Spending Spree Waha Nui Mayor Billy Kenoi

Mayor Kenoi’s $44 million budget shortfall for fiscal year 2011-2012 — double last year’s shortfall — is outrageous and in no small part caused by Mayor Kenoi’s no-look pass-over of our coffer balance.

Council Chair Dominic Yagong and Finance Chair Brenda Ford have tried to rein the coffer spending spree by Mayor Kenoi, but the Mayor has been enabled by the Hilo triangle of Ikeda/Onishi/Yoshimoto. Mayor Kenoi’s clueless administration of our County goes down as among the most inept in County government history, right there with Thomas Keonelehua “Lofty” Cook’s lack of governance 1960-1962. My friend Don Pakele (b. 1944) would add Helene Hale‘s administration 1962-1964 as among the worst. Hale’s histrionics-for-publicity marked her as our female Billy Kenoi. Cook/Hale had the shortest elective stints back-to-back.

Desperate times especially call for desperate measures. Private sector cost-cutting as promulgated by Council Chair Dominic Yagong is the only sensible thing to do – or else private industry goes belly up. The differences in public sector vs. private sector with Mayor Kenoi and Council Chair Yagong include but are not limited to factors such as that Mayor Kenoi never engaged in private industry entrepreneurship and has never managed an office. Whereas Council Chair Yagong, with only a high school diploma, always has been in private industry and has vast experience in lean mean private industry management as amanager, with austerity and belt tightening an absolute and dire necessity. Council Chair Yagong’s high school diploma would not advance him far via our antiquated civil service system, which rewards inefficiency, seniority, lethargy, and complacency — not merit.

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna de Billy Kenoi

Essentially, ego-inflated Mayor Kenoi is Santa Anna, who trumps himself invincible, whereas underdog Council Chair Yagong is Sam Houston, who rises from the ashes like the Phoenix – to triumph over the decadent opulence and self-glorification of Santa Anna. And like Santa Anna, Mayor Kenoi has forgotten that Napoleon lost at Waterloo, just as every candidate endorsed or supported by Mayor Kenoi in 2008 lost, including Mufi for Governor.

In contrast, Council Chair Yagong’s support of fellow candidates resulted in their election wins, including Neil Abercrombie for Governor. The 2010 Census shows that 34% of the Hawaii Island is Caucasian, and 22% undifferentiated Asian. But looking at it another way, ethnic haoles far outnumber Japanese by a factor of 3, far outnumber Filipinos by a factor of 3, and far outnumber Hawaiians by a factor of 3. Ironically haoles are the most vulnerable bloc via their newcomer status, and get pushed around for being imperialist interlopers, so to speak, and because Council Chair Yagong’s special focus is on the socially maligned and scorned — including newbie haoles –Council Chair Yagong’s Social Gospel especially appeals to our malihini/newscomers.

And with Mayor Kenoi’s hocus pocus voodoo economics/2011-2012 fiscal year budget unveiled yesterday, our ethnic haoles will have a field day vs. shibai/imposter sensei Kenoi. This time around, in contrast with 2008 when Kenoi got a free pass for being a jolly Hawaiian, no tender hooks abate Kenoi’s utter incompetence and failure to address our fiscal crisis. Mayor Kenoi’s idealized buddahead backing of 12% of overall population demographics, just as Hawaiian 12% of overall population demographics, just won’t cut it and translate to a win for him. Voodoo economics eventually come crashing down to reality. Mayor Kenoi’s sleight of hand/misdirection will be exposed in the next 3 months as Council members address the real issues of cost containment and revenue building, unlike Mayor Kenoi’s bamboozle smoke and mirror dramatics.


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  • White collar crime denotes and includes government influence peddling, political spoils, graft, & corruption, not marijuana prosecution!! Our Prosecutor professes low priority on marijuana prosecution, yet concedes no prosecution on white collar crime.


    1962-born Link Ashida’s distancing from Mayor Billy Kenoi born 1968 [Billy’s gaffe after gaffe mark Billy as a failure, including but not limited to fiscal fiascos — http://hawaiitribune-herald.com/articles/2011/03/18/local_news/local02.txt
    ] accomplishes for Link Ashida 1) an elective win for Link as prosecutor; 2) a viable public profile for Link even if/when Billy loses re-election for mayor next year.


    Link has no inclination to deviate from the status quo that crucifies as “white collar” criminals our otherwise law-abiding marijuana smokers, and that refuses to target itself — ergo, actual government profiteers [including public sector medal poppers/supervisors]. Alleged improprieties
    ramping up well over a million dollars as an utterly conservative tally just by one lone alleged miscreant — County supervisor Randall Riley’s Kamaaina Pumping drywell maintenance?


    Besides, doesn’t our prosecutor refer cases to our U.S. Attorney’s office/State AG’s office when our prosecutor declines jurisdiction?


    Paul Newman handsome and younger than Link as deputy prosecutor Mitch Roth is, and with our radically new demographic of 34% haole ethnic majority minority impelling anti-buddahead-dominated government establishment status quo/inertia/entropy — albeit haole lethargy to vote on election day — only antiquity’s Rip Van Winkle/Rumpelstiltskin prophesize an easy Link Ashida buddahead/kama’aina[longtime local resident “host-like culture”] win over Ben- Hur/Hilo provost marshal Mickey Marcus template Mitch Roth. That is, if Mitch runs vs. Link/others. Will Mitch dispense with status quo’s odious Modern Inquisition and institute progressive reform? Only time shall tell. Aloha.


