What is the meaning of life?

Ahhhh ¦.. console and comfort in the embrace of youthful innocence and purity — from a dearest soulful classmate, a daughter of Divinity, whom I’ve not discoursed with in 40 long years –

From “Sista’ –

Back in 1970, when I was a senior in high school, someone told me to consider yourself lucky if you have one friend. Some go through life without a single (true) friend. I was the luckiest person because I not only found a friend; I found a family in “The Country Boyz. [rural plantation kids] I don’t remember how I came to know these “boyz, [became friends when loving “Sista'” was an urban supermarket counter clerk — “Sista'” was a city girl] but they welcomed me into the group with no qualifications or rules about how to be a friend. I was accepted just as I was.

At that time, The Country Boyz did not know that I came into the group broken¦ broken from years of child abuse. The Country Boyz taught me to laugh, enjoy life, and more importantly, gave me strength and hope. People stand out for various reasons, but I am forever grateful to the following Country Boyz:

The day before leaving Hilo, two of the “boyz were going to take me for a drive around the island¦ this was their gift to me before leaving for college. However, when they picked me up, they discovered that I was having family problems. Prior to this, they didn’t know about any problems, and as I sat there sobbing, they didn’t know what to do with me. I look back to this day repeatedly because I am so impressed by their wisdom at such a young age (17)¦ They decided to take me to my supervisor because they were sure an adult would know what to do. Because of this decision, we were able to continue with our drive around the island and I left Hilo suddenly and prematurely early the next morning. At that time, I believed I would never return to Hilo. What a beautiful site when The Country Boyz surprised me when they came to see me off!

Another member of the Country Boyz once told me that he would continue to look in on my baby brother and sister. I wonder, did you sense something was not right with my family, Brah’? I have not seen you in 40 years and I just recently learned from my brother that you would pick him up on your 10-speed bike to take him fishing behind the hotels at Banyan Drive. My brother said you and he would just fish and talk about everything. He said that you would make him laugh and forget about his problems¦ You were the funniest guy, full of energy, and could make everyone laugh. On your way back to our house, my brother said that you would stop at Kandi’s Drive Inn and let him eat all the cheeseburgers he could consume. I just learned about this and it brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it. Thank you so much! You are such a good person and May God Bless you for your kindness. My brother said that you & some of the guys also continued taking my brother & sister to the movies after I was gone. He also remembers going to Hapuna Beach with you where you dug the biggest hole in the sand that he’s ever seen. My brother reminded me that you were an Elvis lover, which really split my seams and made me laugh to no end.

My journey started 40 yrs ago and the camaraderie we (The Country Boyz) shared still tugs dearest at my heart. I am so proud to have been associated with such beautiful people. I drew strength from “The Country Boyz and they helped me endure the challenges I was faced with. I truly believe I wouldn’t be where I am if I had never met them. Thank you “Country Boyz for being there for me¦ You were the light that shone when all seemed dim. You showed me how wonderful and good this world really was, and unknowingly steered me in the right direction. You were the most important ingredient in my life. Two thousand miles away the bond we shared is still there¦ Life is also about helping others, We can help our fellow Americans who is in need by going to Pickup Please.


Sista’s authenticity shows me ultimately “The Path.

It’s not where you’re going that counts, it’s in the asking [question of where you’re going]. In other words, if you query what is the righteous life, you now are on your way to it. ;-)

Authenticity is not narcissism or self-centeredness.
It is a fluid transparency of self in all we do and with all whom we love. Thanks, Steve Kalas and my godsend Malie.

Thus the great paradox: When we share ourselves authentically, those with whom we share find themselves confronted with an invitation to be
themselves, too. They find their authentic story in the sharing of our own. Thus the gift of self or the gift of presence.

Sista’s greatest art is her sense of comedy/humor, the rarest of all [beside the rest of the trinity of art’s greatest gifts — 1) inner voice/strength
& 2) mystery/intrigue –of letting destiny unfold and reveal itself to you, just as you see w/Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Jack in the blockbuster movie
Titanic, opposite Kate Winslett’s character Rose, whose inner voice/strength/subconscious comprise her greatest art]. Art’s trinity of mystery/inner strength/humor lie in the mortal plane. Undeniably, Sista’s greatest metaphysical gift, as opposed to mortal gift, is Sista’s direct link to her Lord. Apply my soulful mentor Malie’s dynamo duo bone-rattler queries, 1) “What is the higher Truth here? [serve God by serving humanity, just as DiCaprio’s Jack embraced the lowest of
the low of society — outcasts/unwashed-unwanted]; 2) “What, if any, is the ultimate disguised blessing? [by serving others, you encourage them to love and not fear anyone/anything]. Sista’ 1) processes and 2) integrates accordingly. Only love endures. It’s love, it’s all love [elderly lady at the
Ganges river in India who exuded “It’s love, it’s all love” to my mentor Malie].

Sista’s greatest inspiration on this earth is her inner voice, her link with God, who expresses to her 1) that life is unfair, but things balance out in the end/afterlife, so have a good attitude [like Norman Vincent Peale]; 2) do not be ashamed of who you are, because God is not ashamed of you, inasmuch we are all children of God — no one is forsaken; 3) retribution is not part of our God, inasmuch our God is not a punishing God — our God exudes Grace/Love evermore — thence, do not do the same thing to the abuser/perpetrator which wrongly was inflicted upon you by such abuser; 4) God’s Will is incredibly powerful — if you are able to, switch your alma y corazon [soul/heart] via your mechanism of your mind to be self-reliant, and as in Sista’s fullness of time, her gifts of the spirit include willing himself to stop her spiritual bleeding/foretell her own birth-life unfolding to God & her purpose to love/comfort/heal others; 5) nobody has God for you — you have a direct link to God. Sista’ viscerally feels that greed is humanity’s most auspicious sin, but after reflection, finds that over-pride takes the cake, so to speak; 6) it’s okay to be spoiled as long as you’re grateful. Sista’ feels that God’s Grace canopies us all, and Grace is unmerited/unearned, so humble/submit ourselves to God’s love for us all. Sista’ feels that nothing in her life is so unbearable so long as Sista’ submits to God, so that we are grateful for everything. Thence, Sista’ feels that anything is better, not worse, vis a vis the hand that is dealt her, so that Sista’ humbles herself and is grateful for everything. In this sense, this is Sista’s bonus life, as Malie so imparts to me. Sista’ 1) processes 2) integrates her experiences into her point of being here/in the Moment, so to speak. Most fortunate that God has given Sista’ a positive handle on life. And again, Sista’ asks her bone-rattler dynamo duo queries, 1) What is the higher Truth? 2) what if any is the ultimate disguised blessing? Till time disappears, endure with love for all to the end.

Sista’ is steeped in wisdom & remarkable equanimity. An acolyte of both God & The Holy Bible, Sista’ describes both role Exemplars as lotus blossoms which beautify all above the muck they emerge from of our most unfortunate human condition].

Sista’s ultimate disguised blessings are 1) that abject tragedy in her life have inspired her to love fully & completely; 2) Sista’s own mortality which tempted Satan to test her faith in God — faith is not contingent on outcome — Faith, repeat, is not outcome dependent!! To Sista’, as to my mentor Malie, grace is God’s love, and we forgive as well as entreat/beseech for forgiveness from others in our helpless mortal condition. What’s the higher truth is Sista’s time-tested resolution to mortal challenges, to make peace with herself, and to submit to God, to the very end. Sista’ is Norman Vincent Peale incarnate [power of positive thinking]. merited/unearned, so we humble/submit ourselves to God’s love for us all. Sista’s palpating line is “What do I know?! The greatest spiritual leaders always keep check of their strengths/weaknesses via this query. Tabula rasa [no preconceived notions] mark Sista’s openness. Sista’ 1) processes 2) integrates her experiences into her point of being here/in the Moment, so to speak. Till time disappears, for now and for always, endure with love for all to the end.

God’s glory pours through Sista’ like light through a prism/lens, showering a rainbow on everyone around dearest Sista’.

