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Personification is where the inanimate is given human attribute/anthropomorphic. Lyric in poetry expresses feeling/though. Free verse creative/descriptive, not just rhyme cant. Idyll a short rural scene. Rhyme feminine final unstressed syllable . Masculine final stressed syllable . Epigram short wit . Elegy — Gray’s “Country Churchyard. Headstone graced w/verse is ubiquitous imprint/style. Back...
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Pseudonym Thomas is society’s progressive reformer

A Renaissance Page of Lists omitting pseudonym Thomas would be a terrible oversight. Dionysian Thomas easily is the most mind-blowing of them all. Thomas is a taboo-breaker who mines shockingly political intrigue — as in liberation or subjugation — the “transgressional anchoring Thomas’ raison d’etre. As with moral crusaders...
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Dedicated to Sempai Kondo born 1950

Elected prosecutor Jay Kimura born 1951/raised on Kaua’i opposes the death penalty because the public opposes public execution, regarding it as a barbaric/savagely primitive display. Jay opposes...
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Why is Hawaii County Arresting Medical Marijuana Patients?


In June of 2000, Hawaii passed SB 862 HD1, which made Hawaii the first state whose legislature, as opposed to voter initiative, legalized marijuana for medical use. In Hawaii once a patient has been issued a valid registry identification card, they are suppose to be legally permitted to grow, posses, transport, and use marijuana for...
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Sempai [sage older role model in Japanese vocabulary] Dwight Kondo born 1950

Sempai Dwight Kondo’s lost art here– From extraordinary writer Sempai Kondo, who writes in our local lexicon — Title: The language of a common man Author: Dwight Kondo The world is simple to a common man. Our language is abrupt and direct. Ask us why things be as they are, why soldiers die, why mother’s cry for deadly causes wiser...
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