A Marijuana Conspiracy

Roger Christie and the “Green 14″

In the U.S., nearly four out of ten murders, six out of ten rapes and nine out of ten burglaries go unsolved. Law enforcement refuses to commit the time or resources necessary to solve these violent crimes. However marijuana cases are different: the government spends billions of tax dollars every year to arrest and imprison Americans for marijuana crimes. A good example of this is a marijuana case  in Hawaii that made headlines in 2010. A marijuana case the government claims is so big that the leader – a minister – must be held in federal prison without bail to protect the community. The government maintains that he is so dangerous the community would be in grave danger were he granted bail. Killers get bail, so do rapists, but Reverend Christie is too great a threat? This case made national news when fourteen residents on the Island of Hawaii were indicted by a federal grand jury in June 2010. Florence Nakakuni, U.S. Attorney for Hawaii, in a highly publicized press conference, told the world the THC ministry was a “huge pot-growing and selling organization that masqueraded as a religious group”.

Does this look like a huge drug dealer’s home?

Selected members of the THC ministry were rousted and arrested in coordinated raids by 13 law enforcement agencies. One of those targeted is Aaron Zeeman, a poor, disabled medical marijuana patient who had nothing illegal in his possession even after police raided him twice. Still the government is seeking a 5 year mandatory minimum sentence for ‘conspiracy’ based on recorded conversations he had on the phone with Roger Christie about marijuana.

It is common knowledge that Roger Christie had conversations regarding marijuana with virtually everyone. That includes elected officials, police and even prosecutors.  He testified publicly at county council meetings about the THC ministry, meetings that all the mentioned officials attended at one time or another.  Were they all conspiring with Roger? They talked to him about it, and he told them he was dispensing marijuana.

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