FISSION EVENT and Fire at Fukushima #4

This is TEPCO video of the #4 fuel pool at Fukushima Daiichi just after midnight last night, June 14, 2011.

It is on fire by 00:46.

There is an explosion at the back of the structure which is captured in frame 1:05.

There is a flash of Cherenkov radiation visible – at least to me – from the back of the structure between frames 1:05 – 1.07.

There is more fire and smoke at 1:31, 1:36, 1:46 and the fuel becomes energetic at 2:12. A transient criticality event appears to have been achieved at ~1.07 although not many other people seem to see it.  Fission events occur at the point of the flashes.

The fuel pool HAS disintegrated into yet another disaster. Anyone even remotely near Fukushima Daiichi with a metallic taste in their mouth should seek medical attention.

Fukushima timelapse June 14, 2011

Dr. Tom is a retired scientist who is now farming on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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  • Rick

    Lemme see…Conspiracy Theorists? are they right? No, not always….

    but let’s look at the facts…

    Fact, The Bildeberg group meets once a year…in secret…and their agenda is secret.

    Fact. John Kennedy gave a speech about secret societies, and how a free market and true open government should abhor them….and…he issued silver certificates…and when he did…no one wanted the federal reserve notes anymore….

    Fact. He was murdered.

    Fact. Shortly after he was killed, Johnson got rid of the silver certificates.

    Fact. world leaders meet at the Bohemian Grove once a year to dance around like wierdos in white robes…giving homage to an owl… (ancient demonic symbol)…and burning an effigy of a human in front of it…

    Fact. you will not be able to debunk this, Tom

    Fact. Silver is real money. Your fiat based currency is only as good as long as people believe in it.

    Fact. The entire world economic system is burdened with global derivative debt…private debt, government debt, municipal debt…etc….and the ponzi scheme can only go on for so long. eventually, the piper has to get paid….and we are near that…and when it ends…I’ll sit on silver…you sit on paper….

    Fact… governments are beasts…they steal, plunder, kill, and harm the people…and the ones who are in charge…live fat.

    Fact…..God’s kingdom only hope for mankind….

    • Tom Burnett

      I can debunk any nonsense. Don’t kid yourself. Your “FACT” list looks like this to me:

      Let me debunk just one and move along.

      FACT: [snicker] E.O. 11110 was never reversed by President Lyndon B. Johnson and remained on the books until President Ronald Reagan issued Executive Order 12608 on September 9, 1987 as part of a general clean-up of executive orders. E.O. 12608 specifically revoked the sections added by E.O. 11110 which effectively revoked the entire Order. By this time, however, the remaining legislative authority behind E.O. 11110 had been repealed by Congress when Pub.L. 97-258 was passed in 1982. In March 1964, Secretary of the Treasury C. Douglas Dillon halted redemption of silver certificates for silver dollars. In the 1970s, large numbers of the remaining silver dollars in the mint vaults were sold to the collecting public for collector value. All redemption in silver ceased on June 24, 1968.

      I don’t have any fiat currency – neither do I have any PM. I have a self-sustaining farm and firearms for investments.

      As for your ‘Fact’ about God’s kingdom, it depends upon which invisible pal you believe in. And if you DO believe in that hope, what do you need with silver?

      • Rick

        good point…silver would be a temporary interim “managing” position. It won’t do any good at the end game…

      • Rick

        just because my pal is invisible…doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist…any more than someone may/may not have a brain. After all…i can’t see people’s brains…but by their actions..i assume they have/don’t have one.

        the marvelous creative universe is enough for me to believe in a first cause. To suppose a big bang or an “accident” could product such a wonderful universe and planet takes more blind faith than to humbly accept someone greater than you or I made it happen….

        • Tom Burnett

          Well, an old saying is “Pray like it depends on God but WORK like it depends on you”.

          I’ve said it before – I’m for whoever gets you through the night, whether He be Jesus Christ or Jack Daniels. For me, it’s Sam Colt. What works for you is OK with me.


        • Paul Burnett

          God says there are no others Gods before me. If Atheism is good enough for God, its good enough for me.