Who undyngly poured their lives into your own just because it made them smile to see you happy, thriving and victorious? Can you see their faces? Can you feel their love? Can you experience Divinity?

Recount their legacy. Right now. And be grateful.


My daughter’s genre’s Jodi Picoult’s characters are like Sista’ — they are authentic/real.


Let me tell you this: if you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it’s not because they enjoy solitude. It’s because they have tried to blend into the world before, and people continue to disappoint them.
— Jodi Picoult (My Sister’s Keeper)

“I, um, I have this problem. I broke up with my boyfriend, you see. And I’m pretty upset about it, so I wanted to talk to my best friend. […] The thing is, they’re both you.
— Jodi Picoult (The Pact)

“I’m lonely. Why do you think I had to learn to act so independent? I also get mad too quickly, and I hog the covers, and my second toe is longer than my big one. My hair has it’s own zip code. Plus, I get certifiably crazy when I’ve got PMS. You don’t love someone because they’re perfect. You love them in spite of the fact that they’re not.
— Jodi Picoult (My Sister’s Keeper)

“A photo says, you were happy, and I wanted to catch that. A photo says, you were so important to me that I put down everything else to come watch.
— Jodi Picoult

“So much of the language of love was like that: you devoured someone with your eyes, you drank in the sight of him, you swallowed him whole. Love was substance, broken down and beating through your bloodstream.
— Jodi Picoult (Nineteen Minutes)

“If you spent your life concentrating on what everyone else thought of you, would you forget who you really were? What if the face you showed the world turned out to be a mask¦ with nothing beneath it?
— Jodi Picoult


Contempo existentialism postulates that
one must make his and her own values in an indifferent world. One can live meaningfully (free of despair and anxiety) in an unconditional commitment to something finite, and devotes that meaningful life to the commitment, despite the external vulnerability inherent to doing so. I love history. I love life. My existential definition lies right here, right at this instant.

The most beautiful and erotic [as in lovers Jack and Rose in the 1997 movie Titanic] expressions from Ms. Toni Roberts — “Just remember, your future is mine too. We are in this together. –Toni sigh¦..

And as Steven Kalas so eloquently imparts —

“Principle and “integrity are such seductive yet destructive notions. Be wary of self-righteous secular blowhards who cite “principle and “integrity. Because principle or integrity often is but a convenient disguise for overpride/ego.

I’d rather end my life saying I was too often a fool for the hope of redemption than to end my life proud of how fiercely I nurtured my indignation at those lesser than me in principle/integrity.

Jesus was a lowly grungy hippie. Does that make him less than you/me?? Will Donald Trump be remembered two thousand years from now as we worship Jesus and our Heavenly Father two thousand years after Jesus died for our sins?? Unlikely.

Grace shapes our ideas about suffering and healing. Grace shapes the way we apprehend human dilemmas and proceed in our attempts to ameliorate those dilemmas.

The unconscious is relentless in its desire to communicate authenticity and wholeness to the ego. And the ego is relentless to ignore, dodge, deny and defend itself from those communications. Freedom to live authentically consciously is the reward. Pride/principle/integrity propounded as ethical elitism are hardly useful nor merited. They
swell in the head of one’s pride/ego who excites in judging down anyone but oneself.

Let me save you some time. You are weird! But so am I! Everybody’s weird, at least in the sense that everyone who seeks depth connections eventually must connect one’s particular, idiosyncratic weirdness with somebody else’s weirdness. Connections of weirdness, in the end, are the “good stuff of great friendships and marriages. It’s the stuff you remember long after people are dead and gone. The joy of depth connections is to meet folks whose weirdness makes you smile a bemused smile, and likewise your weirdness is endearing to them. The stuff for the ages, timeless traditions, such as Santa’s snore while Mama Claus wonders if Santa will make his rounds of joy-giving in due time.

Manifesting an “inner soul within one’s deepest unconscious core is a cosmic attraction for discovering depth connections with others. Depth connections are a gift. A discovery. Not a decision or an achievement. They simply are inexplicably climactic.

And for the next few minutes, the hobo speaks of an aloneness and misery so stark, so complete, well, it’s not easy to behold.

His poverty — physical, psychological, spiritual — is matched by the poverty of my response.

I rather enjoy random encounters with human beings. I pay attention to these encounters. Especially when I become and am the hobo of humanity. Some part of me is always ready for those encounters to have meaning. Maybe profound meaning. From both contradictions of the giver and the given. It comes from the way my mother raised me. From watching her. I translated a message from her that goes something like, “No one doesn’t matter.

Then there was my maternal grandmother, an Anglo-Catholic, who wrapped that same message theologically. She was keen to remind me that I might be “entertaining angels unaware.
The last piece I added on my own. I pay attention to otherwise random encounters not merely because I might have the opportunity even to change a life, but because I might, too, be changed by the encounter. From both sides, as giver and as given. Hitherto unexplained and unexplored.

It is a profound walk to find the courage to be here at all. To scratch and claw for the truth. Fundamentally, the truth about myself, ourselves, lovely and unlovely. For we all fall short, except to the fetid self-righteous who judge down to ascend up their delusion of prideful opulence. And have we not experienced them all, abusive and powerful!

No one doesn’t matter. You never know when you might entertain an angel, nor if you become an angel yourself. You never know when the answer to your most pressing question will come in the form of some stranger who crosses your path. Not every random encounter has profound meaning. Not every encounter shifts the course of destiny.

But still, the next encounter might. You never know. Mindful, heartful. What do these matter? Maybe a Lot [Biblical].

Thank you, Steven –Curt


We all fall short. Remember this. We all fall short.

Most unfortunate. Most unfortunate.

I’ve been mulling over 1 Corinthians 10:13, and Grace is the key. When Paul writes that God will not allow us to be tempted beyond our ability, he means that we are NEVER in a situation where we have NO other choice but to sin. It’s very important to
understand that God does NOT tempt anyone. Satan does the tempting, not God. James 1:13 emphatically states, “Let no one say when he is tempted, ‘I am being tempted by God,’ for God cannot be tempted with evil, and He Himself tempts NO one. We grow in His Holiness, or we go in the opposite direction tempted by Satan, the convenient/easy out. Yet God allows Grace sufficient to endure and triumph over terrifying adversity. We abide by faith in Him, and trust to His Sustaining Grace. Daunting adversities endured by mortals, strengthened by the Grace of God. We have nothing to fear, especially considered are faithfulness, care, and the power of God in His Almighty grace. Grace is the key.

God has more faith in me than I have in myself!! Imagine that!! Grace veritably is amazing, allowed by God.

Biblical James is about faith pulling works, as a horse pulls a cart. Depth of faith in God is key, not works. Just as obedience and not sacrifice is key, based on the depth of one’s faith. That we know that we have eternal life is what faith is all about, not works as a faith in itself. Because such miscue becomes man worshiping himself instead of God. Other so-called religions, albeit false religions, call upon works without our knowledge of eternal life. Works for works’ sake, not faith/revelation, not obedience and endurance to the end [that we shall know & experience eternal life]. Amazing Grace.

On Jesus’ solid rock I stand, everything else is sinking sand, baby. Matthew 24-26.

  • After all, gang, aren’t we all trying our best to be authentic, and that the quality of mercy is not strained — mercy is something that has to be freely given; no one can force someone else to be merciful. (“Strained is an old form of “constrained, meaning “forced.) From The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare.

    A line from the play The Merchant of Venice, by William Shakespeare. Strained means “constrained, or “forced; the speaker is telling Shylock that mercy must be freely given, and is inviting him to show mercy to the title character.

    From Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, 1596.

    PORTIA: The quality of mercy is not strain’d,

    It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
    Upon the place beneath: it is twice blest;
    It blesseth him that gives and him that takes:
    ‘Tis mightiest in the mightiest: it becomes
    The throned monarch better than his crown;
    His sceptre shows the force of temporal power,
    The attribute to awe and majesty,
    Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings;
    But mercy is above this sceptred sway;
    It is enthroned in the hearts of kings,
    It is an attribute to God himself.