    Puna for Link? North Kona for Link? South Kohala for link? No sa-bay.

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  • Billy Kenoi seems to be stealing Dominic Yagong’s ideas and Kenoi is now trying to implement them or take credit for Yagong’s fiscal conservative approach and creativity in slashing the excessive fat in our county government.
    1) When Yagong tried in 2008, proactively I might add, knowing the decrease in the foreseen county revenues thru the reduction in future collected property taxes, to renegotiate county leases with commercial property owners, he was criticized profoundly by the good ole boys and many tax and spend fiscal liberals of “overstepping his boundaries,” “of not understanding how the commercial leasing process works,” of undermining Kenoi (because he was already campaigning for Mayor 3 and a half years out I might add), etc..
    Even Jim Wilson, retired publisher rep of the Hawaii-Tribune Herald, wrote a sarcastic piece in the Pacific Business News criticizing Yagong for even considering to make suggestions to alleviate the county, and us the tax payer, of burdensome expenses that could have been possibly renegotiated at the time.
    2) Kenoi’s $1 bus fee for users, other than seniors, disabled residents and students. Well Yagong proposed this idea two years ago and Kenoi tried to spin it as if Yagong wasn’t taking in to consideration the poor and needy that needed this free transportation.
    3) According to a July 18, 2010 HTH article, Kenoi was not being as forthright with the county budget as he had previously stated. When the writer of this article stated that Kenoi had not in fact reduced spending in many county departments but had in fact increased spending and asked our mayor for a response, he was nowhere to be found. Our mayor was willing to comment on other soft fluff p.r stories but would not comment for this article when his integrity and honesty and transparency were being questioned by the media and exposed to the public.
    4) Kenoi’s county policy partners (or shills) on the council, Messr. Yoshimoto, Ikeda, and Onishi, were supposed to have at least shared or helped Kenoi in collaborating on County budget issues. Onishi, our fearless County Council Finance Chair, himself put together an Ad-hoc committee to look at budget issues, which Dominic and Brenda Ford were invited to participate on (but respectfully declined to participate on after being stabbed in the back from these very four), met many times with absolutely no recommendations whatsoever. And trust me, it will be a surprise if they continue to be loyal to Kenoi. Jump ship might be their legacy, as you see with Mayor Kenoi’s team/hacks.
    5) Speaking of political loyalty, Hunter Bishop, former Executive Assistant to Mayor Kenoi, has now moved to the Department of Public Works as the Deputy Director of Environmental Management (the number two position in that section) — thid is not only a sign of Kenoi’s cronies leaving and attempting to abandon him due to his poor political reputation and credibility but of how wasteful and sleazily cronyistic it is when unqualified people are being moved into positions they have no educational or professional experience to hold. Bishop is nether a trained engineer nor architect nor has any experience in landfills or any other field of that nature
    And Bishop’s tenure as a top executive level aide to Kenoi proved how much of a yes-man he and the other former newspaper scribes are to Kenoi’s insecure & totally inexperienced nature/character. If any of these guys were worth their high pay and executive county positions, they would have been telling him from the beginning what he needed to hear, not what he wanted to hear. None of them has told him any such thing and this is why Billy Kenoi is up there by himself holding press conferences with none of our tax-funded/overpaid cowering cowardly county officials at his side.

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  • Mayor Kenoi leads minus/negatively by example, which is why his overbudgeted staff positions, in disguise what amount to overdraft check protection for him, w/taxpayers holding the bag as lenders/bail-outs, also ignobly set the negative example for other executive branch departments, such that taxpayers lose 1.2 million dollars via Mayor Kenoi’s administrative overdraft protection alone, not to mention many other Mayor Kenoi mea culpa [e.g. bloated blank check budget earmarks 56 million dollars for Mayor Kenoi to reward political spoils]. Keoki Kai born 1965 is our greatest political pundit, who has Hawaiian blood like Mayor Kenoi, and Keoki imparts that the real issue is lack of transparency/
    accountability by Mayor Kenoi. Now this is the same cogent/keen observer, a person of great cognition, who financially supported fellow Hawaiian & sports jock Kenoi for Mayor Kenoi’s inaugural win in 2008. Keoki is disappointed in Mayor Kenoi’s inept and clueless governance or lack thereof.

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  • buddah belly

    If he doesn’t reschedule a Pahoa meeting, we will have to go to his Volcano meeting on Thursday, 3-10 at 6:30 pm Cooper Center…

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  • Thomas

    Billy came to Pahoa yesterday 3/2/11 for a so called public meeting one big problem though, nobody we know was aware of it. What a joke, he clearly is dodging the real questions that he would surely get if we were properly notified/invited. Spinmaster Kenoi is not fooling us. Slick Billy is a little to smooth for his own or the peoples good.

    The first question I have is,
    what is Billy going to do about the way the police, prosecutor, and fire chief handled the Mossman case?

    I have many more questions for our mayor so will I get a real chance to ask them. or is this just the Billy Kenoi show. So far it looks like all show and no go from here.

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