          • Tom Burnett

            Paul…There is only one God and Darwin is His prophet.

      • Rick

        that post showing Peter Sellers in his rant about facts…is EXACTLY where i got it from.

        excellent post….


  • The sorry thing about this whole situation is the Russians cleaned up and covered Chernobyl, which was also a molten core outside of containment in a MONTH, using 700,000 people.

    TEPCO and the Japanese government keep covering this up, denying anything and everything, spinning, weaving and bobbing, but not DOING anything to stop the radioactive VOLCANO polluting the whole world. Meanwhile the death rate of infants and elderly goes up 35% in the US, immediately after FUKU-SHIMA.

    The situation seems to be deteriorating, not getting better. Pouring water on 3 melted through reactor cores is NOT SOLVING THE PROBLEM, it is just making it much worse, by spreading it around not only in the air, but groundwater, ocean water and soil.

    When are they going to face reality and work on getting this permanently covered, sealed and SARCOPHOGIZED? They may have to sacrifice 500,000 army guys, just like they did in Russia…

    • Tom Burnett

      Even if they cover it in concrete, they can’t seal the bottom. The groundwater in Honshu is doomed and so, probably, is a good chunk of the Pacific Ocean.

      Neutron bombs – The US, Russia and China can make them. We’ll see who uses them first.

    • Yukie

      it is impossible to count the death rate up 35% immediately after FUKUSHIMA, because even in Japan there is no raise, rise comes later because this kind of fusion and melt down effects incessant exposure. DO NOT ABET please. It is not bomb you Americans did to us, at that time only the death late rised up to almost 90%, with the ACUTE RADIATION INJURY.

      • Tom Burnett

        Aloha Yukie,

        I may not grasp your complete message, but I hear your cry and I think you have the right to state it. I see your sincerity – and pain.

    this is long version(15min) at 2011.06.14 00:00-01:00

  • Hikonyan

    Hi, i am Japanese that found this video thru Twitter. I was very very surprised to see this video cuz Japanese media never broadcasts this kind of video on TV nor in newspapers. Many many crazy things are going on in Japan after the nuc accident. TEPCO, bureaucrats and the politicians want to hide the info about the damaged nuc plant and rad contamination because evacuating people will spend a lot of money. So they have told people “this level of radiation is not dangerous for your health”.

    • Tom Burnett

      Aloha Hikonyan,

      I try to keep the information flowing in spite of what TEPCO does – but you are correct. It’s not about people. People can be replaced. It’s about money.

      Twitter, eh? I ought to start an account.

  • Tom Burnett

    You are welcome. I saw what I saw and three or four fools arguing that it didn’t happen can’t change that.

    • Curtis

      Well today’s ongoing stream spew is fogless and looks ugly. Might be smoke instead. Going on now. Check out lucaswhitefieldhixson site.

      • Tom Burnett

        Yes it’s burning up and they are very likely LETTING it burn up to get rid of it. It’s right here: Look. That’s no weenie roast.

        You can watch it here:
        And here:

        • Paul Sorenson

          I’m here in California trying to read the spike in radiation story and they won’t let me read it. Comes up blank. It’s not easy to get through to this paper….comes up error…blah blah blah….gov. censorship? Anyway keep up the good work…I’m off to check up on Arnie Gunderson.

  • bfly

    Freaky light show!.This makes me fairly confident that i was seeing light flashes on this mornings tbs/jnn feed.just a little harder to discern in the daylight.thank you once again!