    The thoughtful reader sees that Portia says simply this: “Mercy does not come by compulsion; it comes of itself; it is spontaneous, and, having seen this, he has no difficulty in deciding how the line should be emphasized.

    Deep repercussions. Patti Davis said that the most amazing thing about her dad Ronald Reagan is that he implored that in order for his healing to begin, he needs to be able to forgive his attempted assassin, from what he felt might well be his last breath to forgive and to make peace with his Maker/God. Amazing moment. More difficult is Byron Yogi from our Kilauea Mormon mission who said that Brother Yogi might be able to forgive his dad for discarding him. Of course, sage Malie born 1963 says it is presumptuous to place Brother Yogi over Ronald Reagan in the quality of mercy, to use Shakespeare’s lingo. Malie is correct. Gosh, to be so lucky to be in the embrace of Providential servant like Malie — wow, pinch and wake up, and incredibly, the blessings endure to the end.

    May I share with you the magnanimity of my alter ego Malie, who cogently says that one cannot quantify the quality of mercy, so that it is wrong to suggest that Brother Yogi has the most difficult task for forgiving his father for discarding him, vs. President Reagan who, not knowing his attempted assassin John Hinckley, immediately forgave Hinckley, which President Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis says is the most amazing/remarkable thing about her dad, inasmuch President Reagan, perhaps feeling he might not survive this injury, felt it crucial to his recovery to lift the weight of anger off his shoulder by forgiving his attempted assassin. Though so young, Malie is quite an extraordinary person, baby, that I cannot place Brother Yogi’s task to forgive over and above President Reagan’s quick forgiveness of Hinckley. Mercy is unquantifiable!! You don’t
    scorecard it!! Jesus does not keep a scorecard.

    On the catch phrase “the quality of mercy, one sees that Portia in Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice says simply this: “Mercy does not come by compulsion; it comes of itself; it is spontaneous. One cannot quantify the quality of mercy, period. Thank you, thank you, dearest Malie. Malie has some kind of innate connection to Mother Nature, among other gifts/fey. For example, injured birds in the dead of nite plop down right in front of Malie, after which she heals them to fly off once again into the forest. Here is my read on Edgar Cayce:

    Edgar Cayce’s point –
    Cayce’s river in Psalm 46 is the flow of the
    Holy Spirit in us all, pages 185 & 239 of Cayce’s
    book “There is a River.

    Cayce’s popular prohecies
    [prophecy is of Greek origin for demonstrating the will
    of God][prophet carries out the will of God to humanity] overarch his private one-on-one healing of the

    Psychic is of Greek origin for soul which is filled
    with divine inspiration or revelation.

    In other words, prophet and psychic are one and the
    same, in that a prophet or psychic ascends to touch the hand and Perfection of Christ, Imago Dei, and the conscious mind simply is a record of a day in the course of life, compared to the actual history of the soul, which is the almighty subconscious, per Cayce page 239. Extraordinary gift to share from Providence/up above. Malie has Cayce’s gift of divine inspiration, which gives me pause, to say the least.

    As w/person of unmatched equanimity Malie, it is not the experience of loss which challenges one to “show up/recover from such loss, but one’s response to such loss, and how one can enlarge/transform via the loss even as one continues to experience it, such as the continuing battle w/spouse or child abuse, and one aspect is the grace one receives in freeing oneself by the power of response/transformation. The ultimate disguised blessing of spouse or other abuse is that the victim transforms negative thoughts/energy into positive acts of valor/altruism/common good. Always invisible to the victim of abuse, but spiritually powerful/beneficial to the rest of humanity.

    God Meant it for Good
    To their surprise and relief Joseph said to them, “You meant evil against me but God meant it for good. Genesis 50:20-21

    Do you know that Biblical Joseph is the only person who seems to be without fault? Incredible legacy. Malie says prayer is the most powerful antidote to emptiness. Why? As Malie intones, prayer is the consummate act of humility/submission, and one who surrenders to the Will of the Lord essentially shall be saved by the Will of the Lord, but Faith is not contingent on outcome. Luke 17:33; Matthew 10:39. Lose, and be found, the inexplicable irony. Key to comfort of dying is to ensure salvation, or to be relaxed/at peace, and in this sense, Faith does merge w/God’s Will. Thy Will Be Done. The most powerful 4 words, & I thank discerning Malie for such Clarity. Incredibly powerful message from up above! Thank you, thank you! God Willing, two words!!

    Or, as Gustav Mahler said, “If you love romance for romance sake, then don’t love me. But if you love me for your sake, then love me, just as I love you for my sake! Wow!! Ellen Howarth reminisced, “Where doth the heart that does not keep within its inmost core, some fond remembrance hidden deep, of days that are no more — a faded flower, a broken ring, a tress of my loved one’s hair. :-) Love eternally.


    I was at a party feeling very shy because there were a lot of celebrities around, and I was sitting in a corner alone and a very beautiful young man came up to me and offered me some salted peanuts and said, “I wish they were emeralds as he handed me the peanuts and that was the end of my heart. I never wanted it back.
    ~Helen Hayes


    Great pundit Steven Kalas is the link above, who addresses the proverbial saying here:

     Does love truly come to everyone? Or may I die alone, having never been loved or given the chance to love? 
    ~ Unknown

    Love life, even if love does not come to you. You shall be rewarded in the afterlife, brah’/sis’


    I’m not supposed to love you,
    I’m not supposed to care,
    I’m not supposed to live
    my life wishing you were there,
    I’m not supposed to wonder
    where you are and what to do,
    I’m sorry I can’t help myself,
    I’m in love with you.


    Every man dies. Not every man really lives.
    William Wallace, in Braveheart

    I measure up in my love and devotion to you, even
    if I don’t measure up in your eyes. I shall move
    on, knowing that my love for you is true.

    When I am ignored/forgotten, or when I await a minus/negative communication as one unburdens of me, I repose and take comfort that love lives on in my heart and in the afterlife, and that just the same, romance never dies, now or in the hereafter.

  • How do I find meaning and identity, comfort and consolation, in an indifferent world??


    Great pundit Steven Kalas is the link above, who addresses the proverbial saying here:

     Does love truly come to everyone? Or may I die alone, having never been loved or given the chance to love? 
    ~ Unknown

    Love life, even if love does not come to you. You shall be rewarded in the afterlife, brah’/sis’, “garanz [guaranteed!] Trust in God, and surrender/submit to Him, in obedience and endure in Faith in God to the end.

    One can live meaningfully (free of despair and anxiety) in an unconditional commitment to something finite, and devotes that meaningful life to the commitment, despite the external vulnerability inherent to doing so. I love history. I love life. My existential definition lies right here, right at this instant. I recount my heroes and heroines and their legacies. Right now. In tremendous reverence for their love and support. Pololei/righteously. ;-)

  • Denise Takashima born 1953 my peer but looks like she is my daughter, not age twin — she’s not just young at heart — she’s eternally physically young! Gosh! And drop dead gorgeous on top of that! Here is sweetness personified Denise –


    you are the one country boy(z) on your bicycle, heh?

    not just friend, but angel sent from above!

    love this email! it makes my christmas! thank you,

    country boy(z)!




    Heart-stopper key to Denise is that her concern for

    the common lot [adherence to the Social Gospel/

    Buddhist Dharma/etc.] comes completely amid her

    daunting Merchant St. stature. In part because she

    is a multi-faceted product of cross-cultural

    ties both East and West [Asia/America/Hawai’i], and

    of multi-generational ideals [parents of different

    generational chronology]. Plainly, Denise is

    God’s humble servant, as in “well done, my loyal

    and faithful child.

  • From Beautiful Lotus Blossom Denise –

    you know curtis,

    i can relate to you and your spirit¦
    we are background people.

    you have that wonderful helping hand. and that wonderful open heart.

    i’m just so sorry that you and bernie couldn’t be partners for life. nonetheless, nearly 30 yrs.
    together is a long time nowadays. such is my christmas wish for you. that you have a partner in love and spirit and soul. “all u need is love,
    the beautiful song by the beatles.

    but i am glad you have the most loving daughter. you have her in your life and all of her ohana kidz! you are loved by her and her bundle of kids!

    coming from a daughter who lost her dad, i can only try to explain to
    you –

    A father is that strong man in your life. He is always there. He is
    always there to pick you up when you fall down and carries you to bed
    when you fall asleep. He is a safety net. A strong safety net.

