT 30 – Hartford
      NBC Entertainment
      NBC News
      NBC Sports
      NBC Studios
      NBCUniversal Sports & Olympics
      NBCUniversal Television Group
      Universal Media Studios
      NBC Universal Television Distribution
      NBC Universal International Television
      EMKA, Ltd.
      NBC Universal Digital Media
      NBC Universal Cable
      A&E Television Networks (co-owned with The Hearst Corporation and Disney/ABC):
      The Biography Channel
      Crime & Investigation Network
      The History Channel
      The History Channel en Español
      History Channel International
      Military History Channel
      Chiller (horror-themed cable channel, launched March 1, 2007) [1]
      CNBC World
      MSNBC (co-owned with Microsoft)
      NBC WeatherPlus
      USA Network
      Universal HD
      The Weather Channel
      NBCUniversal Global Networks
      NBCUniversal Global Networks
      LAPTV (Latin America) – co-owned with Paramount Pictures (Viacom), MGM and 20th Century Fox (News Corporation);
      Telecine (Brazil) – co-owned with Globosat Canais, Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks, MGM and 20th Century Fox;
      Universal Channel Latin America (except Brazil
      Universal Channel Brazil (co-owned with Globosat Canais);
      Sci Fi Channel (Latin America)
      NBCUniversal Global Networks España.
      KVEA/KWHY – Los Angeles
      WNJU – New York
      WSCV – Miami
      KTMD – Houston
      WSNS – Chicago
      KXTX – Dallas/Fort Worth
      KVDA – San Antonio
      KSTS – San Jose/San Francisco
      KTAZ – Phoenix
      KBLR – Las Vegas
      KNSO – Fresno
      KDEN – Longmont, Colorado
      WNEU – Boston/Merrimack
      KHRR – Tucson
      WKAQ – Puerto Rico
      Universal Studios (co-owned with Vivendi)
      Universal Pictures
      Focus Features
      Working Title Films
      Universal Studios Licensing
      Universal Animation Studios
      Universal Interactive
      Universal Pictures International
      Universal Studios Home Entertainment
      Universal Home Entertainment Productions
      United International Pictures (co-owned with Paramount Pictures/Viacom);
      Universal Operations Group
      Universal Production Studios
      Universal Parks & Resorts
      qubo – Qubo Venture,LLC¹
      ¹Minority interest
      ²Stations which LIN Television owns a minority interest (24%) in

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      • Nancy Terrell

        Thanks so much for your great reply. I see that it is up now which is truly great and makes me feel much better about Hawaii. I really appreciate your efforts in this.

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  • Diane Ames

    The question is, should locally produced milk and produce be tested now?

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    • steveo

      Uh, quit milk months ago, on radiation issues likely.

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  • This is a great site, Hawai’i News Daily. Support it. MAHALO. -Aelbert, Pacifica News Service, Hawaii

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  • If anyone in Hawaii has a geiger counter, PLEASE take data and inform us at Hawaii Citizen Action Network, Big IslaNk. News Releases at aelbert aehegma: facebook

    This newsblogged site is one of the news sites I most rely on for up to date news, and non-sensored news -5-Stars to This Site Aelbert, Pacifica News Service

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  • Sickputer

    Gee…you guys should get out more often to even lesser-traveled roads on the information highway.

    Fukushima Unit 4 has been smoking and burning off like Mt. St Helens since Friday afternoon (mainland time). Today was very bad. It is going to send some your way if the winds shift, but right now Tokyo is finally getting the blasts they have avoided for 90 days. The divine wind has left them and Fukushima is bearing down for the next three days. Pray for them and pray for yourself.

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  • Catherine

    Not only was nilu taken down….zamg taken down too…
    http://www.zamg.ac.at/wetter/fukushima/.. you can see black and white projection here still… for how long?
    http://virga.sfsu.edu/gif/jetstream_pac_init_00.gif (looks bad for Hawaii today…)
    Lucas Hixson was reporting strange cloud from Fukushima web cams on his sight last week…http://news.lucaswhitefieldhixson.com/

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  • Cosmic ray Burst seldom last more than a minute and can be up to 5-9 times background.

    I have monitored background radiation for years on and off and I have never seen nothing like this.

    Interesting to see what isotopes it may be?

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  • No way was that a gamma ray burst. Gamma ray burst seldom last over a minute and they can be 6 or 8 times background easy.

    I have been monitoring background radiation for years and never seen anything like this.

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  • Fairuse

    Unfortunately the Pacific Radiation Flow page with all the pretty colors has been shut down.

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