    • Tom Burnett

      Japan pumps water into reactor to contain radioactivity
      Jun 20, 2011, 2:33 GMT
      Tokyo – Japanese authorities pumped water into a damaged nuclear reactor over the weekend to contain high radiation, news reports said Monday.
      Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO), which runs the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, started Sunday to pour water into a pool on the top floor of reactor 4 of the six-reactor plant after it discovered the water level had dropped to about one-third of its capacity, public broadcaster NHK reported.
      The drop caused equipment in the pool to be exposed, releasing high levels of radiation, officials said.
      The plant has been leaking radioactive substances since it was crippled by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.
      The radiation levels at reactor 4 have been preventing workers from entering the structure to conduct repairs.
      TEPCO also began late Sunday to release air containing radioactive substances from the building of reactor 2 by opening its doors.
      An estimated 1.6 billion becquerels of radioactive materials were released, compared with 500 million becquerels when the double doors of the building of reactor 1 were opened in May, the Jiji Press agency reported, citing TEPCO.
      The operator denied that the releases would have an impact on the environment.
      The move was aimed at lowering the 99-per-cent humidity inside the reactors, which was further hindering repair work.

  • bfly

    Hello,I wanted to let you know this morning .there seemed to another earthquake at the plant. Lucas whitefeildhixson was able to catch the event on film.I was unaware that had occured when i was veiwing the tbs feed . and witnessed interesting flickers of light in the air above 2. it was very weird. curious of your opinion.thanks

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  • chad denning

    Actually cameras do switch automatically if they posses the option…the amount of light reflection tends to resemble that of infrared…it glows…no pun intended. running A video at 20X Normal speed Can maKE A hot cup of coffee look like a Volcano erupting. Last person that claimed #4 had emptied and was making uncontrolled fission was Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Gregory Jaczko. He just publicly apologized for making such a claim .

    In order to state claims as such, we need proper data, temps, radiation surges, visual inspection and so on… from this video we receive none. As a scientist Dr. Tom that is bad science to claim as such…… we are not back in times of Galileo with crude telescopes…Newton where drop fruit…. We must base our science in fact. If we don’t we end up getting smeared, just because we guessed or assumed. My claim is to base the evidence…You were wrong about Chernenkov radiation. I proved it with the fact that it cant happen in that medium. Ionization is the only blue you can see there. Blue Glow This blue flash or “blue glow” is often incorrectly attributed to Cherenkov radiation, most likely due to the very similar color of the light emitted by both of these phenomena. This is merely a coincidence.

    Cherenkov radiation is produced by charged particles which are travelling through a dielectric substance at a speed greater than the speed of light in that medium.

    I am not trying to bad mouth you but to correct you the way I know how and that is by facts….I have spent the last three months helping people understand what is going on and would never assume what is going on…. To damn far to see….numbers tell part of the story…but I could never tell you whether or not the uranium dioxide pellets are melted or just laying in the RPV like a bunch of M&M’s. If I did i would be guessing and that would be bad Science

    • Tom Burnett

      Here Chad….what kind of science is this? Do you believe them? If so, they validate me, but paraphrased.

  • Curtis

    There’s a new video posted where the fog bank is very thin and low to the ground which allows for the emissions rising from #2 (?) #3 and #4 to be clearly seen. The fog is acting like chalk dust for visualizing a laser beam. These reactors are putting out as much vapor 24/7 as they were in March (in my unexpert opinion). We just can’t see it until the fog starts rolling in.

    • Curtis
    • Yep. I agree with that as well. Folks, I’m not trying to scare anyone or make up ridiculous stories. But when I see TEPCO and the entire Japanese and US government OBVIOUSLY lying about something, just calling them on it isn’t effective because I can’t prove it – and they don’t have to.

      What IS effective is trying to figure out what they aren’t telling and see if it eventually comes out. It usually does. So my purpose is to get people to think for themselves and not simply believe what some plant manager tells them. Those guys don’t want to lose their fame and fortunes and will lie about it until they are caught.

      I sometimes go a little further than I should and I admit it – but DAMNIT! It irks me that people will stand up and lie to entire populations just to save their jobs and preserve profit. That’s not citizenship. If you are in danger, they need to tell you.. If they lie, they need to be hung to lampposts.

      My 5 year-old Acer Aspire 5520 just tanked. I am borrowing a friend’s computer. Anyone who wants to donate a new, state-of-the-art quad-core speed machine with 8G of RAM in exchange for a lot of publicity, speak up. But forget Windoze. I use Ubuntu Linux.

  • Tom Burnett

    Does your Canon have the ability to generate a localized Cherenkov radiation beam? No? Maybe you don’t have it in the right spot.