    And when a daughter grows, finds another man in her life, her dad is
    still that strength. So it is important that father approves of the new
    man in her life.

    And then when children come around, they, too count on grandpa. He’s
    always there. He picks them up, he plays with them. He helps them feel
    safe and secure.

    So, spend as much time with them as possible. When I lost my dad, I
    how much losing that strength means. Even if it was just to hear his
    That is how much you dads mean to us daughters!!!

    My husband symbolizes the same in both my daughters. Daddies are just
    the Clark Kents in life! Yes, Superman!

    signing off now! Going home in this yikes! honolulu traffic.

    with love and aloha,


From nonpareil/incomparable KingLit Ching born 1936–

Curtis, you are a pretty amazing guy with your sensitivity to the unique human experience and profound appreciation of the positive traits in people. Of course you can be brutal with people who are selfish, arrogant, greedy and stupid. Tell me a little more about your personal life to give me a better idea of where you are coming from. [Curt’s bracketed note: My dad went only to the 8th grade because plantation kids were banned from going to public high school by our Thurstonites — I always see us locals as grassroot Huck Finns] We all see life from our own personal experiences. At my age not being in perfect health like a teen, I can be cynical but on a beautiful California day, my spirits will soar. Dad (Hung Wai) was always fascinated with this gift from God – nature’s uplifting experience. Denise touches on your personal life below. Regards, — King Lit P.S. This Denise is quite a woman, and gorgeous too! What does she mean when she says that you and she are “background people? I like her comments on who a father is since I have 4 daughters (and one son) and 4 granddaughters among my mo-opuna. Very meaningful. [Denise always gives credit to those around her, even though she struck the spark of our Social Gospel/Dharma/etc.]

  • KingLit Ching’s greatest inspiration is the inner voice, the Holy Spirit, his link with God, who intones that no one has God on/for you — you have a direct link to God, unimpeded by mortal obfuscation
    [taking your eye off the ball, so to speak]. Malie born 1963 is The Avatar, despite her youthful age/
    countenance, and Malie credits her Christ-like Dad for her mindfulness/heartfulness/being present-in the Moment/showing up, so to speak. No greater person walks the ‘aina than Malie. This is her spiritial walk with God. Her bonus life thanks to God. A survivor to date of the dreaded ****** word. And KingLit’s bonus life too/just the same. KingLit born 1936 fortuitously has the last 2 digits of his birthdate inverted w/Malie’s birthdate of 1963. Good luck sign, if you wanna’ believe Asian numerology [plus-plus on both sides of the switch — double up strength in numbers, via mirror image of each other literally]. My obasan/grandma died on my birthday, good luck sign if you wanna believe Asian mythology. Obasan gave up her life for me to live mine. I/my baby brother [no sisters] never grew up with grandparents. We do not know what it’s like to experience grandparents, in that our dearest parents had us in middle age, being old enough to be our grandparents. Dad was a happy go lucky single man poker champion, and Mom a thriving independent female before today’s feminism even was coined.

    Manifesting an “inner soul within one’s deepest unconscious core is a cosmic attraction for discovering depth connections with others. Depth connections are a gift. A discovery. Not a decision or an achievement. They simply are inexplicably climactic. KingLit actuates that this inner soul is the Holy Spirit in us all, that we have a direct link to God, and that through prayer, surrender, and Faith in God, God talks to us all. This is the power of Faith, of Grace. And yes, the blessed power of Redemption, of love one and love all, no matter what the cause or outcome. No matter. Redemption. The quality of Mercy is not strained.

    Grace shapes our ideas about suffering and healing. Grace shapes the way we apprehend human dilemmas and proceed in our attempts to ameliorate those dilemmas.

    God’s Grace allows for Redemption, unearned and
    unmerited, but for the Grace of God. We all fall
    short, even the so-called best of us. Most unfortunate, but such is our indifferent human lot.
    Yes, we try our best to be authentic, however clumsily we plod forward, and in this sense, as with life overall, Redemption is key, brought on by God’s Grace.

    I’d rather end my life saying I was too often a fool for the Hope of Redemption than to end my life proud of how fiercely I nurtured my indignation at those lesser than me in principle/integrity. And have we all not faced ourselves in the mirror, much less been the victims of adjudgers who in our/their fetid self-righteous postures judge down to ascend up their illusory poles of prideful opulence.

    “Principle and “integrity are such seductive yet destructive notions. Be wary of self-righteous blowhards full of themselves who cite “principle and “integrity. Because principle or integrity often is but a convenient disguise for overpride/ego.

    Jesus was a lowly grungy hippie. Does that make him less than you/me?? Will Donald Trump be remembered two thousand years from now as we worship Jesus and our Heavenly Father two thousand years after Jesus died for our sins?? Unlikely.

    Pride/principle/integrity propounded as ethical elitism are hardly useful nor merited. They
    swell in the head of one whose pride/ego excites in judging down anyone but oneself.

    It is a profound walk to find the courage to be here at all. To scratch and claw for the truth. Fundamentally, the truth about myself, ourselves, lovely and unlovely. For we all fall short in our most unfortunate human condition. Though we try to be authentic, however disjointed we are.

    No one doesn’t matter. You never know when you might entertain an angel, nor if you become an angel yourself. You never know when the answer to your most pressing question will come in the form of some stranger who crosses your path. Not every random encounter has profound meaning. Not every encounter shifts the course of destiny.

    But still, the next encounter might. You never know. Mindful, heartful. What do these matter? Maybe a Lot [Biblical]. Redemption through Grace. God’s gift to us all.

    God’s glory pours through KingLit Ching like light through a prism/lens, showering a rainbow on everyone around dearest KingLit.

    Who undyngly poured their lives into your own just because it made them smile to see you happy, thriving and victorious? Can you see their faces? Can you feel their love? Can you experience Divinity?

    Recount their legacy. Right now. And be grateful.


    From indubitably/inexplicably profound and loving
    KingLit Ching born 1936, son of our greatest destiny-
    maker Rev. Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002 –

    It’s so easy to get caught up in one’s personal situation both physical and psychological e.g. business, social, personal, etc. The dreaded word ****** forced me to take stock of and rethink who I am. It is an enlightening experience that led me inadvertently to the “Tao. It also opened me up to exploring a much wider range of philosophies and theologies including being curious about super physicist Stephen Hawking’s theories and findings. I am fascinated with his views of “a God [he says there is none] and his answers to “ultimate questions.

    I guess that this has been a bonus life (? Just life?) and I am sure there could be more but they cannot be planned. Life and discoveries are “accidents or unpredictable (all research on research bears this out). The miracle of life is life itself which must be marveled at for what it is. There are no “higher truths, just truths. What is a higher truth? Existentialists do not make that distinction, do they? [the key is, do you, dearest brah’?][it may be that realization of your unrequited love for all is God’s higher truth for you, dearest child of God KingLit ;-) ]

    What is this “ultimate disguised blessing? Christians seek salvation and redemption and know where to look for them. There’s nothing mystical or high powered about seeking redemption. It’s supposed to be SIMPLE — complex explanations of simple truths??!! Ask a mother. Observe a father as Denise suggests. You know all of this. You’re just “testing me like you love to do with others. It is Curtis’ Socratic method to ferret out people’s inner most feelings. Phooey! ;-) (just kidding)

    Curtis is also a secret admirer of Sigmund Freud. For Curtis, SEX is a driving force in ALL aspects of life. SEX from both an A type male’s stand point and SEX from a willing (but lusty) female’s stand point. Curtis can sense when SEX becomes a factor. His ardor permeates his written word. This concludes my sermon for today. But Curtis does also believe in agape once his lust is expended. Regards, –KingLit
    P.S. I still get horny and am thinking of sponsoring a young Filipina or Thai “assistant for my business. Just kidding ;-) You know I love and respect everyone, including women — we all are God’s little children, each and every one of us — even you, Curtis!

