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Hawaii Marijuana Dispensary Bill Poisoned with Amendments

Hawaii Senate Bill 1458 SD2, which creates medical marijuana compassion centers for our state’s 8000 patients, was heavily amended Tuesday by the House Committees on Health and Public Safety. It’s an outrage that these amendments gutted anything that was good in the compassion center bill SB 1458 that might have benefited the patients.  The worse amendment is that the other counties get to sit by and...
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Feds Threaten State Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Nationwide

In a little-publicized memo , the federal government has indicated that the gloves are off with regards to medical marijuana dispensaries, “regardless of state laws.” Previous memos had indicated a loosening of federal prosecutions of medical marijuana, however the new memo states very clearly that the feds consider all dispensaries illegal under federal law and that their prosecution is...
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