  • Tom Burnett

    Negative, Curtis. That was a fission event. It’s hard to see…and I seem to be the only one who DOES see it – but there is a flash of Cherenkov radiation at about 1:07 or thereabouts in the video. It’s so fast that I can’t capture a frame – but it’s there and comes out of the bottom back of R4.

    Immediately thereafter, a plume of smoke erupts from the top and blows off to the left – but it isn’t steam. It’s a fission event.

    I’d sure appreciate it if someone else would look at that video and see if they see the blue flash I am talking about – and figure out some way to capture it.

    Most people….99.9999999% who see that light die within a couple of days.

    • Curtis

      These flashes are on all the vapor events posted by over the last two weeks then…

      The only benign explanation I can come up with for the flashes is that since the video is on time lapse, the flashes aren’t flashes but headlights or other illumination from workers that appear as flashes because of the time lapse. Pretty lame explanation, huh? I fear you are right.

      • Tom Burnett

        Aloha Curtis…

        Headlights don’t flash in milliseconds. I AM right. And I have more bad news about Nebraska. The government blacked out the news.

        Curtis….HEADLIGHTS? From where?

        • Curtis

          Well, one of the videos on lucas… (he needs a better name for his site) clearly showed that the vapor event posted in the video was time lapse. So, as far as headlights or spotlights or whatever, if a spotlight was on for say 10 minutes and we have a time lapse photo showing an image taken every 2 minutes, then there’d be only 5 images of the light played in quick succession.

          But I don’t believe me, I’m just trying to think of anything innocent that it could be and not doing a very good job of it. Have you looked at the other videos posted? Lucas’ channel on youtube is CompassNorthChicago, and he has about 6-8 videos of #4 spewing before a fog bank rolls in, and there are flashes in these videos too.

          • Tom Burnett

            Yes and it could be a couple deer hunters with their flashlights or a UFO or a fog bank with flashes or Captain Kirk and Scotty could have beamed down looking for dilithium crystals.

            But there is something called ‘context’. I happen to know, and so does everyone else in the Wild Wired World that the fuel pool at R4 was unstable; the building was tilting, and the brace TEPCO put up wasn’t sturdy enough to support hundreds of tons of weight. It was window dressing. And then they moved the camera so you can’t see reactors 3 and 4 clearly. You can see 1 and 2, which were not the problem – or at least not a visible and immediate cliffhanger problem – but 3 and 4 were – and are.

            And we know there ARE lights there at night – they are outside and shine onto the building exteriors.

            So roundabout midnight-thirty one bright and foggy night in a dark and deserted fuming, burned, exploded, toxic, deadly nuclear disaster – the world’s WORST nuclear disaster and getting warmer all the time, we all start to see dark smoke coming out of the top of the R4 building…and then we start to see flashes and every time there is a flash a lot MORE smoke comes out until it gets nice and
            bright and thick and cloud-like and it’s glowing and pulsating and generally doesn’t look like something I want to meet…

            And me, silly moonpuppy that I am, while I’m watching the neutron beams shoot out all over the place – “Bubba”. I’m thinkin’ – “that there is f*cked up.”

            And I said so – and I stand by it.

          • Curtis

            Deerhunters with flashlights….that’s probably it.

            Seriously, I think these things are belching vileness 24/7 and its more visually apparent when its cold and humid.

          • Tom Burnett

            I think you are absolutely correct.

    • Leuren Moret

      I am a radiation specialist and I did see the tiny flashes of light – there was more than 1 that I could see – under that vehicle parked in front of the building of interest. I could also see flashes coming out of the back of R4 and reflected from the building behind it. I have never “Seen” a fission event although I worked in two nuclear weapons labs, but I really don’t want to see one either that is not on tape. I believe that this was an engineered failure to increase the dose to the northern hemisphere, and the Pacific coast of N. America. The foreshadowing for this false flag operation is described in my article in NAMASTE magazine “Global Implications of Sellafield: ‘Irish Seacoast Effect’ and Beyond”. The British nuclear establishment deliberately flooded the Irish Sea with fission products that migrated into the “Great Conveyor Belt” ocean current that goes through the Atlantic and Pacific and upwells in the INdian Ocean in front of India. That radiation caused the deaths of 25 million Indian babies. Fukushima is the same exercise. The British establishment (DOPE, INC) is depopulating the world.