  • From gorgeous, delicate, and tender Denise Takashima–

    Whoa, Mr. Ching –Ha! Ha!

    The women allow you to think you’re the lion (king)!!!

    (smile/wink ;-) ]



    From KingLit Ching born 1936 to drop-dead gorgeous
    but utterly earthy Denise Takashima born 1953 –

    Hello Denise, Let me think a little more about your comments before I respond. [KingLit later responded saying he is the Lion-King of the lair-den –jokingly]

  • My response to KingLit Ching’s puzzlement –

    What is a higher truth? Existentialists do not make that distinction, do they? [the key is, do you, dearest brah’ KingLit?][it may be that realization of your unrequited love for all is God’s higher truth for you, dearest child of God KingLit ;-) ]

    What is this “ultimate disguised blessing? [renewed appreciation for the littlest things in
    life — the morning sunrise/the setting sunset/etc.]

    1) Process the concept above [Social Gospel]
    2) Integrate the concept [application to life — KingLit’s acolytes like myself worship KingLit]

  • From angelheart and tender touch Denise Takashima –

    I appreciate Mr. Ching’s expressions, Curtis. Your network of peers keeps my eyes wide open. KingLit Ching and other diverse folks are so amazing. How you make the peanut butter that sticks it all together is a blessing itself! Thank you. p.s. Are not all men driven by “Creation’s eros??! [yes — more of social expectations/roles than anything else] aloha, –denise

  • From magnanimous Denise Takashima born 1953 but who looks my daughter’s age [born 1973] –

    but it’s the same with you, curtis. we define “never judge a book by it’s cover. and it’s not just uncle willy thompson. it could be uncle ah chew goo born 1918, or even a street person. we are just human. the other day I wanted to try Paina Cafe. it’s supposed to be this great poke place in ward center. i placed my order for dinner, and was waiting. this man who looked like he could have been your dad or my dad went up to the counter and kept asking questions about the poke bowl. I knew he didn’t have money. I paid for his poke bowl and told the woman at the counter to just give it to him. he was hungry and the picture of the poke bowl looked so good to him. he came up to me and thanked me. i like to break down these macho walls, or take that pride thing and throw it out the window. we all need some help and kindness. it doesn’t cost more than i can afford. it’s like a smile. you give and you get one back! it’s the silly pride which gets in the way! and where on earth did you give the impression of the most gorgeous woman on this planet??!! kinglit is right, you like to test him and me, heh? ;-) alohas, –denise

    From Curt–

    Hi Denise: Yes, you are on the mark about
    waking up and being able to smell the coffee every morning. Life can be taken from us in an instant. Actually, he doesn’t know how to react to
    your incredulous sense of kindness [which you take for granted!]. You, a stranger out of
    nowhere [as you were to Uncle Willy Thompson], to succor/nurture the tenderest side
    of us all??? Plus, you being the most gorgeous woman on earth??!! And yet so simple and earthy??!

    “No make sense to this Ivy Leaguer. “He no understand. “He don’t know you went thru this health crucible with your Dad. He don’t know.

    No, not about s*x or being too forward as a wahine. “He neva’ been treated with
    such kindness before! “Neva!

    You are an anomaly as Jesus was to the pharisees. You are Jesus incarnate.

    “I no can believe your gifts of the Spirit [Biblical]. After all, the Romans/pharisees
    couldn’t believe their eyes either when Jesus manifested Truth. Your fan always, –Curt

    From Denise –

    well, i would love to snail mail him a uh warriors hat. he’s the same age as my dad when my dad had his epiphany¦. it’s good to talk about it, though.
    aloha, –denise

  • From remarkable loving Denise Takashima –

    Curtis –

    Sometimes it takes many years for men to grow up. And I truly understand your dearest male friend. Yes, my dad was the same in his younger years (when I was young). Men are supposed to be Hercules or Superman. But my Dad’s greatest strength was his tenderness which came with maturation and time. This tender and delicate love turned it around for us all. And it was through the love of my own husband and kids that we became even closer. We know there is no manual on life and on parenting. Back then, people just winged it. Some fail and some succeed. So it was important to me that our kids were raised with love. They know they are loved dearly everyday. I’d like to believe that in every human being, there is a heart. I am attentive to my heart. It palpates, it pumps Truth. I can’t explain it. So, I had this feeling about your dearest male friend. I can’t explain it. I could just feel his vibes. weird, yeh? But I still would like to send him the hat. I sent Dad a variety of hats. The one Dad was proudest of was the UH hawaii one. At that time, hawaii had the undefeated team and it was the talk of the town in SF. Another great gift is sunglasses¦ aloha, –denise

  • KingLit Ching born 1936 tries to understand the opposite sex. He cites –

    just published 3 weeks ago — KingLit is a voracious
    reader of everything hyper-current.

    The Twisted Sisterhood: Unraveling the Dark Legacy of Female Friendships

    The Twisted Sisterhood: Unraveling the Dark Legacy of Female Friendships is a non-fiction book by essayist and attorney Kelly Valen published by Random House/Ballantine Books on October 26, 2010. The book is based on the author’s December 2007 New York Times article and includes the results of a women’s relationships survey the author conducted with 3000 women, studies and insights from experts in the fields of sociology, psychology, and neuroscience, and elements of humor, memoir and popular culture. The book is unrelated to and should not be confused with the Facebook women’s group, The Twisted Sisterhood, or the 1980s rock band, Twisted Sister.

    KingLit feels that he knows dearest darling Denise Takashima. I say no. Denise is jesus incarnate. KingLit doesn’t know this — yet. He shall know this shortly. KingLit has been around “da bull’s a*s many times. He’s truly a ladies’ man. His only son Chris is Hollywood handsome/Apollo like “The Rock [Dwayne Johnson]. KingLit’s ex-wife is African-American, and Chris is half African-American. KingLit also has 4 daughters.

  • From irascile naughty boy KingLit Ching born 1936 –

    I had a intimate lady friend tell me once that I have the feminine traits of “nurturing. Thi s surprised me because I am bombastic but I did take very good care of this female friend as we traveled around the world together. I guess she should know me pretty well. Being around a woman 24/7 does not give you a chance to hide your flaws and I have many. She had an endless list and reminded me of these flaws daily. She was some woman! –KL


    Cogent Dean Edmoundson actuates that this inner soul is the Holy Spirit in us all, that we have a direct link to God, and that through prayer, surrender, and Faith in God, God talks to us all. This is the power of Faith, of Grace. And yes, the blessed power of Redemption, of love one and love all, no matter what the cause or outcome. No matter. Redemption. The quality of Mercy is not strained [Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice].

    Grace shapes our ideas about suffering and healing. Grace shapes the way we apprehend human dilemmas and proceed in our attempts to ameliorate those dilemmas.

    God’s Grace allows for Redemption, unearned and
    unmerited, but for the Grace of God. We all fall
    short, even the so-called best of us. Most unfortunate, but such is our indifferent human lot.
    Yes, we try our best to be authentic, however clumsily we plod forward, and in this sense, as with life overall, Redemption is key, brought on by God’s Grace.

    I’d rather end my life saying I was too often a fool for the Hope of Redemption than to end my life proud of how fiercely I nurtured my indignation at those lesser than me in principle/integrity. And have we all not faced ourselves in the mirror, much less been the victims of adjudgers who in our/their fetid self-righteous postures judge down to ascend up their illusory poles of prideful opulence??!!

    Jesus never donned a 3-piece suit. Does that make him less than you/me?? Will Donald Trump be remembered two thousand years from now as we worship Jesus and our Heavenly Father two thousand years after Jesus died for our sins?? Unlikely.

    Pride/principle/integrity propounded as ethical elitism are hardly useful nor merited. They
    swell in the head of one whose pride/ego excites in judging down anyone but oneself.

    It is a profound walk to find the courage to be here at all. To scratch and claw for the truth. Fundamentally, the truth about myself, ourselves, lovely and unlovely. For we all fall short in our most unfortunate human condition. Though we try to be authentic, however disjointed we are.

