Big Island Citizens Protest Drug War

Protesters gather on Kamahamaha Ave in downtown Hilo to end the war on drugs 6-17-2011

A small group of demonstrators braved the rain near the King Kamahamaha statute in downtown Hilo on Friday afternoon to protest the 40th anniversary of President Nixon’s declaration of “War on Drugs”.

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End the Drug War protest, Hilo, Hi 6-17-2011

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  • Kelly

    Lets face it, our government SUCKS! I think we the people should stand up and put an end to the way our country is governed! They do whats best for themselves and the rich people. With enough citizens on our side we can overthrow the government and recreate our country in the name of peace and love.

  • The Big Island voted to make marijuana arrests a low priority for the police (which has been ignored). I know these people braving the rain stood for thousands more who are with them in spirit.

  • Hokulani Cheneviere

    Mahalo nui loa to these brave, intrepid souls. What a cold, dreary day to do this yet here they are! Much ALOHA to ALL.

  • Thomas

    Thanks to all those that were willing and able.

    • Diane Corcoran

      Thanks to you good people that stood for the rest of us. I was with you in spirit. I know it rained on you the whole time you stood there but you stood there anyway.Hopefully we will see this war against ourselves come to an end. Again, thank you all for your effort! Subhadra