      • Tom Burnett

        I’m not jumping on that bandwagon. I’m not a conspiracy theorist and I don’t blame natural events on secret cabals of rich people who already own everything and have now…or for the past 500 years (or whatever nonsense) have decided to kill all the worker bees. I don’t say it isn’t a good idea – we are trying to support 7 billion people on a three-billion-person-world and it won’t work.

        But the British pouring radiation into the Irish sea to pre-kill Indians is a bit much for me. It’s like supposing the HAARP facility, which can transmit a comparatively small signal, (and is used to communicate with submarines by the way) could have caused Fukushima. Or that cirrus clouds are chemtrails or that there were nuclear weapons in the basements of the WTC which brought down the buildings but didn’t damage the basement mall shops. There is no argument that Windscale/Sellafield was and still is a huge disaster – but not in India.

        I agree that just because someone is paranoid doesn’t mean they are not being followed. But neither the US nor anyone else had mind-control beams because, if they did, they’d use them to turn off stupid – and that obviously isn’t happening!

        • kiki

          tom b.: it’s odd that all the examples of ridiculous, paranoid conspiracy theories you list are true- HAARP’s ability to trigger high magnitude earthquakes in a targeted location, the aerial spraying of harmful toxins (ie. aluminium, barium, among others) via chemtrails, the demolition of the WTC buildings with explosives. Perhaps if you wanted to discredit this one, you should have compared it headlines from the weekly world news.

          • Tom Burnett

            What’s odd is that I don’t list ANY whacko conspiracy theories. HAARP? Nonsense. It’s a way to contact submarines – it cannot control weather or cause earthquakes. Chemtrails? Total nonsense. The WTC? I don’t make any decisions about that except to say that the conspiracy theories about it make no sense either.

            I stand by my evaluation that fission events DID happen at the FDI#4 fuel pool. And the #1 reactor and the #2 reactor AND the #3 reactor. No Israeli nukes – just total incompetence in dealing with nuclear reactors.

            What else… Gold and silver going through the roof? No. They will tank. Any other nutty theories you want debunked?

  • Buddah Bely

    I thank you Tom Burnett for your unceasing coverage of this global crisis.

    It pains me to see it being ignored by our news and government…

    Since the plant has been exhaling radioactive vapors for 3 months now, I would venture to assume the entire atmosphere has been recycled through and through…

    God, or Jah, or perhaps “We” should be doing something about this besides ignoring it and letting the Japanese people suffer and deal with it… But, NOOOoooo we would rather be fighting stupid-ass wars and trying to make the world adopt our f*cked-up way of doing business and treating people. Look at our economic condition, we should not be doing anything else but helping Japan and taking care of our own. Regardless of what our government thinks, We are Not the the World’s Police.

    Sorry for the rant, I get over-excited at times.

    • Tom Burnett

      Aloha BBG:

      Don’t be sorry for it – I think you nailed it:
      “But, NOOOoooo we would rather be fighting stupid-ass wars and trying to make the world adopt our f*cked-up way of doing business and treating people.”


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  • Curtis

    It seems that something like this happens almost nightly, and leads me to hope that these videos show an event that is more benign (I HOPE!!).

    Gunderson was on CNN the other day saying that the images of Fukushima now as compared to mid-March are misleading insofar as the warmer temperatures hide the release of vapor emissions. Like exhaling on a cold day when you breath steam compared to exhaling in the summer, the plant is exhaling radioactive vapor at the same rates but we can’t see them because it’s warm outside.
    Since these videos always seem to immediately precede the rolling in of a fog bank, I think the cooler temperatures and the high humidity at the leading edge of the fog bank make the vapor emitting from #4 more visible than before.

    Fingers crossed…