  • To live for others is the way of the Bohisatva [Buddha nature], contary to egocentric & selfish domination of others in an indifferent world. Higan is the other shore in Mahayana [China/Japan/Korea] Buddhism, the pure land, vs. this shore of sufferng and ignorance. The 6 Paramitas or virtues characterize Higan — 1) selfless giving/charity;
    2) righteous intent; 3) patience; 4) endure to the end; 5) mindfulness; 6) heartfulness. On charity/
    Danna, Jataku Tales recite about the starving eagle who was ready to eat the pigeon. Bodhisatva saved the pigeon who was injured by the eagle, and instead gave the eagle plentiful food to satiate its hunger. On righteous intent, Bodhisatva promised a hobo that he would provide food for the hobo. But Bodhisatva was captured by a greedy king. Tremendous sorrow followed his capture. All Bodhisatva asked of his captor King was to provide food for the hobo as Bodhisatva had promised to the hobo. The King was so affected by Bodhisatva’s righteousness/unselfish
    creed, that the King released Bodhisatva to the sorrowful masses. On patience, Bodhisatva was at peace in the forest, when a King came along the footpath. The King’s retinue/consorts flocked to Bodhisatva, at which point the King got jealous and flogged and tortured Bodhisatva. But this victim endured to the end, at which point the King begged the heavens for forgiveness/pardon, upon which the King paid homage to his forsaken victim. On endure to the end, Daichidoron tells us that at once a prince lost his magical jewel which fed the poor in his kingdom, to the open sea. But the prince looked incessantly for the jewel, until the sea returned the jewel to him to feed his people most in need. One good act deserves another. And even if nothing happens in return, the solo unrequited act by the prince to look for the jewel for his people, or of the sea of kindness, stands the test of the Buddha. On mindfulness, Bodhisatva nestled the injured mother bird’s eggs until the eggs hatched and the chicks lived to become hens and roosters themselves. Finally, on heartfulness, the King of India called on his minister to go afar to bring home wisdom, which the minister did by paying a high price for words of wisdom from a hobo. The hobo from beyond many horizons implored, “I will say this only once, since if I say it again and again, it means you are not listening — never lose your sense of simplicity, do not be egocentric. So that when the minister returned to the King of India [Hindu hegemony], the King was outraged at such insolence by a simpleton/
    puddin’head hobo who got paid big money for such “stupid advice. The King was so dementedly angry that his subjects/teeming masses revolted against him and overthrew him. Sadly, he realized too late that wisdom is invaluable, that all the coins/currency in the world cannot buy wisdom.

    Sweet as sugar Denise Takashima cannot be bought like Yamashiro/Arakaki/Kenoi can be bought in politics. Neither can KingLit Ching be bought. You cannot buy wisdom.

  • A gentle heart or Buddhist gutoku, as one bespeaks humbleness, exemplify KingLit Ching and Denise Takashima. Especially the zenzai/wisdom suffused by angels on our shoulders Kinglit and Denise envelop us with comfort and succorance. This duo console and love tenderly us all ondobo to the end. Their spirit are consecrated touchstones for us all. As legend has it of Bodhisatva, an acolyte exclaimed, “If Buddha is pleased with my mission, this bamboo stick which I just poked upside down into the ground — will soon sprout branches and leaves!! And look, the upside bamboo became alive and grew!! Just as Denise’s/KingLit’s wisdom grow inside of us. As we all are little children/hanamatsuri at heart, the bamboo grows within us. ;-)

  • From loving angelheart Denise Takashima –

    KingLit told me he was joking about being the lion. I responded, I waz the mouse that takes the splinter from the lion’s paw! aloha,denise

    From Curt — You amaze me, Denise. Oracle/crystal ball? Who r u? :-) You emailed below before you/I knew about the fleeting nature of existence, that life can be taken away in a heartbeat!! —

    sometimes our blessings can be everyday treasures. they are the beautiful days filled with sunshine. they can be just the occurrence that you wake up in the morning and you’re alive! we forget these tiny blessings. and the best blessings and cures can just be love from family and friends. i think of my dad, who never tried to be on the dais. what is that samurai saying? the secret of life is in the quietude. maybe finally i’ve come to understand it! but then again, i rule americana style by : face your enemy!!!!!

From my inexplicably inspiring idol KingLit Ching born 1936 –

It takes me a while to figure out your message but I think that I now “get it. Example, I had shared with you Dad Hung Wai’s frustration because he could not talk to God. The same held true for Mother Theresa. However, both HW and Mother Theresa remained faithful as Christians. I told you that I can talk to God because I can see/sense what’s in God’s mind – life itself, chemistry, physics, botany, the humanities, astrophysics, quantum mechanics, etc. Also recent theories such as string theory, theories about how black holes operate, dark matter, etc. I am captivated by the sheer violence in the Universe and in Galaxies. This relates to your comment about my “inner voice and “inner soul right? The great Protestant theologians were able to deal with these philosophical questions because they were not handicapped with hierarchal and ritual baggage. They could cut to the chase and use their incredibly powerful analytical skills like Stephen Hawking does. And Curtis can too. ;-) –KingLit

Hawking denies the existence of God. The Multi-verse
have no use for God, so to speak. KingLit says that even the sense of order/function must impel Hawking to be agnostic. No. It does not. KingLit remains bolted to the notion that Hawking is theistic/deistic.
Hawking is neither. Hawking is atheist. KingLit does not accept this. Asians are nihilistic and accept Hawking’s empty heart assertion.

  • 1. What is the meaning of life, in a sentence or


    2. What if any is the significance of death?

    3. What will your metaphorical headstone say, in a

    few words?

  • Just as I idolize Steven Kalas, who has a college degree in psychology and a master’s degree in theology, so do I say the same of KingLit Ching born 1936 —

    KingLit recites on such topics as conflict resolution, personality types, leadership, stress management and human wellness. His presentations are a delicious collision of laid-back warmth and razor-sharp analyses. He relentlessly pushes his devotees to find and choose the most authentic of themselves. He entertains. He inspires. Occasionally, he disturbs. ;-) People who hear him speak and read his missives him find it impossible not to think and feel in new ways.

  • KingLit’s dad Rev. Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002 is the genesis of our 100th Battalion/442nd Regiment all-Japanese American soldiers WWII. Rev. Ching also is the genesis of our ILWU, having mentored ‘Opihikao native Jack Kawano, who started the ILWU. Rev. Ching via the 100th Batt./442nd Rescue of the Alamo Lost Battalion also is the genesis of our Statehood. Rev. Ching also is the trigger to the greatest case in U.S. Supreme Court history, Brown vs. Board of Education, in that Chief Justice Earl Warren in the 1954 unanimous decision always remorsed over Warren interning Japanese-Americans in WWII when Earl Warren was California attorney general in 1942.
    Thence Warren’s make-up call via Brown vs. Board of Education. 99% of momentous events are make-up calls!


    From life’s wayfinder KingLit Ching born 1936, son of Rev. Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002 –

    1. What is the meaning of life, in a sentence or two?

    “ Life is only traveled once. Today’s moment becomes Tomorrow’s Memory. Enjoy Every Moment Good or Bad because, The gift of Life is LIFE itself! Have a beautiful day!

    2. What if any is the significance of death?

    Check the Samurai Code or Bushido [to die so that others may live]

    3. What will your metaphorical headstone say, in a few words?

    Don’t f*ck with me ;-)

    Yes, you, Curtis ;-)


    From KingLit Ching –

    Your quick responses, please. –from Curt

    You asked for it, you got it.

    From communicant/deacon Valerie –

    is this guy KingLit for real , or is he one of your symbolic writings?

    Curt’s reply — KingLit is as real as Jesus is;

    KingLit born in 1936, son of Rev.

    Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002

    From magnanimous & gentlest soul Valerie –

    hi curt,

    1) life is what God gave me, & He gave it, & He can take it

    2)death is being with my Lord

    3)i won’t be here¦ i’m with Jesus now

    as you can see, curt, i’m not much for words.

    1. What is the meaning of life, in a sentence or
    2. What if any is the significance of death?
    3. What will your metaphorical headstone say, in a
    few words

    From humblest child of God Valerie. She truly is remarkable and gentlest of heart.

    Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my dearest friend. [Curt’s note: Micah 6:8 — walk humbly hand in hand with God]

  • From audacious KingLit Ching –

    Curtis, thanks for reminding me of Dad’s [Hung Wai Ching’s] “mentoring of the labor movement in Hawaii and how he carefully navigated the fringes/borders between radical thinking and politically correct associations [Hung Wai the essential link between the docks–longshoremen–and Merchant St.’s godfather/ Hung Wai’s hanai father Frank Atherton 1877-1945]. I always jokingly accused Dad of being a “closet communist. Come to think of it, this is why I am a rad – it is my legacy from Dad! Yes, we have already discussed Dad and Koji Ariyoshi (Honolulu Record radical newspaper), Jack Hall, Harry Bridges and the Smith Act indictments. I am not familiar with the Jack Kawano mentoring. Please enlighten me. [Jack Kawano 1911-1984 is the genesis of our ILWU — Jack was ousted by San Francisco’s Bridges for being a “Jap,” amid WWII Tojo/Hirohito insanity vs. U.S., in favor of Jack Hall 1915-1971 — Hung Wai fathered buddahead longshoremen to break their yokes of bondage from haole overlords/Big 5] So, I am merely the classic apple dropping close to the tree.

    I think that I mentioned to you that I have just finished reading Masaji Marumoto’s biography. Absolutely fascinating because it includes all of the personal letters Masaji sent to his wife in Kula and to son Wendell outlining his life and his immigrant father’s life (originally from Nomi, Hiroshima who first contracted with the Paahau plantation outside of Hilo). I was like a peeping tom privy to his most intimate thoughts. He is a truly great man not only for his academic and civic achievements but for his sensitive and positive view of all people that he met (many with very solid backgrounds nationally). His only negative take was on Kotonks and he is vicious in his condemnation of their whining, unjustified sense of entitlement, and paranoia about discrimination (always complaining that their rights were being violated).

    What really angered me was Masaji’s description of their arrogance, aloofness and acting superior toward the Buddaheads. No wonder we kicked their a*s and conked their heads together. Reading Masaji’s biography gave me a more detailed understanding of Hawaii immigration and the lifestyle of the immigrants. The only thing that turned me off was his bragging about being the first AJA for this and that. I was personally and emotionally involved when I visited Kona because Wendell had briefed me on the Marumoto Kona/Captain Cook experience and I visited the Marumoto store and theater sites. The AJA history in Kona is special because it took people from contract labor to independent merchants or coffee farmers and was the important source of future Hawaii leadership in business, politics and the professions. I have a hard time keeping track of Kona people.

    I have discussed this book with Wendell and he is very critical of the author, Dennis M. Ogawa, for not including people who were the most important ones in the critical phases in his life. Two prime examples are Dad and Katsumi Kometani. Dad is only mentioned once as a member of the famous McKinley class of 1924 with Chinn Ho and Hiram Fong. Katsumi is not mentioned at all. Anyway, it was a very worthwhile reading for me. Regards, –KingLit

  • Thank you, Valerie, via Maxine’s missives — “Satanists don’t scare me — Greater is He [Jesus]
    who is within me, than He [Satan] who comes at me from without. My Peace I give you. John 14:27

  • Franklin Odo born 1939 don’t wanna make waves — this is our Japanese style.

    Undertowing this is that even 1 drop blood ethnic Hawaiians –20% of our

    overall population– reap tremendous entitlements via our 1978 Con-Con

    to make up for our egregious indifference to Hawaiians and the spirit of the

    islands, our ubiquitous Aloha Spirit. Also, the recent Kamehameha School litigation forces Kamehameha School to practice what it preaches, to benefit especially disenfranched/dispossessed impoverished kids, thanks to our U.S. Constitution’s 13th Amdt. which forces private outfits to play fair and not just government agencies. Thus, you have the paradox of aggressive-

    passive syndrome, where we make up for our abuse of Hawaiians via our

    1978 Con-Con [today’s OHA/Alu Like/etc.], but in overdoing it, we wonder if

    we’re indifferent to other ethnic populations who deserve fair play/equal

    opportunity by law.

    This is my response to KingLit Ching, who’s high on Jason Scott Lee’s Toward Living Pono [balance], and who got Franklin Odo’s quip to it.

    From Franklin Odo to KingLit Ching, on Living Pono [balance] –Toward Living Pono — actor Jason Scott Lee

    Hey KingLit,
    I agree basically – but beware unduly romanticizing the old Native world. And demonizing our “newcomer ancestors, too much. But, yes, boy do we have lots of learning and work to do to make things a bit more “pono. –Franklin

  • To KingLit — Pono is balance, not righteousness. Meaning that our make-up call for our oppression of

    Hawaiians is pono. Righteousness is to treat everyone the same/equally. Righteousness

    occurs once pono is calibrated. KingLit, Jason Scott Lee lives right here in Volcano. He is

    a movie star, not a historian. Just the same, he is Jason Scott Lee our everyday joe,

    not Jason Scott Lee aka Dr. Franklin Odo [our greatest Japanese-American history chronicler] or Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. [the quintessential Samuel Johnson biographer of our Age/Era]. Just our everyday joe, Brah’.

    From KingLit Ching –

    You are not addressing my issue about pono. I am not talking about entitlements or “quotas e.g. Kam school, Hawaiian Homes. I am speaking about authentic cultural Hawaiian history; respect for the land. It is an historical/educational mandate. It is getting Hawaiian history right like the issue of the state of Virginia not acknowledging slavery initially until there was a huge outcry nationally. Globally, we have problems with the victors writing history and the vanquished perspective being ignored.

    Which ethnic populations in Hawaii are you referring to that deserve fair play/equal opportunity by law, Blacks? [the most recent arrivals, including Whites!, but more so Asian & South Pacific folks like Vietnamese and Micronesians] Unfortunately, we screwed the Hawaiians back in 1893 and there is no way we can turn the clock back. Regards, KingLit P.S. Franklin, you mentored me in becoming a rad[ical].

A Renaissance Page of Lists omitting KingLit Ching born 1936 would be a terrible oversight. Dionysian KingLit easily is the most mind-blowing of them all.
KingLit is a taboo-breaker who mines shockingly political intrigue [as in pronouncing Black Liberation Theology via Jeremiah Wright’s hypnotic spell over an impressionable younger Barack Obama — KingLit’s puzzle of liberation or subjugation?], the “transgressional anchoring KingLit’s raison d’etre.

If anything, KingLit’s paradox boogie vamp [orgasmic vs. banal] a la Nietzsche at once makes order in the Apollonian sense of his chaotic Dionysian Fate, yet KingLit dies unfulfilled in the end, unnaturally via Apollo. Such Grecian tragedy allows us to sense an underlying essence, Nietzsche’s “Primordial Unity which restores our Dionysian holistic nature – which is indescribably/unthinkably pleasurable. Though Nietzsche later dropped this theme saying it was â€Ŧburdened with all the errors of youth [Nietzsche’s “Attempt at Self Criticism”], the overarching theme was a metaphysical solace or connection to the heart of Creation, so to speak.
As in our Polynesian over-vowel language of creation — ooh [as in “you”], aaah, oh!! Onomatopoeia [vowels are the sounds of creation].

In Greek mythology, Apollo and Dionysus are both sons of Zeus. Apollo is the god of the Sun, music, and poetry, while Dionysus is the god of wine, ecstasy, and intoxication. In the modern literary usage of the concept, the contrast between Apollo and Dionysus symbolizes principles of individualism versus collectivism, light versus darkness, or civilization versus primitivism. The ancient Greeks did not consider the two gods to be opposites or rivals.

Chart of Character Traits– Dionysian vs. Apollonian
models –

feeling [Dionysian]
self-controlled [Apollonian]

passionate [Dionysian]
rational, logical [Apollonian]

wholeness of existence [Dionysian]
value for human order and culture [Apollonian]

celebration of nature [Dionysian]
celebration of appearance/illusion [Apollonian]

I full-on love KingLit’s pathos/alma y corazon [heart & soul], who even affirms w/tongue in cheek the ancient precept of inclusive polygamous sex to alleviate social conflict [as in Red China’s Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi born 1950 having consensual sex w/Hillary Clinton]. Make love, not war. ;-) Stock
formula/plot, KingLit is not! Unconventional KingLit is my fedora [Humphrey Bogart hat], social bondage marginalized Glenn Beck is my strawpie hat [Woodrow Wilson]. Peace, brah’/sista


Eastern/Asian Ki, where eternal truths originate & permeate thru our senses [2″inside of the navel], parallel Grecian morality plays/hamartia, seen as an error in judgment or unwitting mistake as applied to the actions of the tragic failed hero. For example, the hero might attempt to achieve a certain objective X; by making an error in judgment, however, the hero instead achieves the opposite of X, with disastrous consequences.

Frankl identified anticipatory anxiety, a fear of a given outcome which makes that outcome more likely. To relieve the anticipatory anxiety and treat the resulting neuroses, logotherapy [logo is Grecian meaning] offers paradoxical intention, wherein the patient intends to do the opposite of his hyper-intended goal.

So that President Obama needs to heed his inner voice, not his intellectual entropy, & get our troops out of Afghanistan instead of achieving endless war via troop surges, which are the opposite of his objective of withdrawal from Afghanistan, resulting in disastrous consequences.

In ancient Grecian hamartia we see the background of more modern thought, the view that all wrong action of men stems from ignorance, which can be removed by education, and thus avoiding any thought of personal responsibility. Greek tragedy/parable are based on understandable mistakes, not cardinal sins postulated in later Christian texts. Thence the cathartic effect of Grecian vicarious tragedy/heroic failure ― to empathize/learn from the character’s mistakes,

& to prevent them from recurring. Sempai Kondo’s definition of Grecian tragedy can include a change of fortune from bad to good as in the Eumenides, but Sempai iterates that the change from good to bad as in Oedipus Rex is preferable because this arouses deep pity and fear within the spectators. Tragedy results in a catharsis [emotiona cleansing] or healing for the audience through the experience/absorption of these emotions/energy in response to the suffering of the characters in the drama. Such cleansing/purification/vicarious embodiment of tragedy hopefully avert recurrence of such tragedy in the future.

The factor obviously lacking in this philosophy, from the Christian view, is the will, by which man expresses his defiance of God and his Word. GOPs will have a field day vs. President Obama at his re-election 2012 ― our war-weary nation wants our troops to come home. President Obama needs to be decisive and overrrule his military commanders.

I see nothing to indicate decisiveness/swift action on his part this past year. As is evident, Grecian hamartia/tragedy Obama-thology is playing out its sequel ― an indecisive President to date, unable to break free of his yoke to entrenched war profiteers/military commanders. President Truman broke free of Truman’s military-industrial complex resulting in the suicide of Sec. of Defense military man Jim Forrestal [but Forrestal correctly was fearful of Stalin’s imperialist expansionism]. President Obama needs to be Give’m Hell Harry, not quagmire-stuck LBJ. Lest Obama-thology culminates its Grecian oracle/omen.


Kara/Hara One’s center of mass, located about 2³ inside of  the navel, the location of the spirit/mind/(source of KI).   Martial art techniques should be executed as much as possible from or through one’s HARA.

For women, their anatomical center “Ki or “hara, as the Japanese call it, is located about two inches inside of their naval. A woman’s physical center rests just on top of the pelvic girdle and as such, like a pyramid, their gravitational foundation is often superior to tha of most men. Perhaps because women bare children, women tend to be more intuitively in touch with their hara C their physical and psychological center. And, again, since the hips are where the power of Aikido techniques come from, that may explain why so many women seem to pick up on the subtleties of Aikido somewhat faster than men do.


Especially in basketball, females have difficulty

bending their knees as opposed to males, while defending vs. their offensive foes. The female center of gravity is lower than the male, so that mobility/explosiveness are inhibited in the lower extremity. Female torsos are created for strength, ergo childbirth, not quickness ergo male hunter role. Which is why females have much greater incidences of ACL injuries than males.

Keoki Kai (born 1965) is a great basketball coach, like his brilliant dad PeeWee Kai (1940-1996). Keoki has a whole different approach to coach females as oppose to males. One element being the different outcomes based on physiology. Don’t overdo the knee bends/side torques. Keoki just happens to be among our greatest astute political observers, both locally & nationally, better than pundits/scholars quoted by our unknowing scribes. Keoki is a man for all seasons, pololei.

Ki or qi  is described to be 2 inches inside the belly button. Such site is where George Yokoyama born 1926, Abercrombie’s Yoda, oracled Abercrombie’s tiff vs.  Aiona. Yes, as inherently pessimistic Isamu Kanekuni born 1921, mind sharp as a razor like Yokoyama, at age 89 Isamu looks only 59, says about Yokoyama, George’s choice either way is a plus for George — Ab wins, George’s yamato damashii/fighting spirit to the death won it for Ab — Ab loses, George told us so!! Nonetheless, unlike pessimist Isamu, I say it was George’s refusal to tempt overconfidence/
complacency which won over Abercrombie to voters. As you know, during the 11 day hiatus in which Ab’s top stripes took a vacation after the ultra-fight vs. malicious Mufi, it was George alone who pounded the pavement in never-say-die fashion — high energy George never let up — it was during this time that George predicted Abercrombie’s loss to Aiona, the last weeks of September. I had Abercrombie ahead by 6 points from Sept. 19 to Nov. 2, but George refused to accept my rose-colored glass view. Of course, independent plunkers for Abercrombie numbered 78,000
vs. Aiona’s 56,000, which enabled Abercrombie to win easily by a 16% margin [reported as 17% this morning].

As to Obamathology, I love Francis Fukuyama’s synthesis that democratic vs. communist ideologies are passe’ — but regional conflicts such as in oil rich Middle East countries impact us all
globally because of our mission for oil to run our nation. Any vital region [per Fukuyama’s Reagan Doctrine, which precocious 1952-born Fukuyama in part germinated] always fuels wider conflict, exacerbated by our imperialist expansionism. Fukuyama is my age peer, as is Keaukaha boy Ed Case.


As a key Reagan Administration contributor to the formulation of the Reagan Doctrine, Fukuyama is an important figure in the rise of neoconservatism. He is a silent partner you never hear about, unlike younger President Bush’s notorious waterboarder Korean John Yoo born 1967.

Obamathology is my construct of President Obama’s legacy, tragic for our KIAs/WIAs and their loved ones, tragic for President Obama as our civilian commander in chief. I visualize President Obama’s timeline in accordance with ancient Greek tragedy/hamartia. Coincidental that NYT scribe Gurwitz describes what we know as Grecian hamartia/failed hero as a 4 stage sequence — 1) koros, the protagonist’s honeymoon period; 2) hubris, protagonist’s escalated/excessive
pride which offends the god; 3) ate, the folly/miscue event; 4) nemesis, retributive destruction. Other than my Obamathology, Gurwitz is the only person who couches current politics in Grecian chronology, though he does not refer to hamartia [human condition’s miscue] as our DNA retro trait. GOP Gurwitz postulates that Obama’s win 2008 was the Democrat bliss, then came Capitol Hill’s hubris [spend/spend/spend –tax/tax/tax], then the ate-fallout [voter resentment at Dems’ failure to turn around the economic doldrum-unemployment], and last week the finality-nemesis, in which GOPs regained the House, and but for the Tea Party incursionists, so too would the GOP have captured the Senate. My Obamathology spots-on war, KIAs/WIAs,
in which pacifist Obama needs to lead boldly in upending war-profiteer Pentagon. Obama is our failed
hero/protagonist because, like LBJ, Obama mantles his inflated art of compromise/consensus, over common sense pragmatism/reality. Get us out of Afghanistan ASAP, not next year or the year after. Afghanistan does not serve our vital interests.

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